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  1. sold
  2. Sold
  3. this is new just taken out of box for photo not used or even fired i bought on whim and decided nah not for me and it is essentially a m4 in body kit
  4. perfect cqb m4 variant £180 posted brand new with spare battery and after market suppressor
  5. Jing gong thundermaul (m4 variant used in ghost in the shell anime and film )
  6. Make: Star Dragon (jing gong) Gun/Model: ika zuchi aka thundermaul Accessories: none Condition: new FPS: 320 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/N/N Price/Payment: 180 postage inclusive Pictures: Any one looking for something special from the anime series and film called ghost in the shell As i bought it on a whim arrived thurs 28 dec and its not for me MAKE:STAR DRAGON MODEL:IKA ZUCHI FPS:318-324 as on fps record sheet ACCESORIES: SILENCER ADAPTER/BARREL EXTENSION SUPPRESSOR ORIGINAL BOX POSTAGE INCLUDED IN PRICE BUT NOT PAYPAL FEES SWAPS CONSIDERED FOR BIGGER M4/AK
  7. Make: jing gong Gun/Model: g608 Accessories: 6 extra mags,extra battery Condition: used FPS: 325 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/N/N Price/Payment: 200 postage inclusive Pictures: Jing Gong g608 which is basically a g36 cv (extending and folding stock) with 7 hicap mags 1 of which is flash all others are standard hicaps 6 of which are 450 round capacity and flash is 300 have original box also comes with a foregrip and battery and the naf euro charger. fps is 325 runs on a standard 8.4v 1600mah battery and has a brand new second battery if wanted. Not using it as i thought i would so up for grabs price is inclusive with postage but NOT paypal fees and price is negotiable upto a point. Forgot to mention that it has a custom paint job along with some of the mags all work and feed fine great rifle used in 4 skirmishes and great rifle even thought not fitting my rig loadout and way i play i still use as a back up to my other rifle up for sale which is the (GHOST N THE SHELL) rifle as advertised on here
  8. Make: JG Star Dragon Gun/Model: Ika Zuchi Accessories: Extra Magsx2,extra 8.4v battery,silencer adapter Condition: New FPS: 324 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/POSS/N Price/Payment: £180 Pictures: Any one looking for something special from the anime series and film cvalled ghost in the shell ORIGINAL BOX POSTAGE INCLUDED IN PRICEBUT NOT PAYPAL FEESSWAPS CONSIDERED FOR BIGGER M4/AK OR G36
  9. hey tony i sent a email back to your question pal feel free to ring me asap 


  10. Make: specna arms/kjw/ciras/viper/jpc/baofeng Gun/Model: sa05,berreta m9 Accessories: ciras rig has camelbak with bladder,first aid pouch with kit inside ,x triple bungee m4 mag pouch radio pouch and utility pouch and viper single point sling. jpc has a double stacked triple m4 mag pouch with dump pouch included(both rigs are mtp). KJW berreta m9 in box no extras on top of usual 1 mag. Specna arms sa05 has 4 metal specna arms mags (hicaps) a flashlight with mount,holoscope,barrel extension and suppressor and original box for holoscope and rifle. Black mich 2002 helmet with flashlight fitted on side also has the traditional semi over ear cups(patches and googles not included) Baofeng 888s radio and docking station with zordin style headset and adapter but also has a laryngophone throat mic (fabric version not cheap plastic thing) need all this gone so open to REALISTIC offers as bulk sell or as split as long as right offer involved Condition: used but well maintained. FPS: pistol 294/specna 330 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: MAYBE/NO/NO Price/Payment: £500 POSTED (paypal fees not included) Pictures:
  11. i would like some better pics of the specna please and list of upgrades and whats included also please
  12. bump price reduction £215 ovno includes postage as well as all the aforementioned items which are the following 4x specna high capacity magazines holgraphic scope suppressor 1x 9.6v battery mini tamiya connector 1x compact smart charger 1 flashlight plus batteries plus mount 1 laser plus mount original boxes for mags and rifle and scope need this gone asap so can reduce more but no lower than £200
  13. Make: specna arms Gun/Model: sa-05 Accessories: 5xhicap mags,holoscope.flashlight with strobe function and mount,laser,original box Condition: brand new FPS: chronoed at area 58 29/11/17 at 330.6 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: n/n/n Price/Payment: 225 including postage (open to offers) Pictures:
  14. actually 124.99 new
  15. hey chinnl would you consider swaps also what first and only sites you play at as we play around manchester and sometimes anzio