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  2. Who is going to the mall this coming Sunday?

    1. L3wisD


      I'm playing the Friday night game.

      It says to take a LARP knife for one of the games... Might have to take one of my son's plastic IKEA knives :)

    2. Robert James

      Robert James

      Sounds like fun, I can't ever get to mid week games unfortunately. 

  3. Hi, my my friend is looking at getting an M4 VSBR, short (don't know if they have a long version) and I've said to him it's a lot of money, find a cheaper option, but looks roughly the same. So I come to you today to help me find said cheaper item. I already own a firehawk so he doesn't want that any help is greatly appreciated
  4. If anyone has any patches they no longer want, feel free to pm me and I will gladly take them off your hands 

  5. True. But worth it...
  6. He might be able to.. I'm really not sure though. I know an airsoft gun to go state side needs to have an orange tip but maybe a custom painted one with an orange tip would work? Who knows.
  7. Sorry I thought it was painting. I'll see myself out.
  8. I was not sure if he had tried them or not, I asked about a mesh mask and he said he hasnt done one before but done it anyway. never know
  9. Just use 3rd person view In all seriousness, I have been shot by snipers and not even known where they are, the one time I saw one, me and him were exchanging BB's that were never going to reach which was funny.
  10. Have you tried @GearTech
  11. I need a ps4 :(

    1. TapZxK


      you are looking to buy a second hand one or you simply acknowledged the fact that you need one. :lol:

    2. Robert James

      Robert James

      Looking to buy second hand, as Crash Bandicoot. Otherwise I would never touch the things.

  12. nice, just dont make it sound like a sales pitch. I had someone come to me at a game, and it sounded like he was trying to sell a group to me. "Do one" - I was there for fun, not work.
  13. I was thinking of doing something like this myself, however I dont have enough friends interested to even start something along these lines. Although, opening it up to the public I find it odd; imagine going over to a sunday league football team and having everyone sign up, only for 4 people to turn up on game day or forget about the site completely. I like the idea, as I said, I would do it, but I think i'll stick to getting to know enough people at game days first and then taking it from there once you know 15+ people, as they have friends that also play with them which then could take the player count to 30 or even more and atleast that way there is a bit more trust. Heck, I could sign upto your site tomorrow and never turn up, email or speak with anyone. I think you would be better off having a small group, and then letting people "join" when you know them a little bit more, as I certainly would not pass with any money knowing that I might not ever get it back/return on it because of other people. Suggestions: Make it free (for now). Don't charge more for people until you have atleast a small group of people turning up regularly, and then call it a club, which after that you can get club patches/charge an annual fee etc. Go to different sites, and only tell your friends/members the actual price of the walk on fee/hire fee Talk to people about the club at games, see if they are interested, tell them to like the facebook page - I agree facebook would be better than a clan website
  14. Before I spend a lot of money are ACU load outs normally accepted at Milsims? 

    1. GiantKiwi


      Assuming you mean the digital US camo that is actually called UCP, ACU is just the pattern of the cut. Some milsim's treat it as a bit of a grey area, as it isn't particularly identifiable under certain light conditions.

    2. Robert James

      Robert James

      Thanks @GiantKiwi that's all I needed before I spent anything.

  15. Looks like fun actually, but I wont be in attendance due to my Airsoft Ban. However that does look like something I could look at next year. Do you work for Enola Gaye?