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  1. Ok cheers.
  2. Sorry but can you be more specific with the problem with it please.
  3. Thanks I can do with as much advice as I can get. While I'm picking your brains I thought I'd try it all out, it works but its got a bit of a thump in the grip when it fires. How ever I can't remenber if it was there before
  4. With the piston gear should the teeth be just on the pick up or completely on the other side? Sorry if its a bit of a silly question. Cheers
  5. Just from the descriptions you gave me I recon I'm going to have to take it apart again. Oh well. Looks like I'll be getting a bottle of Jim Bean to get me through it lol. Cheers
  6. Its enough to make a man turn to drink. Lol. After all that hassle I don't want to take it apart again...until I realise I put the bugger back together wrong.
  7. I recently got a very battered JG m4. Internally the thing was covered in thick, black grease. Naturally muggins here decided to take it apart. I eventually get it back together but what a pig! The trigger kept coming out of place. Then I had to get the gears back in the bushings. Then the reversal latch kept coming out. Are all gear boxes this hard to put back or was it mr first timer here. Are there any tips to getting it to sit nicely in one side of the shell With out me swearing like an angry sailor.? Cheers
  8. Ha ha no worries. I will see how stressed this thing makes me lol. IF he has another I will let you know.
  9. I recently found a bone yard tm mp5. It still fires but it needs some tlc..... who am I kidding its one step away from needing the last rights. Anyway its looking like a project gun. My question is will any part that is compatible fit in it or are there some manufactures that make better fitting parts than others? Cheers
  10. The cymas not too shoddy out the box. Only now, 9 months or so on, do I need to look for some parts. I've had no mechanical issues with it other than a slight crack in the air nozzle. It really depends on your budget. I called patrol base when I got mine and their response was they have less cymas back for repair than any other gun. When I said about externals I ment the g and gs are better how ever the newer cymas are not to bad at all. Still perfectly skimishable. This might be one of those where this purely comes down to your choice. Why not call a retailer and ask their advise.
  11. The cyma is ok especially the combat machine knock offs (like the 517 which I own) but the GandG seems to be the real go to gun for beginners. It has a slightly better quality polymer body than the cyma.
  12. Ahh I think I man looked at the size lol. Cheers
  13. Ok cheers for that. I thought I'd better check first. I don't want to bugger it up on its first use.
  14. The title kind of says it all. I have my first gbb pistol coming soon. I have found abbey 144a maintainance gas is cheaper than the regular 144a gas. It may sound silly but is it ok to skirmish with? Is it slightly lower power? Any help would be great. I had a little look on here and then google but there is no real definitive answers. Cheers. Nick
  15. Wasn't there one for sale on this forum? M4 based but it looks like something out of a video game.