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  1. Oh dear what did I start....
  2. Ha I understand what your saying, I think he just likes the style of the pistol and may even go into competition shooting later on.
  3. A friend wants to get good race gun without splashing the cash on extreme upgrades.What is the best out-of-the-box race gun?
  4. The TM m320 has a similar gas tank to the m870, and uses plastic TM shells that hold 18 rounds each. This does make the shells a lot less expensive, but it can only fire those specific shells. I also saw the S&T m320, but it is a cheaply made direct clone of the iron airsoft m320.
  5. It does look very beautiful, but it only shoots it's own shells because of the internal gas tank, and I would kinda like to be able shoot TAG grenades.
  6. I dont think they do
  7. The B&T gl06? Is it any good, as i've heard mixed opinions on it.
  8. I feel like the only thing i can do is order from Evike.com and pay a hefty $70 shipping, and further risk more taxes when it enters the country.
  9. So here is my problem! That seems to be the only shop in the UK selling the Iron Airsoft m320, and the there are too many stories to be able to trust this shop.
  10. Thanks! However I have heard different things about this website. Some people have had really bad experiences with him and this site has overall negativeness.
  11. Where could i buy one of these in the UK? I am comparing this to the Tokyo Marui M320 with its integrated gas tank, but I wanted to have the option to fire TAG shells as well (plus £250 is very expensive for what it is). Any recommendations / tips / info?
  12. I have held one, and they are pretty lightweight but still realistic feeling. The grip is really grippy and almost feels rough to the touch. But they are really cool, and the slide is very snappy.
  13. 2nd hand Secutor Velites GIII with 5 Nuprol shells
  14. That's really kind of you to offer! Unfortunately I'm studying that day so I can't come. But I would love to see a photo, and maybe If it is in good condition I might consider buying...?
  15. no it doesnt, it just pops them out a bit so you can lift them out. But that would be pretty cool, and im sure there is a build somewhere that allows this!