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  1. Right, I've got a couple of pistons laying around and I need one for a mildly stressed build (M100, 170mm barrel, around 20rps). Do I go for the full metal rack that had holes hacked in it by the previous owner and that I made a bit neater when I was bored... Before After... Or the bog standard, single metal tooth JG one stood next to it.
  2. I'll take 3...
  3. Put something together, then you can stand down the end of the garden while I shoot at you and see how it holds up...
  4. So, I'm looking at this little pile of bits and M4 shaped spare parts, and although I could build a nice little 350fps full auto, standard sort of spec gun, there's this little voice at the back of my mind saying, "DMR.... DMR....". I've been ignoring it up to now, but the other day I spotted this odd looking plain knurled tube fore end that fits an AR, and now I can't stop imagining a slightly mad special ops style, stripped down semi auto sniper. I think I may be beyond help.
  5. ABS sheet isn't too expensive and will take a beating. Sticks together with plumbers adhesive, bends with heat, sands and takes paint. That and I've got access to big sheets of 2mm Perspex which will do pretty much the same job but doesn't take paint quite as well and is a little more brittle. I'll bring a sheet home and you can test it (shoot it). The styrene is not all that strong, but it works really easy. Plan B Is foam cores then fibre glassed, although this is messy, smelly and time consuming. Strong though and might be an option for any of the weirder shapes you dream up.
  6. Plus the fact that although the Gate has Deans on the Mosfet itself you still need to have them on the batteries and the gun wiring. The Fire Storm will only need the battery connector. One less thing to fail /corrode /cause a high resistance point. And you've done away with connectors to a fuse. Just plugging in a battery and dropping it into a buffer tube is a lot less grief than trying to stuff spaghetti with lumps into a space that's just too small, while under fire.
  7. Just checked... The Gate doesn't quite fit in the buffer tube together with a 7.4v 1450mah stick lipo. The Fire Storm however falls in there and has the built in thermal protection . Ask your tech for his advice.
  8. If you're going with the Hi torque type set up you wont need the active braking of the AB, the SSR will do fine. I installed one in my son's gun and it fits fine in the buffer tube with stick batteries in the tubes of his Crane stock. There's no thermal protection built into the smaller Gate Mosfets so your tech should recommend an in line fuse to protect everything.
  9. There you go. Good reasons why you should never take one persons opinion as gospel. I wasn't aware of the magnet on the sector gear to trigger the ECU sensor. That would complicate things. Decent motor and a proper service/setup would be the sensible choice.
  10. Have Dremel can make things fit! But as above there will be somewhere out of the way it can be secreted.
  11. If it's an ICS then it'll serve you well. Perhaps someone else can chip in about G&P. Their externals are very good, but I know that some people have had issues with internals. I've heard 'toffee gears' mentioned a couple of times, but I've no personal experience with them. A quick form search should turn something up.
  12. Hopefully someone else will chip in with their favourite builds so you get a feel for what other combinations can do.
  13. Depends what you're after in performance. My goto is SHS Hi torque, or if you're feeling flush ASG CNC 30k, SHS 13:1 gears, piston with a half metal rack and a cylinder properly ported for the barrel length and ammo weight. With the angle of engagement and shimming properly done you get... And that was on a nearly flat battery. 7.4v lipo and a basic Mosfet.
  14. OK fair enough. Next question... are you planning on doing the work yourself and have you got any experience working on an AEG? Apologies if this sounds patronising, but theres no point going to any great length with a list of things you can do if you're not sure that you can sort it out properly. If you aren't then the best thing you can do is give it to someone who can (usually in exchange for money).
  15. First and most important question... Why do you think you need to upgrade?