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  1. I was gna buy a few batteries but im interested to see what youve done now lol
  2. Well said lol i have looked at and considered that cyma 515 thing but i was unsure it was gna be any good. I was thinking one of those or if i can find a second hand gun and spray it blue or red.
  3. I am considering the dmr aeg route as i dont fancy the well mb03. Only got a 100 to spend though so finding something good in that range is few and far i guess. That barrett looks top notch though
  4. I have had a little recce on youtube. Someone was nice enough to do a drone video lol. I have found the sniper i was looking at is too powerful for my local site and im not too keen on the well mb03 bit too much plastic. Eek. I have asked about on here about cheap aegs for sale and had a scan on the net at several uk airsoft shops but everything around the 100 pound range is pretty much junk. I would like an sa80 but all the leccy ones are like 300 quid and up. Any reccomandations aeg wise i guess i should at least consider it if there is a decent one. I guess i could dmr it seeing as its a cqb type area but overgrown a fair bit enough to hide myself or at least have ample chance as a sniper outside as the rules there state no snipers in buildings
  5. I may go for aeg yet as the barrett i was looking at is too powerful and im not keen on the well mb03. Too much plastic and im heavy handed. And i dont have gucci money lol. The battery is as 6*2/3n 500 mah 7.2w Only an hour gotcha. My battery is a slide in connecter and not a clip in. So i dont think i can modify it battery wise?
  6. Why no battery? Does it work? Where are you located?
  7. Interested. does the guns work? where are you located?
  8. Thx edcase mych apreciated. Ill give ebay a ganders Thx Pegasus
  9. Cheers m8 so any eu to uk charger adapter will do? The 10 pound is my budget for a torch attachemnt for the pistol was looking for a reccomendation for one around that price. Thx Pegasus
  10. Guess im getting an mb03 then lol. Any other regulations i should be aware of at theyre site? Cheers for the help it is apreciated as it gives me a better idea of what to take and what not to take. Heres a few things im ooming and arring about... .Face and ear protection .The general gameplay and skirmishes done there Any other limits (aep gas guns bb weights rubber knives) Any help is apreciated thx Pegasus
  11. The lancer tactical is chrono at 420 to 430 on youtube videos. Will they allow me to use it? Or should i look for a lower fps sniper? The well mbo3 chronos under 400 in youtube videos and its all plastic. So if i can get away with the lancer tactical ill buy that. Any chance you could ask for me? Ill be turning up in roughly a month after ive bought a long. Spare mags and accessories for both guns. and some kit like goggles and boots bdu etc etc. Cyma 125 turned up yesterday though looks good well excited now lol
  12. i recebtly purchased a cm125 aep. The charger is a 2 prong charger and not a 3 prong. Can anyone reccommend a new uk type charger or adapter to fit. Also looking for torch for it for around the 10 quid mark any r3ccommendations? Thx Pegasus
  13. Edcase yes id use it as a backup wv 3 point sling itll be fine. If it gets heavy i can always ditch the sniper there and bug out with the sa80. Itll be quite some time before i can purchase one though as an i s l85 costs half of what the barrett thing does lol
  14. Djben ill be playing at urbanassault when im ready. Rogerborg weigh all your gear. Bdu plate carrier boots then try to minimise that number. Also moving the plate carrier or webbing well above the hips increases hip rotation and leg movement. Samurai chill out its only a game lol
  15. I cant do too much running around due to bad hernia repair. Hanging back and supporting a push is perfect for me. I do plan to get an aeg but i only want one and thats the ics l85 but even then id still only use that as a backup to the sniper. I know airsoft sniping isnt perfect but its alot easier for me than running through buildings doing cqb. I have some knowledge on the subject already what i dont i will learn through doing it.