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  1. what is your steam? Im yet to get in a game with Sico, im always on my pc but busy
  2. Im actually going on my stag do. So its a private match on the 29th of August, its not open to publics. Plus, I asked about them just opening it and they said they dont stick stags and normal members together But thanks for letting me know
  3. Oh nice! If you dont mind a friend and I playing, then invite me next time im on pal! Did you find Ass Fudge or Rob_Cheffy
  4. Hi everyone, It turns out I am going to Stealth Woods, in Otley in July. Now, iv'e never heard of First and Only Airsoft, or the site - has anyone been here? Is it any good?
  5. The sound is deceiving as it is the way your camera is facing, not your character, so if you turn to the right with ALT and hear it out of your left ear, its probably coming straight ahead of you, not from the left. I think the closest iv'e come in a squad is 6th (3 of us) but we had a player who is not very good when it comes to shooty type games, and lags heavily as they are from the states. Let me know when your mic is operational Sico
  6. Great. Looking forward to seeing you there
  7. yea sure.... Add my steam if you want - Ass Fudge if that doesnt work is Rob_Cheffy
  8. Thank you. Great - the more the merrier. Aslong as they dont have to hire.
  9. Hey, do you sill need a helmet go pro mount?

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    2. Rock-climby-Dave


      yep, sent as report, I'll remove it from the system ;)

    3. Robert James

      Robert James

      Sorry I could have sent one foc. Didn't see it previously

    4. AshOnSnow


      No worries mate :)

  10. Yes. I bought it a few days back, and got 2 copies for my friends. We've been playing it, although not very well. Fun game, lots of potential.
  11. Do you still need this?
  12. Hi & welcome. Quite a few players around the Essex area so I am sure you will be able to ask them more about sites in that area.
  13. I cant comment on Devon sites, although whenever Ive been to any site they are generally quite well booked, with the exception of ONE that I went to. I guess it depends on the reputation etc however I assume you will have to hire, so why not take a look at how many hire slots they have available and how quickly they are booked. Look at reviews on the internet/social media, thats how I found out about the Mall. Seem to have a decent following on their facebook page and have got people posting on it today already...
  14. Got a while still To go so no worries. Hopefully see you there
  15. Please point me in the right direction