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  1. I have a Classic Army G36C blowback for sale comes with a 7.4 lipo, but i dont have a spare charger. 4 magpul g36c pmags i can do that for £150 and for £175 i can throw in a red dot and foregrip
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  3. Looking for Tokyo Marui recoil AK mid caps money waiting
  4. Hello, looking for TM recoil ak mid caps ASAP, got an upcoming mil sim and want to give my TM recoil a good baptism of fire. However I only have High caps and need mids ill be happy to do a trade or buy outright, not bothered on colour money waiting
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  6. Hello, I'm looking for a Russian pistol, preferably a Makarov, CZ 75 or even a Glock (yes weirdly they now use glocks) but preferably the former two let me see what you got. Callum
  7. Hi ive got a G36c classic army blowback, with mags and a battery, everything you need to get started
  8. hi mate, would you swap for a full g36C set up
  9. Make: Tokyo Marui/ HK3 Gun/Model: Px4 Accessories: 2 mags (gas tight), metal slide (HK3) with TM internal parts, IMI holster and back straps Condition: used but good FPS: 280-300 (gas and slide dependent) Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: no/no/CZ 75, WE or KSC Makarov Price/Payment: £110 Pictures:
  10. Make: Classic Army Gun/Model: G36C Accessories: Madbull 6.03 tight bore barrel. 4 Magpul G36 p mags and 1 standard G36 high cap. Condition: slightly used (used twice) FPS: 275 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: swap for AK/RPK or any eastern block rif Price/Payment: £165 Pictures: