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  1. Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): Yes Any other comments: Top guy, turned up within twenty minutes of me giving him my address, easy, easy deal, thanks rdb
  2. Make: WE Gun/Model: Hi-Capa Accessories: none Condition: well used FPS: none, it doesn’t work Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: nope Price/Payment: £35 Ono Pictures: I’ve played around with this for a couple of months, bought it from WeaponCrates as functioning, very quickly wasnt The loading nozzle keeps jamming, can’t work out why, so selling as not working. It’s well worn as you can see, but any questions please ask. The mag has been dropped, breaking the base,, which has been super-glued back together. The right hand side safety keeps falling out as well
  3. Make: Genuine Safariland Item: 6004-73 Condition: used Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: nope Price/Payment: £25 Ono Pictures: ***SOLD ON ANOTHER FORUM*** Bought this from @Ujustgotsarged a little while ago for my Hi-Capa. As you can see, fits a treat. Apparently also fits 1911 andM9. Felt lined so it won’t damage your pistols finish Selling my Hi-Capa, so this is surplus to requirements
  4. Not wrong bud, buggered to bits lol.
  5. Yes, I can re-wire it with any sort of FET, but I’d like to keep it original if I can, cheers John
  6. I’m out at the moment, could take some easily later. No idea what caused it, guy who sold it to me swears it was working when he shippied it, no reason to doubt him. I connected a 7.4 Lipo, bang goes the fuse. I thought it was the motor, as it turned very slowly and heated the battery up if directly connected to the other two motor terminals, but a new motor and no difference meant digging deeper, and finding the FET problem. I believe the FET prevents the gun from doing anything if a high voltage battery is connected, but the inter web is a bit vague on that. The SGR-12 deffo has the feature. The manual says it has protection from reverse polarity, and the FET led that is supposed to show a fault code doesn’t light up at all lol.
  7. Lol, I’ve pulled the FET, it has TM stamped all over it, and the nasty burnt out lump. If I could find a circuit diagram, I’d happily have a go at replacing the component, as I can’t make it any worse
  8. Yep, spoke to them, TM won’t sell the FET to them separately, and the whole gearbox is over £400 lol
  9. Guys, In need of some help, the FET in my AA-12 has blown (nasty, blackened do-dah on the board). Anybody got a source for a replacement? I’m pretty sure I can put any one of a number of standard FETs in it, but I’d like to try source a TM one first
  10. Its not as nice as the KWA, but it is a hefty piece of kit. Nicely built. The first obvious difference is the fire selector is in the wrong place. It also has a long inner barrel, so you can’t run it without the mock suppressor. A friend has it on loan at the moment, once I get it back I’ll take some decent pics.
  11. I posted this in another thread, but thought I’d stick here as well. Its a KWA KRISS Vector, with real steel KRISS barrel shroud, rail and fixed stock mount. Clone magpul stock and Clone Specter 1x-4x sight. Work to do is get a machine shop to rigidly fix the barrel shroud, and fit a suitable tight bore inner barrel. I’m pleased, it’s so ugly it’s beautiful now
  12. Stock turned up this morning
  13. No, your obligation is to ensure the person you are selling it to is over 18 and has a defence.
  14. I’m interested to see what they’re like in comparison to the KWA gbb and A&K Mod 1 Vectors, both of which I own
  15. Make: Tokyo Marui Item: G17 magazines Condition: used Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: no Price/Payment: £20 all in Pictures: Since I built my TM G17 into a Guarder frame & slide, these mags will not work in it! I also tried them in a WEG34, same result, won’t drive the slide. I’ve put all new o-rings in one, and both are leak free. They should work fine in a standard TM, but they don’t work in mine anymore! Condition as pics