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  1. I decided on a dark theme. Complete with attack dog
  2. Strobe and other functions just ruin a perfectly good gun mounted flashlight IMO. Toggling through functions to get the light on when you need it just gets in the way. One with momentary on or click on/off is a better choice. I went cheap, my son has a vape shop so batteries and charger were no problem. But comes with rail mount and pressure switch. It also uses standard P60 bulbs so swapping them out is easy. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01MXYEIL6/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. I went through exactly the same BS with the mags I ordered I'm sure it's just down the the UPS courier service used. They see the word "airsoft toys" on the shipping manifest and trigger ukara without understanding the difference between it and vcra. UPS don't do anything other than insist on the ukara bit before they even pass it onto UK customs.
  4. A pirate after you steal his wooden leg? I'll get me coat
  5. I kinda see the attraction for the real sim'ers, but not for me. I'm fully ok with it being a toy and the not needing ear defenders bit.
  6. There are a few packages out there with rif, battery and charger. I picked up an ICS MP5 SD6 from gnu-fire.pl that came with battery and charger, but only nimh. Chargers and betteries can be had pretty cheap any how, Just make sure you match what the gun connection is. Mainly mini-tamiya connector, but I've come across deans too and only had tamiya batteries
  7. Welcome "Shane Schofield" Airsoft is as expensive as you make it. A cheap rif, some eyepro and a face mask = job done. The rest is up to you. Personally I prefer to run without a helmet and use glasses not goggles. Helmets just seem too bulky and in combination with a face mask can be a real frustration that causes fogging. If you look on Amazon for a One Tigris half mesh mask They're a bit better than full mesh for cheek weld and sighting and the buckles provide good ear protection. The same style is available on ebay from China for a fiver.
  8. You usually buy radios in a pair and with the same CTCS setting. If you want to add a third or forth they'd need the same CTCS or you can't talk to them. So it's usual for a group to buy the same make and model of radio to make that easier. However, buying a programmable radio like the Baofeng UV5R whilst not legal makes it easy to set your CTCS yourself so you can match your mates no matter what radio they have. Edit: Some PMR radios call the CTCS sub-channels and as long as you have the same ones on a motorola as on another PMR radio you should be able to match them up.
  9. They do. But within those 8 channels they are set to filter only those broadcasting the same identity code (put simply). Have a Google for CTCS. So you will clash with other PMR frequency users, but you won't necessarily hear them. But you also won't be able to transmit whilst they are and vice versa. That said if you use a radio without CTCS set you hear everyone on the channel or press the monitor button if you have one.
  10. It's hard enough to get mates to do stuff regularly. When you mention it everyone thinks it's a great idea and says they'll join in. Then when the date rolls around all of a sudden they've forgotten all about it or didn't realise it was today or had something else booked.... yada yada... The only way to ensure it happens is to take a non-refundable deposit that at least guarantees the host gets paid and you don't end up paying for a everyone who doesn't show.
  11. Welcome. I'm midlands based, but we play anywhere the play is good. Be prepared to travel some of the best sites aren't on your door step. Rental is the best way to start, but I'd recommend you get your own eye pro and face mask before hand. The plastic robot typical rental face mask tends to be uncomfortable and mesh isn't a great view of the game IMO.
  12. I'd find it a little difficult to write a review as the only thing I have to compare it to are a few loan RIF's from friends and sites. That said I'm not disappointed in my purchase at all. If I'd of changed anything I'd have asked gun-fire to downgrade it to 330-340fps for me before shipping. I didn't realise you could do that. So when it arrived it was shooting to hot at 370fps for the sites I would play at. Being a noob I then thought I'd use the spring guide on here and just replace the spring with an M100 to get it down to to 330fps. However, it actually raised it to 410fps! After getting an M90 spring and putting a few thousand rounds through it, it came down within scope. I'm glad it has a quick spring change on the gearbox. Even though actually getting the gearbox out is a challenge, but it's the same on all M4's. After an email from VFC who have been good at support, they suggested using an 11.1v battery as standard. I noticed it was much snappier, but I also suffered a few overspins firing two rounds at a time. So I've stepped back to a 7.4v. It will happily take a 1300mAh crane type lipo or a 1100mAh single stick. Either of them happily last me for an all day Sunday game. Trigger response and accuracy are very good. I'm pleased with how well it groups my shots. The stock iron sights line up perfectly with my red dot so I can use them without removing it if the battery runs out. Before I purchased I did read some comments about the stock being rattly and it's a fair criticism. It has some movement on the buffer tube so it will rattle.
  13. Erm, no sorry
  14. Can't help with the fault, but have to say no one looks stupid with two tone. They're toy guns in a game of adult cowboys and indians, you play with what you have and have fun doing it and you're doing it right
  15. No rush to upgrade the hardware. Buy something that works well and play with it until you wear something out. If you have your own rif playing is cheap so you can then save to newer and better.