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  1. Worth noting mesh will stop a BB, but not a broken particle of a BB. Goggles that are EN166 rated offer more protection, but I appreciate prone to fogging. It's the price we pay. Cheap set of Bolle Traker II's less than a tenner from Amazon and Bolle Rush even cheaper.
  2. I run 8" Bates Patrols indoors as they aren't waterproof. Soft and flexible with lots of support and the added bonus is the tread doesn't pick up BB's. My first pair I bought 2nd hand on ebay in as new condition for £30. Black pair I bought from Niton999 for £80. Good ankle support indoors is invaluable as I'm always tripping up or down steps/stairs
  3. I put an SHS M100 into my VFC Avalon and it fired at 410fps! Had to find an M90 to get it down to 350. For small changes your hop should cope with taking a few fps off.
  4. True. But to be full pikey it should be zip ties and gaffa tape
  5. Sling is not essential. Very useful for sure. By game 2 I realised my inner arm ached from lugging the rif about. But if you're renting you'll need to pick a sling that can attach to the gun. For example I couldn't attach an Magpul MS3 clip onto a G36 as the clip was too big. Probably the same on an MP5. So not all slings fit all guns. MS2 seems to be the one to fit everything I've tried so far, M4, AK, MP3 and G36. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tactical-Mission-Sling-MS2-3-Adjustable-Multi-Point-Airsoft-Paintball-Sling-UK-/172813436848?var=&hash=item283c7bc7b0
  6. My advice is bin your list for now. Go play a few rentals. Very little of what is on your list is what I'd call essential. Eye pro, face mask, gloves and a torch will see you into a good rental game (y)
  7. And you'd trust Globe Wang?
  8. Do you have any antivirus on your phone/device? There's plenty of free android ones out there. Get them from a trusted source - I'd suggest play store only. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sophos.smsec
  9. BB's you can get anywhere, even Amazon. Personally I try to buy bio as the less plastic left in any environment is a good thing. Battery, well you'll need to do some homework. My son's MP5 runs nimh so yours might to. Forget the "more powerful" battery and find a 7.4v lipo that fits. No good having a large capacity 2200mah battery that won't fit in the gun. You'll also need to know what connector you need. Is it deans, mini-tamiya? You'll want a battery of the same connection and a charger suitable for lipo.
  10. Welcome. Indoor = short gun, outdoor = long gun. Both same range, fps etc. So a gun matches your play style. No reason you can't play a short gun outdoors. But a long gun indoors is hard in tight corners. I'm an indoor player so I like short guns. I went for an M4 to start, but now just got a CYMA AK (CM045C) because of the folding stock to make it even shorter. By all accounts you wont go wrong with G&G. I've bought 2 CYMA's my AK and my son's MP5 SD6. The build quality is very good. Heavy stuff though being all metal. So get a sling
  11. I've got @springs on the case
  12. I figured that an AK should never look factory fresh. So I roughened it up a bit with a foam sanding pad.
  13. AK Adapter for an Odin M12 Speed Loader... allegedly
  14. I didn't have to try hard to break this. Ordered all the way from Canadia land. Shocking quality Broke first time I used it and never loaded a single bb Refund asked for.
  15. Strange, that's how all you posts look even on a PC