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  1. Make: TM, dytac Item: midcap, rail pieces, gas pedal Condition: new and used Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: n/n/n Price/Payment: £16.50, £12.50, £10 Pictures: Hey guys couple bits for sale. TM ngrs tan midcap for scar L or m4. Used but has been taken apart cleaned, lubed and nodded the bar to improve the bolt stop function. £16.50 Dytac rail pieces, for keymod. Polymer brand new. £12.50 Gas pedal, magpul clone brand new, didn't come with the pin, £10 A deal can be done for all the bits. Any questions let me know. Cheers
  2. Looking for a VP9

    Make: VP9 Gun/Model: VP9 Desired Condition: working Desired FPS: n/a Swaps/Part Exchange: depends Budget: depends Hey guys looking for a vp9, with or without extra mags, Let me know what you got. Cheers
  3. Experience with J.K.ARMY?

    well ahead of the order i have sent them an email, i got the automatic reply saying that they will reply within 72 hours. If that all goes well then i will hopefully be ordering a VP9, if anyone wants to buy my co2 blowback USP package! hahaha
  4. Experience with J.K.ARMY?

    cheers guys
  5. Experience with J.K.ARMY?

    sorry https://shop.jkarmy.com/ there you go
  6. Experience with J.K.ARMY?

    Hey guys looking to order a tactical VP9 and the cheapest place i can find it is J.K.Army. Has anyone had any experience with them? Shipping times, cutomer service reply times, whether some packages luckily go through customs. the usual info woudl be a great help. Cheers
  7. Starting to Make/Sell Kydex Holsters and Pouches

    yeah looking in to BFG holders, when i get time, they are a priority as a lot of people we have spoken to have said that there isnt decent ones. Cheers for the advice man And the website is being built at the moment, im rubbish at HTML so its taking me a while, but the facebook page will be going up soon, when we have a decent amount of photos to showcase the work as well.
  8. Starting to Make/Sell Kydex Holsters and Pouches

    Cheers man, well we have been looking into it more, if we can get to airsoft sites, and make them on the day, it saves everyone money, so at the moment a single piece holster we are looking at £25, and a 2 piece at £30, that way people get a custom holster, that can fit on either a belt or a serpa, and we only need the gun for 20 mins. Thats the price we are thinking of at the moment, do you reckon thats fair? We also have some other ideas and will be putting them up soon, when we have a bulk of stock of them.
  9. Starting to Make/Sell Kydex Holsters and Pouches

    hey, well no it wouldnt, bearing in mind that those things are on the inside, i have been making sure that exterior plastic parts are covered in masking tape, and has not affected so far, i have made some pistol mag pouches, and no damage to the feed lips at all. Cheers David
  10. gone

    Make: umarex Gun/Model: USP co2 blowback Accessories: extra mag, tlr-3 custom Kydex holster and mag pouch Condition: used but good FPS: 330 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: possibly a vp9 package Price/Payment: ? Pictures: Hey guys looking for an appraisal really, I have the new co2 blowback USP by umarex. Some slight scratching on the slide from holstering. Shoots really accurately with .28s. comes with a spare mag. It has a clone tlr-3 torch attached. Which has a strobe and high, low function. I have made a kydex holster for it to attach to a serpa panel, and a kydex mag pouch. Just wondering how much I should list it for. I love this gun, the kick is amazing, but I really want a vp9. So anyway, thanks for the help.
  11. Grip for a dytac smr rail

    Hey man this is the rail, I don't know if it will fit?
  12. Grip for a dytac smr rail

    Make: any Item: vert grip or hand stip Desired Condition: any Swaps/Part Exchange: other grips Budget: depends Hey guys I have a dytac g style smr rail on my 416 and need a grip for it, let me know what you have,
  13. Cheap BFGs preferably a trmr

    Make: dynatex trmr Item: bfg Desired Condition: Swaps/Part Exchange: Budget: depends Looking for cheap BFGs, to make kydex holsters for. Let me know Cheers
  14. Make: vp9 Gun/Model: vp9 and others Desired Condition: doesn't matter Desired FPS: doesn't matter Swaps/Part Exchange: dpeneds Budget: depends Hey guys looking for a vp9 But also, looking for different cheap guns, working/non working, In using these for moulds for kydex, so doesn't matter on working or not. Let me know what you have
  15. Custom kydex holsters and pouches

    Make: kydex Item: holsters and pouches Condition: new Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: n/n/n Price/Payment: depends Pictures: Hey guys In starting a kydex business with a friend. We are going to make holsters and pouches. If your looking for something, we can quote any custom order. We plan to visit airsoft sites and make them there and then, take the business to the public but in the meantime, if you want something. Send us a message.