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  1. Thought so.
  2. hey mate will this fit on an octarms keymod 15"?
  3. 20 posted lol
  4. £4 posted
  5. any info on the actual model of this gun?
  6. Sorry didn't even look, my bad dude
  7. c02?
  8. how much for the WE g17? what model?
  9. PM'd
  10. interested. whats the lowest youd take for it without the programmer?
  11. Still got the gloves and the tan/camo shirt?
  12. this post is almost 3 years old. no its not still for sale dummy
  13. PM'd you bud, is there anywhere i can contact you where you're more active?
  14. ok thanks, would a sp 100 damage my internals?
  15. using .25s though