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  1. bit off topic , but they are very / almost identical especially the glock 19s mp5s and g36s (i only know they are almost the same on these, as i have used them) but i showed the armourer my glock 19 and mp5, he couldnt tell the glocks apart and could only tell the mp5 by the pins difference, i also showed these to firearm officer who all said they would take a shot if they saw these weapons. no UKARA would allow random people to buy these, intimidate and scare the public, although it is a minority, its not too hard to be 18 and play 3 games in more than 2 months is it? and it prevents this, not really stupid is it? and the gifting is so it allows younger players to play, why not allow kids the chance to have some fun ?
  2. i have heard that quite a few manufacturers have actually stopped manufacturing Galils and Galil parts but idk for definate, might be that ?
  3. without a shadow of a doubt .. Shooter.
  4. LOL
  5. i have a KWA glock 19 £60 posted or £70 with a glock 19 holster
  6. dig in, pop a few off with vsr let them get close and hammer them with mp5 and grenade launcher ?
  7. yeah but my topic on gear for sale was classed as advertising on zeroin and i hadnt even mentioned my website ..
  8. yeah but im hopefully going to start my own store up properly in the next few months but if i cant use forums as support what can i do hahaha just wait for someone to type the address in lol but i for one will probably never use zeroin forums again after today only if someone posts on my 4th attempt topic ! never once had an admin tell me to change something just blocked and removed it falsing me to type it out again ..
  9. First off this is like a mini review / comparison between the 2 forums. Zero in forums seems alot larger than this one but when searching the forums it seems untidy and messy compared to airsoft forums need smart structure of categories with topics inside them. User friendlyness is alot greater on airsoft forums UK as uploading pictures seems to never happen as a fault screne always appears, this fault screen appears everytime i try to enter the site log in or even upload pictures whereas airsoft forums uk is smooth clean and allows pictures to be uploaded with ease. Moderators / Admins are power hungry arrogant people on Zeroin as i have had 2 threads blocked one because i put an album link in the post and the other because i mentioned i was starting an online store they presumed this as advertisment and i received warnings where as on airsoft forums uk dev will tell you what you need to change or he'll do it himself you can ask and admin to close a thread for you and is alot better service in all and encourages you to re use the forums. also the forum rules on Zeroin are stupidly long and ridiculous to understand fully which causes the admins & mods to be ridiculously petty. there is also alot more customisation features on airsoft forums UK allowing you to promote your website or team without having a mod block your topics. Thanks would like to see your thoughts on the 2 forums but overall id give Zeroin forums a 2.5/5 and airsoft forums uk a 5/5
  10. how long until you get UKARA?
  11. i have a clasic army mp5a5 and its the best gun i ever used for 4-5 games and then the site shut down so up for sale £200 posted and paypal charges covered look here if you fancy it
  12. yeah i know just frustrating lol could have done with the money Thanks
  13. so far i have had 3 time wasters on one gun !.. some are all interested say they want it and then never hear from them again.. and then all ready for the deal and dosnt want really annoys me.. is there anyway that is someone says they want it the have to commit to it ? as i have had to reject offers due to saying someone else wants it ? and the rejected offers don't want to know now -.-
  14. i have had a glock 19 for close to 5 years very reliable and very good and nice feel and only cost £60