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  1. Why do you want a long inner barrel?
  2. http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft/well-mb05-advanced-sniper-rifle-black.htm#.WixST5eny9c That should be able to use the upgrade parts you already have, for example...
  3. As far as I know the ASG Urban Sniper is a copy or rebrand of the Well MB 06 which shares its internals with the MB 01 ( L96). However its possible that some of the parts are off spec and won't fit. One thing I do know is that the ASG Urban Sniper has some quality issues, apparently to the point that some stores stopped stocking it. But I don't think that AirsoftPro have made any upgrade parts for the Urban Sniper, so it's possible that they will fit any Well rifle that's based on the MB 01 action, which gives you a few options that definitely aren't a VSR.
  4. Depends what rifle the upgrades fit... That's a couple of hundred quid in that little lot if you had to buy new.
  5. They can run more smoothly, but they also require a slightly different shimming clearance. They can also fail catastrophically and destroy quite a lot of the rest of the gearbox. G&P ones have been reliable for me in the past, but I'd rather have the peace of mind of decent solid bushings over any small difference they might make.
  6. But a decent gun and don't mess with it! Decent 0.28g BBs will be the best accuracy and range upgrade you ever buy, so start there. Magnified sights are more trouble than they're worth at Airsoft ranges. You want the wide field of view and light gathering capabilities of the MK 1 eyeball. A decent red dot will serve you well.
  7. I'll say it again. I'm not here to give you a hard time. I'm genuinely interested. I'm pleased the Prowin works in this application, I simply wanted to pass on my experience, and of others that with the newer versions that is not always the case. I'm an engineer, I ask questions and I question everything. It's a path to understanding, not a device intended to raise hackles. And I'm still interested in the cylinder/ barrel volume ratio vs BB weight...
  8. Can you quantify the improvement, and some of the pitfalls? Currently I'm intrigued by some of the results people are claiming for the Crazy Jet barrels, and I'm looking for something interesting to do to my DMR.
  9. It wasn't clear from your previous post if the barrel and hop are simply fitted, or whether you've already checked for function. At the moment you've offered quite a lot of 'could' and 'should' and I'm interested to see how the expectations meet with measured results.
  10. Retro Arms do a nice CNC one.
  11. I've got two Prowin, and they are anything but consistent when you measure them. The latest batches are allegedly CNC machined and then grit blasted, which seems like a pointless additional process, but it might hide the manufacturing process that gives rise to oval holes. The earlier one I have does at least work, but out of 4 M4s, I've got one that the Prowin actually works in, and that took a bit of filing to get a clean fit. It genuinely works well in that one gun, but not in any of the others. They're also a pain to get right with a flat nub and an R hop due to the very short hop arm. I have read your posts carefully, and I've followed your reasoning. I'm not trying to shoot you down, in fact I'd like to see you succeed so I can expand my knowledge base, and perhaps help if you don't get the results you expect. This is why I was querying the barrel length and BB weight. It may be that one of my set ups has similar parameters and could offer a point of comparison.
  12. The 5% extra air volume doesn't translate as an extra 5% fps. What cylinder /barrel volume ratio are you trying to achieve, and what weight BBs are you intending to use? Also be aware that trying to achieve a decent air seal with the Prowin can be a bit hit or miss. It's also worth checking that is compatible with your receiver, although if you've used one in the gun before with good results you should be OK. Keep posting, as I'm interested to see what results you get.
  13. At the most bore up cylinders over an extra 5% volume for the same piston stroke. The bore of a stock cylinder is 23.8mm and the OD is 25.4mm. The thinnest cylinder wall I've measured on a 'bore up' cylinder is 0.5mm so the bore is 24.4mm. You can get that extra 5% for free by just being a little less picky about the AOE adjustment. The difference in bore is so close that a tight fitting standard head should still seal, perhaps with the help of a little PTFE tape. The Orga barrels can work on an AEG, but only if they're quite short so you can get the volume ratio, but you get less cushioning affect of the BB in the barrel so the piston tends to hit the cylinder head hard. What length barrel are you trying?
  14. Don't get to hung up on gear initially. As a more mature player concentrate on some items that will make your day comfier, more pleasent and less likely to end in injury. Boots. Pretty much essential. By all means get army boots, but you'll find decent walking boots are lighter, comfier and more likely to keep your feet warm and dry while offering plenty of ankle support. Knee pads. I use quality downhill mountain bike ones. They're comfy, stay where you put them and have clever armour that remains flexible until it receives an impact. They fit under my combats and are the only reason that I've been able to walk off the field on a couple of occasions. Good quality wicking base layers. Again be dry, warm and comfy. If you want to look the part then take your pick from surplus army issue from all over the world. No one is going to judge you if it doesn't match. It just needs to work. Carry as much as you're comfortable with. Options include plate carriers, vests, battle belts... I keep mine simple... Just as long as you've got somewhere to stash a bottle of water! As for a gun, don't forget you'll need batteries, charger and magazines. I generally suggest that you avoid packages as the cynic in me is of the opinion that it's just another way suppliers can palm off low quality goods on the unsuspecting. Don't fall into the trap of immediately assuming your new gun will need all sorts of upgrades. Clean the barrel, use decent quality 0.25-0.28g BBs, good quality lipo batteries and go and enjoy yourself. Save the money for a better gun in the future, and then if you want to start playing around with the internals you've got your original and you don't run the risk of trashing your only gun.
  15. Retractable stocks fit into what on the real gun is called the buffer tube. We call it the same just for convenience. Buffer tube comes in two types, Milspec and civilian. Most Airsoft guns are Milspec. The rail is held in place by the barrel nut. This screws onto a threaded lug on the front of the gun where the barrel emerges from the receiver. This is different to the real gun thread, but most Airsoft M4s are the same. Your best source for cheap goodies is dhgate.com. Loads of Airsoft stuff, and a lot of 'real steel' stocks that'll fit.