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  1. Thanks, I actually ended up running black kit all day yesterday as my coveralls have built in knee pads and lots of vents when it got a bit warmer. First time I had run full black kit for around 12 years lol. I actually really enjoyed using it way more than I thought I would. This is what my legs looked like before lunch. It got much worse lol
  2. Decided to try my new kit with my spectre partizan suit which I normally just use for recon kits. I think it looks ok actually and might run it tomorrow at a game after I'm bored of running all black.
  3. Start of my new Russian FSB direct action kit. I still need a norotos pasgt nvg shroud and ratchet plus a Bars pasgt cover in multicam for when I run this kit with my crye's. Kit list: RBR mk2 pasgt helmet Fort defender 2 semi molle Mix of issued ana and fort pouches ANA issued holster Jtec padded belt SSO vympel coveralls AK105
  4. Thoughts on my latest kit please. Post some images of your set ups to help inspire me some more. this thread needs some more life This is somewhat of a change of pace kit wise from my normal 2016/17 multicam centre FSB kits. Going for a slightly more regional look and around 2012-14. Very much a work in progress as I still want to get a Norotos PASGT shroud and ratchet strap plus a issued bars multicam cover. Then I just need real plates in the Fort D2 semi molle but I'm not sure what else.
  5. Had fun at skirmish Exeter on Sunday playing in our multicam DA kits. 2 more in the team are sorting theirs so should be pretty awesome when they do.
  6. Sorry for the slow response, completely forgot to reply to you. We mainly just use glock 17's.
  7. For atacs fg set up you could easily do a national guard kit (centre mvd). Ur tactical set and warrior DCS in atacs fg. Run that with a ops core ballistic and it's a reasonable kit you can improve on over time. I wouldn't use gorka e in SS leto (partizan is a cut of uniform) as it's not something that's used much these days apart from the odd obscure mvd unit. It's cool but not great if you're going for accuracy.
  8. Having a good chat via pm thanks for the tag.
  9. TsSN FSB Alpha LsHZ 1+ high cut helmet Slavyanka/voin g3 set Warrior Assault Systems DCS Believe it or not warrior won contracts to suply Russian sf units with the DCS and 901 set's along with loads of pouches and frag belts.
  10. Recent image of TsSN FSB Vympel in Dagestan. Spartan airframe Crye/arma jpc Crye ac set Mechanix mpact gloves
  11. The g2/ac cut uniforms with centre fsb are real crye precision. A small amount of the g3 uniforms are too but the majority (not all) of the g3 sets are made by slavyanka and some by voin. You can tell this as the stretch pannel on the back of the trousers is brown and not multicam. The g3 shirts are also slightly different as the Velcro is slightly too bright. A few of the jpc's they use are real crye too but some are made by arma arms in Russia. Still real multicam fabric though. You see the odd airframe pop up too but that's a copy made by Spartan who also do a lot of the ops core ballistics they use. That said some are real ops cores but again most are Russian made. Where you see loads of repro kit is with low funded regional FSB teams and MVD sobr unit's. They don't get as much cool stuff as the top end teams.
  12. So I've finally managed to get my hands on a genuine Crye Precision AC set for my TsSN FSB Alpha kit. Just a few more bits needed for this kit now! Feel free to post up your Russian loadouts in whatever form they may take
  13. Been working on my WIP 2016 TsSN FSB Alpha DA kit. It's starting to come together but more is still needed.
  14. So getting this thread back on track. This was my set up last weekend and it worked incredibly well. We all had a great time and will be back at the thunder park in Cornwall again this coming weekend. We are just deciding if we are going to run recon kits of if we go full on direct action and carry on really getting stuck into the fire fights.
  15. Your entire attitude stinks and this hobby honestly need less people like you in it if thats really your opinions on the hobby. Your comments are ill informed and the level of presumption is through the roof. If it's not "cool" enough for you then honestly leave as the hobby has been like this for a very long time and nothing is going to change long after you. The only reason there are more milsim players and kit collectors is because the hobby has grown a huge amount. I have seen it first hand over the last 12/13 years of airsofting. If it really bugs you that much find another hobby. What I find amusing is although I like my kit, I would never judge a player for their kit or presume their hit taking is poor. It's the "anti elitist/anti kit" crowd who do that best. You really are two sides of the same coin (anti elitists and elitists). I played in a load of that gear just this weekend past and you know what's funny? Not a single complaint was made about my hit taking or anyone in my team who has similar kit. We know when we are hit and anyone who has played with us can vouch for our hit taking as our team has a zero tolerance policy to do with hit taking. Maybe you shouldn't pass judgment on kit you know nothing about and on someone you have never played with. Just because you have a bad issue with hit taking where you are doesn't mean everywhere does. My favourite local site has very few issues and it's down to how hard they are on none hit taking and how well its run.