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  1. Haha no cool idea though might just get that patch and cut the US part off haha
  2. Been looking through the internet for a large marshal patch to put on the back of my platecarrier so players know that I am one when I'm playing so they can grab if needed not had the best of look finding one though any one else know where to find them?
  3. Yeah so gun arrived today not changing the rating because keeping me in the dark for nearly 3 weeks is a dick move
  4. You couldnt happen to get a photo of one of the helmets on a person could you? Haha i know it sounds silly but i want to make sure its not massive on someones head
  5. Location?
  6. One guy mentioned the KWA annnnnnd the rest inliding you lovely lot told me how bad the bolts are haha
  7. Nah ive decided to get a KWA ERG instead lot of guys on the reddit said it was a much better option
  8. Overall rating (1 - 10): 1 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): no Any other comments: traded my old m4 for a TM 5-7 he @Dephilersaid it was busted and wanted his pistol back i was more than happy to do so so posted it off but got nothing back guy has gone dark and is no longer active on his account which is annoying af
  9. Good shout but i want that classic SOPMOD look thats all
  10. Which swindon one the one in the south or north?
  11. Yeah cba woth gas thats why i was looking into recoild if i had the money kd go strait for a TM but nah no cash for that so get a BOLT i think and just abuse the hell out of the warrenty haha
  12. Hi folks in the market for a new rifle and was like at the bolt BRSS M4 sopmod because it suits the look i want perfectly and itll put a smile on my face with the recoil... buuuut as far as recoils go its pretty cheap compared any one own one or are they great terrible let me hear ypur thoughts
  13. You sir are an artist
  14. Make: TM Gun/Model: m4 sopmod recoil Desired Condition: good Desired FPS: 340 Swaps/Part Exchange: n/n Budget: 500 Finally sold all my primary rifles and have none left ive decided to take the leap buy a high end gun with a bunch of mags Its alot of money and ive been scammed too many a time so only willing to buy from Greater Manchester or Derbyshire area so i can test it and such before i buy it Oli
  15. Ah sorry case is free now l need it gone so 200 plus postage and paypal