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  1. I can guarantee someone has. I did on my first ever game. 1:keep touching the wall to respawn wasn't too bad
  2. I have a kd ratio. It's currently 7:127, I'll let you work out which way
  3. Well its only 14 days away (SHOT show) so not long to wait.
  4. So I got a message from Krytac on Facebook after I saw this as there was no information readily available; Hello Robert, The Fostech AEG Shotgun is currently still in the planning phases. We will release more information on that project at SHOT show 2018 So I guess, keep your eyes and ears open and hopefully they will release something good at SHOT show. As this is potentially the first shotgun I actually want.
  5. So hopefully the final parts of my poor man's ctfso load out comes today but I'm not going to be in. I swear if I miss... Literally as I'm writing this I lookup and there is delivery man. Holy hell

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    2. Georgeturner2001
    3. Jedi_Master


      It is CTSFO. Assume you mis-typed while keeping a watch out for the postie ;)

    4. Robert James

      Robert James

      Thanks for the correction Senpai - yes... the postie *shifty eyes*

  6. @Alex Whittall
  7. Fair enough. You can get them two toned, but I can understand why you/he may not want to.
  8. What model does he want?
  9. Fairly true for mesh and stuff getting through it, it could happen if the BB splinters but it's still got to get through layers in different directions so it's hard but possible
  10. I started my "team"/group of mates that go airsoft together whilst I had a two tone. If anyone was coming along with us/"joined" us, we wouldn't care if it was two tone, black, tan or clear as long as the banter was good and they don't take life to seriously.
  11. You could hire in some places if you just want to get into it, or buy a two tone
  12. My pistol holster from Wish came today, it works and only cost me half price of warrior one
  13. No you dont need anything, just a gun or hire package.
  14. Which site have a ban on HPA? Its a group of friends/small team nothing major just playing for fun right now I heard Bunker 51 was bad gameplay but that could have been a few users on one or two days and it happens everywhere. I would pick your closest one to go to for UKARA registration, you can always go somewhere else after/in between
  15. Not too far from where I work. I work in Docklands and live in North London There is a couple in London but I've heard bad things about Bunker 51. There is red1 in Watford, battle lakes in Kent, awa Hertfordshire, dragons lair all around the northern parts of London (ISH) I don't go south of the river too often but going to go a bit more this new year. Going Portsmouth 21st Jan TechBrigade (Near Enfield) on 11th of Feb The Gaol in Leicester 11th of March if you and your mate want to join in on any