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  1. Good rule of thumb for good snipers minimum seems to be £1 per fps.
  2. You're not really going to increase range by doing that. Adding an longer outer barrel would be for appearance only. The fps is reliant upon inner barrel length and the air volume displaced by the piston. So a change in inner barrel length should be matched by a change in cylinder displacement - if I have read things correctly. Playing with a short gun indoors or outdoors should be just fine. Try it out unchanged and if you feel would want some length try out a long suppressor.
  3. I'm a right dolly dress up Like to try out something new all the time. Whatever you buy, be prepared to want to be different next game. It's not money wasted if you enjoy it, but you could spend the money you would on clothes on gear that scores hits I want to get a dark load out next. I know I could go black clothes with an MTP JPC, but I'd feel wrong. But if I were to be starting out again from scratch first I'd go black, either MTP black or Typhon with black chest rig etc. Then have another setup as PMC.
  4. I bought one for less than a tenner and figure I can easily make the shields as necessary. But the RIS mounting, well I'm not making one of those
  5. Me too. More a wet sweat that a fogging issue. Keep moving is the key. A fat sweaty bloke like me is never going to stop eyepro from getting wet.
  6. I wore contacts for years. Never had a dust or dirt problem. If you're wearing eye pro over them where's the dirt coming from? Not needed now though. Lense replacement surgery FTW
  7. Well I'll certainly hate you Fecking snipers and DMR's are hard to play against if they've got good lanes of fire.
  8. First - you have to play. Go do a few rentals on a few sites to find your style of play. If you can't hit the side of a barn door with a rifle, sniping isn't for you. But seriously, until you've played a few games you won't know what you like. Getting in the mix, close and dirty is my thing. Being to far from the action watching people thinking your well aimed sniper rounds are ricochets is going to get frustrating pretty damn quick IMO. Once you have a feel for the game, then go play long range if you like.
  9. I'm with the whole don't overload the gun thing. Even without all that you'll soon find your arm tires carrying it around. Get a sling, trust me your inner elbow muscles will thank you. With mags it can be majorly frustrating. I don't get how huge a scope for failure they are either. My brother's Nuprol Delta is super fussy. Most mags fall out without hitting the mag release. The metal cased mags he's managed to bend the retaining hole to help, but not ideal. So he bought Nuprol mags for his Nuprol gun.... they are even worse. Had to add soft side of velcro to the side of the mag to make it stay in the gun!!! The only ones that worked 100% so far are my VFC QRS mags.
  10. I revisited the Gaol this weekend and played a full day of skirmish. We went as a party of 5, a first timer, long timer and 3 newish players. This time around there we no rentals between us. So all I can comment on is the site and game play. Sunday play fee includes tea, coffee and lunch. Everyone else really enjoyed the pulled pork wrap, I didn't partake. Mainly because I'd stuffed down a large Chinese the night before. Kinda regretted that as it lay heavy and sapped my strength, leaving me feeling a bit bloated. Add to that the JD and cokes I wasn't really match fit That said, it slowed me down a bit, but didn't spoil the day. We had a great time. The marshalls were spot on. Pulled me up on some hits without making me feel like a dick, which is good. I call 'em when I get them, but some pouch hits I must have missed and fair play always accept the marshalls decisions. They also try to help move game play along when things become sticky. New to the site they'd give you pointers on angles of attack and defence and they handle banter well. The site turned out not being totally my style of game play. First time I've come up against DMR's and snipers. These fookers really grind the game to a halt out doors when they have a good fire lane. We definitely needed more canon fodder prepared to push and risk a hit. Things got a bit stagnant at times because even as attackers many of our team switched into a more defensive role. Then it's just the clock ticking away. Some of the marshalls worked hard to help break stalemates though... even dropping smoke Quote of the day: "It's single fire only you dick head." "It's a support weapon." "Oh, ok... carry on." TRMR's are mostly useless on much of this site. Many of the buildings are wood construction and absorb the impact without detonation. Those concrete builds didn't seem to get players in very often. Outdoors there are very few places where they are useful. Fizzies are the way to go here. Most of the battles seemed to get played outside. Which is a shame for me at least because the indoor sections are very playable, but many of the objectives just lent themselves to outdoors play. Personally I found it a hard site to play. The objectives which seemed easy just frustrated me as defending some of them was easily achieved and very difficult to break. I really enjoyed it. Over the day I clocked about 8 miles on my fitbit and burned up my daily calorie intake during the warm up game! Had a right good laugh with some of my fellow green team - not just the friends I went with, but everyone else. Even those who friendly fired me on occasion, some my own fault. We'll certainly return, but we've got a lot of other sites out there to visit too.
  11. Watching Novrich makes you think it's easy. But there's hundred of hours of editing goes on there. Starting out as a sniper is not as straight forward. Get some CQB under your belt. For me nothing beats sneaky in the dark and a round at close quarters Every game I've been to there's always a high class of friendly people there. Easy to get to talk with because mainly they've played alone and are there to make friends... and shoot them of course UKARA is easy. It's time based. Just join a local site, play 3 times over 56 days or more and you're set. Best way to start - turn up with nothing more than a "here to have fun" attitude, rent a gun and get stuck in. After your first game if it's for you, buy eye protection and a face mask, anything else is a bonus, like a rifle sling, knee pads, gloves and sturdy boots with ankle support. Don't get hung up on camo and styles. Go functional first. As ever, number one rule "Take your hits."
  12. I went with the mentality, ah well it's a £25 red dot and costs £9 for the protector. 36% of the value of the red dot... so what are the chances? Now I know.
  13. One day, no protector, lesson learned
  14. Sounds like a plan. How do I go about hiring one? "Jeve's pass me the 9 mill"