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  1. I want can i haz?
  2. The ultimate sh*t post... dadum tss
  3. Do real steal charging handles work on a gbbr? Cheers
  4. Just bought this https://www.brownells.co.uk/AR-15-BCMGUNFIGHTER-PKMR-HANDGUARD-KEYMOD-PKMR-Handguard-Keymod-Carbine-Black-BRAVO-COMPANY-Polymer-Drop-In-100026755 Brownells uk orginally an american shooting company has a UK site with all of its US stock so the accesories we couldnt get before we can now some cool stuff on there too
  5. Make: magpul Gun/Model: masada Accessories: mag and battery. wii tech flathop. Chimera mk2 Condition: used FPS: 330 Swap for: anything gas or good external parts Pictures: i do have a bag or some wiring that the tech gave to me w/ the rif
  6. Anyone know of any sellers of SRU stocks in the uk as theit website doesnt ship to the uk
  7. Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): y Any other comments: nice guy met at the shop tested it and happy customer good comms and from what ove been told looks after his kit and rifs well
  8. Saw a guy with a modified m870 this weekend
  9. I have a full swat loadout if you want it
  10. Itll be an RA tech forged receiver so im amsuming its good qual steel
  11. Good shout im thinking of either sending it off are sanding dowb the whole gun and doing a light blueing see how it turns out probably going to do some test runs first tough
  12. Getting a new m4 and want to get it blued anybody know any one that knows how to do that?
  13. Hi folks heading down to anzio this weekend and was wandering if any one else is going if so im also looking to pick up a gbbr so if your trying to sell yours bring it along ill be in the one in the marshall hoodie and has a mohawk
  14. Make: ghk Gun/Model: m4 Desired Condition: any Desired FPS: 300-350 Swaps/Part Exchange: got a magpul masada aeg fully upgraded Budget: 600 Looking for a ghk m4 with mags and internal upgrades if possible
  15. I got the recon version because it was cheaper but my buddy has that one and he swears by it