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  1. Still available ?
  2. Still got this ?
  3. Still got this ?
  4. Can you pm me?
  5. still available??
  6. is this still available ?
  7. 2 vector mags Both leak free one has a missing feed lip and broken base plate but nothing else is wrong Want gone so open to offers but would like £60 for the pair.
  8. Yes mate private msg me
  9. <strong>Make:KWA</strong> <br><strong>Gun/Model:Kriss Vector</strong> <br><strong>Accessories: mag extender, 6 mags,1 reaper custom hpa mag,t1,iron sights, grip</strong> <br><strong>Condition:Good (slight crack in back of the grip but it doesn't affect anything)</strong> <br><strong>FPS:</strong> <br><strong>Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange:M/M/N</strong> <br><strong>Price/Payment:£600 ONO</strong> <br><strong>Pictures:</strong> <br>
  10. What's best price u can do on this?
  11. Bump price now £75
  12. Bump
  13. Dmr

    Got a co2 nbb ?
  14. Got a gas DMR ?
  15. I have a gas DMR for under £100