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  1. i would pay cash for it if this was for sale
  2. whats ya location as very interested
  3. looking for a m4 for a friend whom has a max of £100 budget as he is just starting and it needs to be posted and paypal included in the above
  4. I got a iisc m22 with 2 leak free mags and it will take we g17 mags as advertised on patrolbase mine is NOT the co2 version
  5. Make: Specna Arms Gun/Model: SA H-02 (416) Accessories: working peq box(red laser and flashlight) 4X hicaps,adjustable foregrip 9.6v 1600mah battery and lipo 7.4v battery and gun bag Condition: Brand new not even used FPS: 310+(not chronoed yet ) Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/N/N Price/Payment: 275 posted (paypal fees not included) Pictures:
  6. sold sold sold sold sold
  7. hey all i am after a m4 variant with mags and extras looking for ideally similar to a specna arms m4 variants as needs to be site legal and have a decent rate of fire as well as rear wired (not on deans) extras preferred are mags scope silencer battery and charger if options are available budget is max £200 (no cymas jg ) preferred rifles looks are no triangle foresight as i need either removable of collapsible sights rifle idealistically all metal as not a fan of polymers
  8. Awesome
  9. i need this gone asap as not using due to issue with mag and want it gone to some one who is able to use and get it running open to offers no lower that 60 tbh prefer swaps
  10. Still up for sale or swaps
  11. hey BigAl did you get my mesage i sent ya ref sv infinity as not heard anything back and still interested in the pic of the glock
  12. Had nowt but problem after problem from wolf armouries ref external parts and extras for my loadouts bought a gun for my mates bday present and estimated fps was 320-360 was firing at 387 was not happy. Phone to sort out a downgrade and sent it to them and it took 3 weeks to downgrade wtf so chased it up every other day and then they told i had to pay additional postage for them to send it back to me on top of me sending to them as rif was to hot to start with when i specifically requested it to be site legal and then charging me to send it back avoid this company like the plagued they are god awful. In retrospective thoughts next time i use more local company or if i have to order online i will do more research as wolf armouries seem to like taking tour money but trying to look after customers they dont give a flying f*ck
  13. Pm sent
  14. Like kjw what make is kimber esque version
  15. yeah all of em lol prefer to see some pics if thats ok