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  1. on and off, wanted advise on getting back into it. used to live down south before moving back home in the north east and so was looking for fields, never actually went to northern alliance, settled on nsc in newcastle. i think i posted that when i registered to this site, so was basically just introducing myself, i didn't realise my choice of words or lack of would be an issue. plus why am i even explaining myself, you don't wanna believe me, fine, i won't sleep any less tonight.
  2. 5 years give or take, maybe I've just been lucky or the other players have so to speak. But still you wouldn't consider getting insurance, it's just not needed.
  3. Because you are making out UKARA defense is somehow ripping people off and retailers are making money off it but your £30 a year defense is vastly superior which it just isn't. I do not like anyone attacking or criticizing airsoft, full stop. And you cannot compare personal liability insurance to your house insurance, building or content, they are not even close to being similar insurance policies.
  4. I don't need to watch youtube videos, i skirmish twice a week. Cqb indoors on a wednesday with 40 players max and on a sunday in a 60 acre woodland site with about 60 other people. Never have i seen or heard anyone have an injury worse than a dislocated finger and that was once. No one has insurance, no one blames anyone else, first rule is basically you wanna be an asshole there is the door. In the time i have been skirmishing i have seen one argument and that was just about hit taking. I think you are taking airsoft far to seriously for what it is, a bit of weekend warriors having a bit of fun shooting each other with plastic. If you truly believe you need insurance it is definitely not for you. Stick to reenactment it is obviously more dangerous firing blank weapons, who knew.
  5. What are you taking a chance on, a bruised hip from a bb hit, a sprained ankle, what do you think happens. The only serious injury you could ever incure is loss of sight. that's the reason we were eye protection. You will never sustain an injury serious enough that you have to pay for your own insurance. I've got more chance of being injured or killed on the journey to and from a skirmish than i ever will playing airsoft. It might be needed for reenactment but not for airsoft. You are not gonna get sued from someone not calling hits, that's a ridiculous claim. If you can't trust your fellow airsofters then why even go. Unfortunately you are fighting a losing battle, apart from some minor niggles people have with fps limits and bang rules for example, everyone likes the way things are as it works through policing ourselves.
  6. Yeh first gun i ever got and never really used it as the scorpion is so good but i've decided to breath some life into it, upgrades, multiple uppers or different sizes and looks.
  7. That's basically what i'm doing to mine, different uppers for different scenarios
  8. Your kidding, i was planning on finally going there this year, it's on my airsoft bucket list so to speak.
  9. Just seems like your paying for something you don't need. The worst injuries i have ever seen is a dislocated finger, a few sprained ankles and hundreds and thousands of red welts from bb impact, part and parcel of the sport. Public liability insurance is designed for professionals who interact with customers or members of the public. It protects against claims of personal injury or property damage that a third party suffers (or claims to have suffered) as a result of your business activities. If you accidentally hurt someone at a skirmish by making them trip for example i can pretty much guarantee they won't blame you, accidents happen. Airsoft is built on honesty, apologise, shake hands, move on.
  10. Your personal liablity insurance would really not count for much, you have decided to go to airsoft field. You have to sign a waver anyway that you are aware of the dangers and all responsibilities. They won't even let you on without signing. Additionally if you were to injure yourself while playing airsoft how is that the sites fault, so again why would you need personal insurance. Just seems to me that you want everything without taking any responsibility.
  11. Who is making extra money from UKARA, a software database. I'm happy for your legal defense but why would i need to be worried about legal affairs. I am breaking no laws, i am an airsoft skirmisher, i don't use my guns for any other purpose so again why would i want to pay more for a legal affair that will never come. Plus you say UKARA is making money even though it is free to join but you are paying £30 a year for your legal defense, i just don't get your reasoning behind complaining about something that is free to join. Again no one is forcing you to use it, you don't like it use something else but in most cases you will still need to play 3 games regardless. Most of the other defenses to really come into play as they are really occupation related which won't affect your average weekend skirmisher. You hold a reenactments defense which is cool but i'm sure to obtain that you had to prove you were actively doing reenactments, the principle is exactly the same as UKARA but actually your paying more while complaining about paying more, do you see the irony.
  12. i had it when i sold on ebay, the price was £220, i didn't receive the money until the person had recieved the item, not an issue for me as i was genuine. Which could mean he wants the money without ever dispatching item or could be genuine, tbh it's not worth the risk.
  13. Your argument is irrelevant. If your defense you pay £30 for isn't covered by the VCRA then it is not a valid defence. Again you want something for free, paint costs money why shouldn't they charge you for painting your gun, that takes time as well. There are websites that don't charge for two tone, go there instead, no one is forcing you to go to patrolbase. We already have organisations and groups that fight for airsoft rights in the UK, why would we need another because you don't wanna play 3 games. My first gun was an ICS Transform4 UK1R, no valid defense so had the stock, pistol grip and rail painted red, used it in my first 3 games, not an issue. I didn't care about the colour, other people didn't care about the colour. It is now not red anymore as i have my valid defense, i really don't see what your issue is. Without UKARA and other forms of defense then airsoft in the UK could have been completely butchered to the point of it not being worth it at all.
  14. You have an issue with UKARA defense preventing you from owning a RIF. But the reality is without the UKARA database, airsoft could have been destroyed for everyone, you are arguing against one of the things that kept airsoft alive in the UK. Further more UKARA doesnt prevent you from owning a RIF, it just requires you to participate in 3 games, if you don't want to do that buy a two toned, what does it matter you don't need the realism. Your argument is basically saying i'm being descriminated against because i refuse to play the 3 games, that's not discrimination, you have decided that yourself. You say why should i have to, well you could say that about about other things in life. Why am i forced to have a tv license, why do need to take lessons to drive a car, simple answer because it's the law so get over it. It really winds me up when i see things like this, people whining because they want everything and not have to do anything for it, winge winge winge all the time. And by the sound of your replies, airsoft will survive just nicely without you, so don't hit your head on the way out.
  15. It's like i wrote above, he's making out a database is running some sort of ponsie scheme lol. You don't wanna pay then don't play, it can't get any simpler.