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  1. Just done
  2. Holy sh*t i want one how much did you pay
  3. Oh wow yeah i gotta admit it looks a lot bugger than i thought it would be thats a shame but no offense im a bit put of them now not sayig you look bad but i dont like the way the look now
  4. Ah ok thanks if you could go back would you tell yourself not too buy it?
  5. So range is also affected by the fps and and weight of the bb so smaller the weught the faster it goes and on terms of the rif you can say ah why not and go for it or call a store and ask if they have it and you can test it
  6. Also just advice im not here to depate its airsoft not a cosplay event couldnt care less haha
  7. So ive been lookinh at these mask sonce before airsoft when i was a kid now ive got a proper income it dawned on me i can finally get one but over the years of airsoft ive realised field of vision and fogging are super important any body own an army of two helmet who can let me know.. also im talking to 100+ proper ones not cheapo plastic types Cheers guys
  8. Make: G&G Gun/Model: M1903 springfield Desired Condition: any Desired FPS: over 350 Swaps/Part Exchange: y x3 Budget: 250
  9. ^ Bang on haha (pun not intended)
  10. My biggest word of advice as silly as it sounds is changing your dominant hand when cornering the amount of elbow and knee pings i get in cqb is very funny when you swap hands its just your head and your rifle peaking
  11. Agreed now lets let this go back to the gun pick thread people
  12. I dont like names when it means nothing like oh i got this its shiny ill call it sophia when it means somethong when it has a theme with custom paint job then heck yea name it also some should make a post for this debate
  13. Ditto to that
  14. Haha its something you admire and worked hard to get i think its pretty cool people name their guns adds character to what would otherwise be just a gun
  15. Call her aloce and have an red ace of spades symbol on the side