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  1. "It is I, leclaire"
  2. To give an update I got myself a ops core type helmet and I think I got it setup the way I like. Hopfully no more bumps or bangs to the noodle.
  3. A cockwomble of airsofters... my new favorite phrase
  4. Bloody youtube again
  5. Just on a side note 30 rounds per second! Is that alittle excessive ? You can do the same thing with 8 bps and not have a mini gun. Also it works out cheaper if you spray and prey. No need to upgrade just yet
  6. If you play mostly cqb I'd say the M. If its woodland then either is good.
  7. To be honest My cyma 517 has worked a treat and for £100 ish two toned its not too bad a beginner gun. It can hold its own when I go skirmishing. I get the impression that cyma has upped its game. It might be worth checking to see if just an orange tip would cut it with H.M. customs. If they decide to destroy it, as far as I can tell there is very little you can do about it. And next to no way of getting your money back. Sorry to say this as well but being 15 you can't legally buy an airsoft gun, two tone or other wise. Sorry
  8. I man read them....... Honest.
  9. Out of curiosity this isn't my wife is it?...... just checking
  10. Do you want a hug??? Xx
  11. I took a distant shot to the back of my head, 2 close in pistol shots to my forhead by 2 diffent people 20 minutes apart. Both of them were bleeders. And I also hit my head on a very low bridge. After a splitting head ache and feeling pretty sick, ( yes I know I should have seen a doctor) I accept the odd head shot here or there but that many bangs to the noodle in one game has convinced me to get a helmet
  12. I'm just fat!!! Lol in all fairness for me over heating is the big decider for me. The face mask i got mostly covers my ears. The big one is mainly protecting my forhead... well as much of my head that i can.As yet I've not been shot in the ear. But its a bit like being a virgin bride. You know its going to happen. You just not sure how bad its going to be.
  13. Best £100 ish I ever spent
  14. Getting hit in the ears is one of considerations I'm thinking of. The other one is sweating out. Its trying to find that trade off between the two. Either way a brain bucket of some sort is getting brought.
  15. I wish I'd thought of this analogy. Joking aside one of the best bits of advice I got was don't go poking around with the gear box untill it goes wrong..... or you really know what your doing in there.