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  1. Make: ARES Gun/Model: KRISS Vector Accessories: two mags Condition: Excellent FPS: 330ish Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: nope Price/Payment: £350 Pictures: I was going to keep this, but got a great deal on a Krytac Vector, so the ARES has to go. This is is the only Vector with ALL the trade marks, released unauthorised by KRISS, so quickly withdrawn. Comes with original plain box, unjammimg rod, long and short mags. Built in MOSFET means it fires great on 11.1v Lipo’s, wired to Deans but otherwise as it came from ARES. I can include a used 11.1v Lipo already wired to Deans. It’s a tight fit, but it does go, just. Small mark under the barrel where I had a real steel KRISS Vector Shroud installed. Any questions, ask. I’m in South Essex if you want to pay cash and pick up, but I’m equally happy to post
  2. I’m about an hour away if you don’t find anybody closer. Did it stop firing whilst you where using it, or refused to fire when you went back to it, after firing OK previously?
  3. I hated the pylon sights on my AA-12, so I’m working on some options. At the moment, it looks like this, with clone Magpul flip-up’s
  4. I like that, where did you get the stormtrooper target?
  6. Just bought myself a Krytac Vector, all being well should be with me by Friday
  7. Any Glock G4 magwell should fit, more or less, you after a specific model?
  8. Tsk tsk, go directly to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect £200
  9. I’ve sent loads of RIF’s via PF. As long as you declare it fully, send it PF48, they’ll cover it up to £100, but that’s it.
  10. Typically, parts are 50%, RIFS 60-70% of new price, unless it’s a desirable, but no longer available, piece
  11. If ot where me, I’d gently file down the mount, not the sling. Evenly, then repaint.
  12. Why would they be mis-matched? Two ICS uppers and ICS upper gearboxes, can’t see any reason why they wouldn’t fit
  13. You tell me, but they clearly don’t know what’s going on
  14. This is interesting, I sent Zero One an email telling them the forum had been flagged, and was told the forum isn’t active!!! rdb
  15. ....can I have one of these for my TMG17 please