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  1. Thanks Shizbazki, sounds like I'm going to be in good company have heard only good things of Dragons Lair. Itching to get stuck in. Haha I'll need to make sure my bank balance doesn't feel the pinch once I get started!
  2. Hey Sgt Thank you for the welcome I'm planning on going this Sunday too, will message you
  3. Hi all Just a quick hello to members in the East London/Essex area Never experienced airsoft and looking to give it a try in the new year - hoping it to become a new hobby! Probably looking to go to the Dragons Lair or Airsoft Billericay (having heard some bad reviews on Bunker 51 and Whitechapel) Be great to see if there are any regulars at these sites or beginners like myself looking to give it a try!? And Happy New Year!