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  1. WRT BTC, Frank has just got back from a month off and is trying to catch up with thousands of emails while getting the next batch of products ready. Try dropping him a line and see if you can get a heads up on when the next batch becomes available. I've not got a Spectre, but the Chimera in my AK is great. The pre cocking is superior to the Gate Titan, and I prefer the microswitch trigger over the Gate optical sensors. Completely changes the feel of any gun it's fitted in.
  2. Do you think we need more guns?
  3. Don't buy the Nuprol ones. Even from new if you run them until the voltage sags they only take 1000mah to recharge. I've got a couple of the Turnigy 1300mah ones and they are a genuine 1300mah, plus they don't heat up like the Nuprol, degrade with recharge cycles like the Nuprol, and icing on the cake, if you can find them in stock they're about half the price. Two will just about last all day, but depends how trigger happy you are. The ATX PSU has been hacked so it works as a 600W, 12v power supply. The big fat cable is because I used to run it flat out to power my hot wire cutter when I used to build RC planes.
  4. SRC are very average internally. The gearbox shells are seeming made of cheese, and so far are the only ones I've ever had to helicoil to repair threads. The "Ultra High Torque" motors are particularly dire, but the magnets are good for transplanting into other, better motors.
  5. Krytac have managed to nail the balance between components, and then put them together with enough care that they perform to their potential. The apparent weakness in the rear of the receiver can be put down to the fact that there is no screw tying the buffer tube and the gearbox together keeping that part of the receiver in compression, due to the quick change spring. G&P are solidly engineered internally, especially their 8mm bearing gearboxes, and have some of the best out of the box externals, but are a little let down by the weak stock magnets in their motors. However, I've got a M120 motor fitted with decent neodymium magnets and it is superb, excellently engineered. E&L and Specna Arms are similar internally to G&P, with solid, well thought out engineering and quite well assembled, although they could benefit from a little tweaking. There are more polymer air seal parts than the G&P, and again, the motors do the job rather than being great. The externals aren't quite as nice as G&P but only if you're nit picking.
  6. Add E&L, and Specna Arms to the list. I've been impressed with the stuff I've seen.
  7. I couldn't find my lipo balance lead extension, hence the charger is in the fireproof bowl together with the battery. Safety in mind...
  8. Start the preparations...
  9. Bought for work, but I am so having these for airsoft! Half the price of the Mechanix Impact, comfier and on first impressions, better made.
  10. Most places will issue a single hi cap magazine with the hire gun, mask/eye pro and sometimes coveralls. You will also generally get a bottle of BBS which you'll need to carry around as you'll burn through ammo fast the first time you play. I remember looking at the bottle the first time and thinking "That's loads...". I was buying another bottle by lunchtime! Work trousers with big cargo pockets are cheap and tough, with enough space for ammo, snacks and most importantly a bottle of water. Believe me, you'll need it. Gloves are a good idea, and a hat that covers your forehead, because that's the first thing you stick out from behind cover and getting shot on bony parts really bloody hurts.!
  11. 360mm with a full cylinder (ie no ports) and 0.32g BBs works.
  12. You want an inner barrel that's shorter for a DMR, so you get a more favourable cylinder /barrel ratio to suit heavier BBs. The Specna Arms receivers are good looking and nicely made, but you really want to check that the outer barrel is a good fit as that joint wants to be good and solid. A JG or G&P 8mm gearbox will be up to the job of handling a M120 spring, but a heavier piston will be a better match for heavy BBs, so look out for something like the Lonex red. Consider a decent programmable Mosfet that supports pre cocking for instant trigger response, and to make it simple to lock the gun to semi auto only so it can actually be used as a DMR at skirmishes.
  13. The 900 round fat mag for my DSG pistol turned up. This should be fun next weekend....
  14. It's the other way around with the Modify. The hard is a bit poor (but OK as a R hop packing) and the soft is the shnizz.
  15. Come to think of it, I'm sure I've got a piece of urethane in a box somewhere (one of the ones that hasn't been unpacked since the last time I moved). If I find it, send me a self addressed envelope and you can have enough to do some experiments on the condition you do a thread about your results.