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  1. Anyone have any interest in going Killhouse in Leeds? Maybe a forum event up there if enough interest?

    1. sonofsammo


      I was there on Wednesday - cracking night was had by all and by heck did I ache the next day!

  2. You can just upload them straight onto the forums. Under the reply, click Choose Files.... then click the photo you want Mine is on my dump pouch
  3. Bump
  4. So my Mrs just came back from Birmingham, so of course she smells I've spent money or had a parcel... I show her the patch.. she looks at it strangely. I said what's up? It'll look great with my load out... She says why do you have a patch that says A f*ck Didn't realise until now... I like it more.
  5. Me in action today. I usually tend to wear my under armour as a long sleeve type thing. Great day out and got some compliments on my load out which was great
  6. It's the lighting I swear
  7. Personally, I had black on black for a while but didn't really like the chafing the jeans were giving so adopted a camo look. It didn't really help in cqb as I was never outside. So I was browsing one day and saw the CTSFO or CTFSO can never remember which way around it is. I couldn't afford the £1000+ load out so went for a poor man's load out of it. Just missing the patches and a few other little things now. i have a mouth mesh sewn onto my balaclava, I had an over the bottom half of my face one but didn't want to "ruin" the effect of the balaclava. I asked the person who does the mouth mesh how it stays in and he said most of the time it stays due to the balaclava but mine isn't tight fit so it slipped out of place. Got hit on the mouth recently and it's fine, also took one to the cheek and still have all of my teeth.
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  9. Showbox....
  10. Appraisal needed; TM H&K 45 used twice, w/ original box and parts, 3 non leaky mags, adapter for tracer, ace tech tracer unit, pistol holster

    1. ImTriggerHappy


      £220 for everything except holster.

      Cant price holster without knowing which one. 

    2. Robert James

      Robert James

      Thanks @ImTriggerHappy. Its just a standard black universal pistol holster from Wish, nothing spectacular. 


      Someone offering me £250.00 maybe worth :)

    3. ImTriggerHappy


      Sounds fair although being a 

      Hk45 I would keep it as probably best pistol around at the moment.

  11. Anyone at the Gaol this Sunday 11th of march