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  1. Hi mate, it's in Black (not ceracote). I'll update the listing!
  2. Bump!
  3. Bump - Sensible offers considered!
  4. Bump.
  5. So.... If your RS rifle is smoking that much (as per later on in that video) you've literally bathed it in oil, and not cleaned it down... Not tacticool in the slightest!
  6. Well after about a year a finally got hold of some genuine PTS PMAG stubby magazines! The 70 round mid-caps, they're like hens teeth! £39 for three of them new in dark earth still in packaging, not sure the bloke fully understood the value of them.... eBay win :-)
  7. Thanks! Yours looks awesome, mine was just putting together the right parts, that 1911 looks truly custom and individual. Where are you getting the engraving done?
  8. The final part arrived for my CO2 ZEV Custom, so here it is, the competed build, really happy with it, shoots well, although the APS CO2 mags need a little filing on the plastic base to deal with the RS ZEV magwell and seat correctly. Guns Modify frame. UAC internals. RS ZEV Magwell. ZEV Trilobite Slide. ZEV Mag release catch. ZEV Trigger. I definitely learned a lot from doing this!
  9. Awesome, thanks mate!
  10. Seconded! That holster would work very well for me! Where can I get one?
  11. Make: RWA/Agency Arms Item: Legacy Slide set for TM G17 in Black (not Cerakote) Condition: New Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/N/N Price/Payment: £175 (PayPal) + postage (or pick up from Gloucester). Pictures: I've ended up with one of these spare as a customer didn't follow through on a build..... Brand new, original packaging, never opened, it's in the UK and i've already paid the customs charge :-( I've done a few builds with these now and really like the quality of them, the barrel is mint! This comes with the slide, trigger, sights, outer barrel, recoil spring and magwell. They install very easily on TM, Guarder, and Guns Modify frames, i'm sure they work with WE, but couldnt confirm. Plenty of info and reviews online, but PM me if you have any questions. Thanks!
  12. Project build a CO2 glock from scratch is almost complete! I'm really happy with it, just need the slide lock, take down lever and sights to be released from customs. Specs : Guns Modify frame. Guarder slide (TF141). Mixture of UAC and Guarder internals, built for CO2. APS CO2 magazine. Agency Arms trigger and barrel (i love goooooollllllld....). PDI inner barrel. Hope you like! :-)
  13. This is my VFC 416, hope you like it! Pretty much stock internals, I've swapped out the grip (the hk one whilst good quality was really not comfy), charging handle is a Noveske, and stock is mission first tactical. The riser on the stock is great for the 416 as the rail is slightly taller than normal m4's. Other stuff includes a tracer unit with cover, mbus flip up sights, Sightmark holo sight, inforce light, magpul forward grip and rail panels. I'm running it with the stubby pmags atm!
  14. Personally I use the Sightmark holo sights, they're made for real fire arms, pretty much bomb proof, and about half to a third cheaper than EOTech's. Don't get me wrong real EO's are fantastic (I've never used a clone), but difficult to justify the price tag! I know that red wolf started stocking these in the UK, unfortunately I think their stock probably got destroyed in the fire..... Can definitely recommend them! http://www.sightmark.com
  15. Hi all, Here is my first attempt at frame sculpting! It's an aps frame, factory stippled which is ok, the frame itself is of ok quality but needed significant leveling. I did the under cut behind the guard, thinned it all out and did the ACG cut to the front of the guard. Couple of hours work, but I'm pretty happy with the result. Its going to get sprayed then the secutor Gladius is going on it. Going to reinforce the front post with some epoxy, I'm pretty sure it would give out quite quickly with a co2 gun... The black frame is 'before' pic, my frame 'after' is the tan one. Hope you like c&c welcome.