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  1. This was my first AEG, pretty solid internals and a decent motor for a "budget" starter gun. The CAA furniture (hand guard/stock) is very well made and tons of rails...everywhere! my only gripe with the gun is the receiver, barrel and stock tube are all plastic, Obviously this is what keeps the cost down. The issue I had was the barrel assembly would flex a bit when playing and eventually work the delta ring nut loose causing the barrel to become loose, fixed it with a few wraps of ptfe tape round the thread and really torquing it down. I haven't owned any other plastic guns before or since so I don't know if this is an inherent problem all placcy AEGs suffer or just mine was a lemon. have had no problems with the internals, metal gears have put up with a lot of trigger spamming and if you downgrade the spring the motor is more that capable of decent rof with a decent battery.
  2. same thing but Without US shipping
  3. Make: KSC/KWA Item: standard sized glock magazines for a 18c Desired Condition: any Swaps/Part Exchange: nope Budget: depends hi all, looking for some standard length magazines for my KWA glock 18c and its like hunting for unicorn turds. Any condition is fine as long as the gas reservoir is in tact, ideally with base plates, pretty much all the seals,valves and feed lips are readily available so onto worried about leaks etc. thanks in advance
  4. If your just going to skirmish it I would do nothing, clean the barrel but apart from that a TM is as good as your going to need it. I know it's a popular gun for IPSC shooters and there are lots of "upgrades" available but as far as slinging BB's at humans go it's probably not worth the marginal gains you would get
  5. @Tamaskan Many retailers offer two-tone services for RIFs, meaning you can choose whatever RIF you fancy and they will paint so it is legal to sell as long as you are over 18.
  6. I've been using this plate carrier for the past couple of months,is pretty similar to a DCS: If if you can't find a second hand pc or one in camo/colour you want I would definitely recommend the tmc brand. Have been abusing mine and its held up great, quality material and the molle is strong and I'm not worried about it popping like other repro molle. Sure I'll get sum flack for suggesting non-milspec gear but I think its definitely fit for purpose and by far the best quality "knock off" hope this helps
  7. Howdy jim! Sounds like your going about it the right way, g&g cm16 and surplus fatigues are a great place to start doing airsoft without breaking the bank...if you stick to just buying what's practical you can avoid falling into the airsoft money pit... ...however the pit is great! And I don't think it will be long before your down here wallowing with the rest of us i am a transient player of the East Midlands sites so will hopefully catch ya on a field some time.
  8. Seems like a pretty standard government short cut. Let's avoid the hard work and expense of tackling the real reasons behind the increase in knife crime for the long term and instead pass a law that would create a slight decrease in the statistics so by the next election they can say they have done something to combat the issue. To go back to what the OP stated, I make wood-working hand tools and occasionally knives as bespoke items that I would normally send through the post . Would they take it as far as banning chisels and alike being bought online and posted too? They are just as dangerous if anybody wanted to do harm with them... Just a a thought as well, when I wanted to place a bet for the grand national on one of these apps I had to provide my passport number or driving license number as proof of age that was immediately checked. Could they not apply the same procedure to purchasing age restricted products online?
  9. Took me a while to spot the wellie boot in that photo...haha I will never look at SCARs the same way again!
  10. Have you tried dialling the hop right off and seeing if it still jams?
  11. Whatever breaks first! If it ain't broke don't try and fix it, you will more likely cause more issues than you will fix.
  12. Problem solved! like most things in life just needed some extra lubrication! A liberal application of silicon oil around the new piston and she's firing flawlessly again.
  13. Why walk when you can roll!
  14. Airsoft kind of doesn't really have any "rules" about what you can wear, If you want to dress like a Jerry fair enough. I however would avoid wearing any nazi affiliated insignia particularly the SS stuff, It makes sense in a re-enactment scenario for historical accuracy but at a Sunday skirmish it doesn't. The kit/uniform I don't think that would particularly offend anybody, It just might make you more of target
  15. Nice! Kind of reminds me of a certain roguish bounty hunter...remember no disintegrations!