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  1. Don't over think camo. At Airsoft ranges of really doesn't make much difference. If you're trying to be hard to spot then practise the Shape, Shadow, Shine, Silhouette and Spacing (Google!), and just go with whatever you like the look of.
  2. Tried a couple of different types, but settled on decent Mountain bike ones. I've got Race Face ones and the knee pads too. Pricy, but probably the only reason I've walked off the field on a couple of occasions. http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/race-face-ambush-elbow-d3o-guard-2017/rp-prod113075 They're comfy, fit under your clothing and stay in the right place. Check around for end of line stuff. Much cheaper! http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/alpinestars-fierce-elbow-guard/rp-prod118119
  3. I'll tell you one thing that does loose you around 60-70fps...when the washer you installed to correct the AOE comes unstuck and stops the piston travelling all the way forward. Makes a mess of the piston rack too. Only ever did that once....
  4. My other half might have some interesting views on exactly what sort of artist....
  5. Eventually got around to finishing my AK bullpup. From this... To this... The weathering looks better to the eye than the camera, but I'm happy with the way it's turned out.
  6. Do you know how to check the nozzle /hop air seal with a small piece of paper?
  7. 5mm is a bit thick, but not too bad. I don't correct more than 4mm. If you were undervolumed before then if there was a lot of space around the AOE washer then that might drop a few fps, but not 60. What length barrel and what cylinder type? And if the cylinder is ported, have you put it back in the right way around?
  8. Answer? I meant washer!
  9. If you had the hop adjusted up enough that you've lost 60fps then the only thing you'd be shooting at is low flying aircraft. I take it you checked the air seal at all points of assembly? How thick was the answer you used?
  10. Nope, none of those are mini Tamiya. The one with the 4mm banana plugs and the male Deans is the one that plugs into the output of the Imax. The rest of the leads then plug into the Deans to give you a variety of charging options. So you need a female Deans to male Tamiya (your battery should have female Tamiya). http://www.componentshop.co.uk/male-mini-tamiya-to-deans-female-charger-adapter.html A whole £1.50. But to be honest, just fit female Deans to your batteries.
  11. They'll be Deans on one end because that's what Imax use to connect the adaptor leads to the charger. Lay all the adaptor leads out in a nice neat line and let's see if we can identify the correct one for you.
  12. If your Imax hasn't come with a selection of leads to suit different batteries you may have a knock off.
  13. Google.... https://www.google.it/search?q=mini+tamiya+connector&client=firefox-b&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwinuY2J98LUAhVI1xQKHe15DTMQ_AUICSgB&biw=800&bih=1148
  14. It shouldn't do, but welcome to the world of Airsoft 'standards' where stuff that should work doesn't. What piston is that by the way?
  15. Nope. Be fine without one. You should get around 21 rps with good trigger response. You will need to ensure the angle of engagement is properly corrected, and a decent piston wouldn't be a bad idea. Mosfet and Dean's are only as good as the wiring that connects them. 16awg Teflon coated is the stuff.