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  1. Pm me bud you should still have my no.
  2. Make: ASG Gun/Model: KC02 special teams carbine Accessories: ACOG forgrip G&G Stock and Flash hider Condition: new used once FPS: 380 on .2 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: yx3 Price/Payment: £260 Pictures:
  3. I cant do leg panels personally i just dont like that weight on my legs
  4. Haha can give you what is esentially a build your airsoft gun kit its litteraly in pieces all of it even the gear box in tuperware just missing the outer barrel and RIS just give us 20 and postage
  5. Its all right that one spins around
  6. Yeah shes left handed haha and yea she refuses to use my rifles and wont use an mp7 so just gunna throw pistol mags at her haha
  7. Ouch thats gotta burn some people just arent technically good plus airsoft is expensive people dont want to go round glueing stuff they dont know haha but errr google it bud
  8. Haha when i first started the site i went to gave out full mesh masks or shooting glasses me wanting to look cool went for the classes and one day i leaned round the corner a bb shot out my fromt tooth and his second shot ricochet into my nose xD
  9. Yeah or if its the fitting thats loose get some PTFE and gas tape inside the firtting itll then fit
  10. Thanks guys awesome advise do you know if there are any metal slides i can put on?
  11. Got a kazac officers uniform
  12. The woman hates to wear vest so i put together a battle belt what do you guys think... and i know colour clashing tragic dont think itll win the fashion show but its pratical
  13. Oh no i have seen them for sale but never on the same level as glocks 1911 and sig so i dont know what to go after
  14. Sorry missus said no to losing her mags sorry about that
  15. Ah thats a shame well give us a shout if he changes his mind only want two