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  1. so am i haha XD im no electrition i just guess and hope for the best but after that scare... and burn i am not charging anything till that new head comes haha
  2. Haha yeah kinda embarresed years after years in the sport never thought o search for the propper connectors
  3. So was charging my batteries the night before a game as you do and heard a crackling noise the two clips that connected to the battery touched... it mad an electrical arc the almost started a fire and burnt my thumb pretty bad :/ its safe to assume this battery is f*cked now?
  4. Make: ARES Gun/Model: ameoba AM014 Accessories: gun and battery plus 1 mag Condition: good condition few markings here and there FPS: 340 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: nx3 Price/Payment: 180 Pictures: Had this for about a years shoots like a laser but is now for sale i want a masada price doesnt include shipping or paypal fees and i live in derbyshire if you want to collect. Cheers oli
  5. Got a genuine kazak para uniform which is bit too big for me comes with the winter insets and the real fur collar
  6. Make: CCCustoms Gun/Model: M4 Accessories: PEQ box. Nuprol torch. Forgrup. Mock supressor. Real Magpul mag. TM rail covers. Bipod and more bits to come Condition: few scratches FPS: 350 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: NX3 Price/Payment: 380 plus postage and PP Pictures: Internally this thing is a beast it has a systema gearbox and gears all freshly shimmed. An ASCU trigger unit. A new high torque motor and SHS pison head and nossle a 6.03 tightbore sadly my prowin broke so cant throw that in. This was my dream gun and i had a new upcoming mechanic put it all together its a dream to shoot and is a fantastic piece of kit. I have a box of parts to go with it at the missus which i will post tomorrow. I live in glossop derbyshire UK i would prefer collection but if not i can deleiver at your discretion PM me if interested. (Holo sight not included)
  7. Haha no cool idea though might just get that patch and cut the US part off haha
  8. Been looking through the internet for a large marshal patch to put on the back of my platecarrier so players know that I am one when I'm playing so they can grab if needed not had the best of look finding one though any one else know where to find them?
  9. Yeah so gun arrived today not changing the rating because keeping me in the dark for nearly 3 weeks is a dick move
  10. You couldnt happen to get a photo of one of the helmets on a person could you? Haha i know it sounds silly but i want to make sure its not massive on someones head
  11. Location?
  12. One guy mentioned the KWA annnnnnd the rest inliding you lovely lot told me how bad the bolts are haha
  13. Nah ive decided to get a KWA ERG instead lot of guys on the reddit said it was a much better option
  14. Overall rating (1 - 10): 1 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): no Any other comments: traded my old m4 for a TM 5-7 he @Dephilersaid it was busted and wanted his pistol back i was more than happy to do so so posted it off but got nothing back guy has gone dark and is no longer active on his account which is annoying af
  15. Good shout but i want that classic SOPMOD look thats all