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  1. Your 23 is good enough to be your primary if your using ninja skill it'd hardly be in you holster I keep mine on a thigh molle so yeah kinda have to remember it's their when crouching. Only done woodland site not really had any problems with anything catching. Would possibly be better if it was molded though instead of printed as I think the printed layers seem to be a "structral Weakness" to me.
  2. Just buy it they are fantastic, super quick release and it can hold all its glory (suppressor and LAM) the one in the previous post though is the newer version, plate at the back is different to the one i have. Don't know if the plastic they use is better now either? I took a pretty bad fall on mine and its all cracked got electrical tape holding it together now moral of the story is....don't slide on your gear!
  3. Hey everyone, After some searching, This site seems to be the only place that has a part available that I am after. Any one heard of it before used it before? Much Appreciated.
  4. only one way to find out will have to see if i can pick up one of those adapters from somewhere come payday Thanks for the input fellas
  5. After reading that i understand now why you bought up the Reg. So the knocker valve alone in the mag isn't enough to keep a usable amount of air in? (for more than one shot)
  6. Understand what the regulator does that's not the bit that is causing confusion, might not have explained myself too well . Its just that with the Mag being a sealed reservoir I was under the impression that what is put into it will remain their until the trigger is pulled. So if i was to fill the magazine like you would with green gas but using an Air bottle so that the air can be used in the same way as you would green gas I would still like to try this to see if i can use it as an alternative to green gas but like you pointed out due to the different natures of air/propane it probably wouldn't work for more than 2 shots? knowing my luck as well it'd probably turn the mag into a home made torpedo.
  7. I think i get what your saying, as soon as the air pressure (i.e 120psi) in the magazine is released (one shot) then its all gone no more "fuel"? Its because the bottle itself is under higher compression (600psi) than what is being allowed to come out of it, is what keeps that pressure there for continual shooting right? Whilst green gas stored then as liquid in the magazine is what keeps the pressure inside acting like a compressor until its all expended as a gas with each trigger pull? Rats though I might have been on to something
  8. I was think more along of keeping the normal fill valve that is used with green gases and attaching something like this to the end of the line instead of the male/female connector. so using the HPA bottle,Reg,Line combo as a glorified green gas can.
  9. Pinned these to favourites will have to look at building up a new line. Thanks for the help
  10. Ha yeah its an insane piece, as it is at the moment all mags have the normal fill valves i've removed the taps on these but this is how it would look if the tap was placed in. Its aboout 8" hanging combined with the mag. I've tried local compressor shop to see if they have anything to make it shorter but they didn't have anything. The reloading though has put me off wanting to HPA through the Mags though. That Drop kit i'm assuming is just for the Krytac vector?
  11. @ Nasro yeah it replaced the normal fill valve at the bottom of the mag so it had the KWA male adapter and then this monster to connect to it. From what I can seen the spring looks ok to me (dare not take it apart further than this TBH) I'm assuming that this is the spring from looking at the parts list any how?
  12. Hey, so first introduced to HPA when I picked up a KWA vector already set up with with this (Tippman bottle, Ninja reg, line, tapped mag) and first though "this is pretty cool" but that was under back garden conditions. Trying it out whilst skirmishing my thoughts then almost immediately went to "I can't reload" or "i can't get comfortable" though i think this is because the female adapter had about 2/3" of metal to fit what i was told an american diameter line. After this i put all mags back to green gas including my pistol. I'm now thinking i have a potential power source that's not being used but want to utilize it as being cheaper than gas, so I'm wondering can something like the Madbull Propane adapter be attached to the line to just inject air into the mags instead of keeping it constantly connected? or is it a scenario where the pressure would be to high to keep in the mag for a long period of time or having be set too low on the reg to not make it useful?
  13. Tried to run this HPA myself but only have the 50rd mags to do it with. PAIN IN THE ASS! the length of the mag combined with the adapters (the Previous owner had on it) made for a very awkward, uncomfortable pose and hard as hell reloads. For me personally it was a more con over the pros of having a more reliable gas source on another note has anyone had problems with the KWA jamming up on burst fire? Don't know if its just because of the cold temperature but after firing 1 or two shots on this it jams and i have to strip it for the trigger to return. its usually ok on semi or full auto.
  14. This is probably one of the greatest holsters made! Bought one a month ago, can take a fair bit of abuse too, Took a slide on it in dirt (still got hit) and i thought "thats destroyed now" the gun did fall out as it twisted the part that carries the gun on the plate that holds clips to attach to a belt/molle and cracked it along the plastic where the bolt that holds it all together. Strip and clean-down then a bit of super glue has put it back right. I had thought that it could do with being made stronger in that area, on reflection though it held up pretty well. Only real niggle with it, because the gun is exposed it did take a huge bite out of the earth and jammed up with dirt (though being chucked out probably saved it from a worse fate) Also as Albiscuit pointed out if the clip that locks your gun in place "slips out" it can be frustrating popping the gun back on. This has twice happened so it's rare. That feeling of quickly whipping it out is Amazing and seriously recommend this to anyone else with a MK23
  15. Ordered Twice from them for some of the DTD gear. I liked how a text message was sent to let me know of the shipping number and when it would arrive. ordering process was simple enough and got posted out pretty quick. Will use again if they have something i want