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  1. The guy from gear tech is awesome I been dealing with him for Bout 2 years and most probably he biggest customer for specna the company are fecking amazing and their customised work is amazing best company I ever dealt with
  2. i got 2 x rigs that can be added 2 1 is green and other is in tan booth can take full plates and you can add shoulder protectors and neck protector at you own leisure other option is osprey mk4 which take plates have high and lo neck collars and upper arm protectors downside is they are mtp i have a few in stock atm
  3. sniping and dmr are great roles but reference gbb pistols in north where we play if it cold you vent gas to easily i prefer electric/co2/none blow back if temp is blow 3C
  4. I got p90 pm inbound
  5. P90

    Make: jing gong Gun/Model: p90 Accessories: 2 mags and black pouch for mags and sling(flashlight not included in price but available) Condition: used FPS: 320 last chronoed Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange:N/N/N Price/Payment: 160 Posted but PayPal fees not included Pictures:
  6. leaving sport due to medical issuemass clearout pm me if after guns and gear 


  7. would you consider a specna full metal m4 in great condition has various attachments and hard carycase included for £250
  8. if you still looking i got a mk23 stealth assassin none blow back and a beretta m9 also none blowback mk23 has 2 mags and suppressor and m9 is 1 mag both boxed and can send both for £60 each posted
  9. i post to northern ireland all time and i got a rather nice m4 and hard case with various attachments for m4 all included for 250 posted etc
  10. i got a rather long m4 which will need to be set to semi which is very easy if u glue grub screw in the way of the auto on selector switch just in case you wanted to revert back to full auto with out stripping gun down its what i do with my sl8/sl9 version of the g36 It comes with barell extension suppressor gun case flash light (1000 lumens with pressure switch or push button and fore grip plus gun case (hard case) for 250 posted
  11. i got a none gas blow back m9 for sale including postage it would be in ya budget it is boxed and like new as not used it yet
  12. whats ya budget as i got a cracking gun for sale as leaving sport for medical reasons and have rigs helmets etc
  13. ups all the way for imports easier to deal with
  14. i have had load in past from geartech and airshooters no probs apart from old address wasn't updated both geartech and airshooters are awesome couldn't fault them in any way what so ever and cheap yes as they get direct on trade prices from gun-fire