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  1. I also have a penchant for a nice knife, mostly custom made stuff and friction folders, always have a knife and a multi tool in my pocket Todays choice at the stables is a Lance Ockenden three finger jobby
  2. That is a real bummer, good luck with getting it back
  3. Whatever you prefer. I’m a fan of simplicity myself
  4. Wicked, 10/10 for style, minus several million for good sense, as Zaphod said
  5. I put an Angry gun power up suppressor on my Vector, it jumped from 340fps to 430 lol
  6. Make: AngryGun Item: Power-up silencer Condition: Excellent Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: no/yes, see below Price/Payment: £40 all in Pictures: Tried this a few times in the garden, with the extended inner barrel inside and on Nuprol 2, it increase fps by around 80-90, comes with original box. I’ll consider swaps for an excellent condition Triijicon RMR in black
  7. Just checked, 1100mah 20/40, or I will use 3c 11.1v 1000mah 20/40 sometimes, but I don’t skirmish, I target shoot
  8. I use the biggest 7.4 lipo I can fit in the grip
  9. Or go bigger, buy a TM Patriot High Cycle. M4 platform, no stock and short barrel, 30rps and no silly gas.
  10. Friendly, 10m range, practical pistol on a Tuesday
  11. Come down to Hockley MPA, great little place
  12. Arty, I like:D
  13. This. Bleedin’ mental lol
  14. Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): Yes Any other comments: Top fella, paid fast
  15. Make: WE Gun/Model: M4 CQB Accessories: loads Condition: used FPS: around 330 gas dependant Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: nope Price/Payment: £270 £215 all in, less if you collect Pictures: I’ll always listen to offers of course Selling my WE as Ibe bought a Tippmann its set up for CQB, 10” keymod, Angry gun adjustable nozzle (used but not currently fitted) custom super short outer barrel approx 4” with 8.5” suppressor, Low rise sights, front grip with built in red dot laser, Matrix tight bore, Angry gun hop unit, one gas tight mag and brand new RA Tech forged receivers with brand new BAD lever, Magpul trigger guard and mag grip (doesn’t fit very well though)