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  1. There is other stuff... Can't resist a bargain!
  2. I wasn't going to buy anything much at the Combat South Boot sale this morning, but I've been looking for an AK chassis for a project, and lurking behind one of the tables was the most horrible looking RPK... it was covered in camo tape, had been beat up... This picture flatters it. 30 quid.
  3. Should be plenty of room for a chuggin' great battery it that stock...
  4. Snipers are a whole different game, both to get them shooting nice and in the field. But a little fire team with an SAW can either create havoc, or can add an extra dimension to a game. Create a choke point and use the SAW for area denial, then watch the other team have to think their way around the problem rather than just charging through the same gap they do every week.
  5. ICS POM pistons are tough little buggers...
  6. Yep. But when you can aim it makes the other team have to think outside the box.
  7. Lmg! I've just started putting together one of these... because 35rps and a 3000 round magazine sounds like fun.
  8. Bloody key board ninja. Beat me to it!
  9. I use a CQB M4 with a 170mm barrel in woodland with 0.28g. That hits what you point it at, and from plenty distance What bucking and nub are you using at the moment? The stock G&G bucking is usually pretty good, but if it's got contaminated or worn it might be having trouble lifting the heavier BBs.
  10. "I got a new gun from 'BBGats4Morethanthey'reworth, and... " Let me just stop you there.
  11. ASG make some nice pistols. Not the same model, but around the same price point...
  12. Whatever you decide to do, go into it with your eyes wide open. Always make sure you can afford to bail out without leaving people chasing you for money (because that crap can haunt you for years). Remember that making any money at all is hard work, and at the end of the day if you can't meet promises you're the one who is liable. It might be the fault of a supplier but the buck stops with you. Don't forget you'd be running a business, so you have to comply with any appropriate licensing, legal and financial requirements. It could work, but before you launch into anything you have to be completely aware of any and all pitfalls. And you have to be sharp. You could be the most honest, straight up guy out there, but there will be someone waiting to rip you off.
  13. Except an APS.... Ohnononono.
  14. The reason that Nuprol can brand a cheap item and up its value is because they have spent a lot of time, effort and money creating that brand. You see 'Nuprol' and you think 'airsoft'. They go direct to manufacturers and spend a lot of money buying a significant proportion of their production at a cost that means they can make a decent profit on items that have their name on. Simply stickering an item with your 'brand' is absolutely worthless without the infrastructure to back the brand up.
  15. Make: Any Gun/Model: AK Desired Condition: As long as the receiver is in one piece and it has the outer barrel. Desired FPS: Any Swaps/Part Exchange: No Budget: As little as possible... I'm looking for a derelict AK for a project. It doesn't matter if it doesn't work, as long as the receiver, gearbox, motor cage and outer barrel are present and correct. Metal bodies for preference, but anything considered.