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  1. Make: Tokyo Marui Gun/Model: M92F Chrome Accessories: 1 x TM Mag, 1 x Box (box has been shot at a couple of times) Condition: Good condition - marks from holstering and skirmishing FPS: Stock Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/Y/Y - Would swap for a Glock, preferably TM Price/Payment: £90.00 or swap as above. buyer pays postage or can pick up from ENFIELD NORTH LONDON OR THE MALL READING WHEN IM THERE OR THE DOCKLANDS E16 Pictures:
  2. Yea but it means there is more time away from the Mrs with S1....
  3. I feel like im missing out... lots of people talking about this. Episode one - season one, here I come....
  4. Not my video but this is from the zombies round from that night
  5. If we do another I’ll ask about it
  6. Thanks warlord. Didn’t actually meet you yesterday but it was nice to know you enjoyed it. Thanks to to everyone who came, we raised just shy of £1200.00 with NO RAFFLE so a significant difference to last time however if there was a raffle it could have been even more. Zed / Luke / The mall staff were fantastic and the last game was great. Mostly everyone one I spoke to enjoyed it and everyone seem to play well with one or two minor issues which I believe were dealt with instantly as always. A great day and great cause. Hopefully this will return for a third time but yet to be decided. Thanks again everyone, until we meet again
  7. No they won’t, at least some people won’t. They will shoot you back, ask for a trade off or even say you definitely missed or I didn’t hear it. Once a cheat, always a cheat, doesn’t matter sometimes if it’s 100yards 10 yards or 1 yard.
  8. In the few sites iv'e been to, iv'e only ever had "test shots" at AWA. I think they work, although I cannot say they do 100% as one player told me - "If you get hit, regardless of what it is, take it there is a marshall over there who is test shooting players" so to me that kind of defeats the object of it? Not saying I dont take hits, but it was odd that he said that and I believe he was a regular there :/ In the other places i go to, when you inform a marshall they come and stand near you and see what happens - sometimes, they will tell you, you have been hit - maybe its because you didnt hear it or saw a BB hit a wall but a different one hits you for example. I actually heard a marshall on comms be told that where we were (basement) there was accusations of blind fire, and the marshall simply said, iv'e been here for 20 minutes and the fights are good and there is NO blind fire at all. <- this firefight was probably the best one iv'e had at the mall. Although that same day someone really was not taking their hits, and when I looked back at him to get a description i got a "What fam" back at me.... I "did not" light him up the next round or two....
  10. Yea i noticed that plus i chucked it on a few FB groups
  11. 55 booked in so far - should be better than last time! Only few spaces remain, so book now before they get taken!
  12. 55 booked in for the Help for Heroes event, still a few more spaces!

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      Robert James

      Arent you coming to this one senpai?


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      No, it's on Bonfire Night and a family occasion that cannot be missed.

    4. Robert James
  13. I take 4+1 high caps. However, 2 are filled with tracer rounds, so i can switch out to that if/when I need to. very rarely do I get through even 1 high cap, unless I get in a nice meaty stand off. I refill one mag (from half empty) every 2 or so rounds at the mall
  14. 2 more patches for the new boys
  15. 13 Testical shoots. All left side. Tough ask