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  1. Still for sale?
  2. PM'D
  3. Hi, what size is the jacket, Thanks
  4. Hi, can I have 1 hi cap, 2 long mid caps and low rail?
  5. Hi, is this adjustable?
  6. Sent pm's. Any chance of a response?
  7. Where in the UK are you?
  8. Still for sale?
  9. Any luck with this Aug mate?
  10. Ah ok nice one. Yea sounds good mate thanks.
  11. Hi mate, in London. Any pics/specs? Pm me. Cheers.
  12. I want to buy this mate. I pm'd you.
  13. Make: ANY Gun/Model: AUG Desired Condition: GOOD Desired FPS: 320-350 Swaps/Part Exchange: MP5? Budget: £100 - 150 for the right thing. Interested in an AUG rifle. Must be fully working of course. As close to London as possible.
  14. Hi, Is the G36C still fully operational with the fire selector being broken?