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  1. This old thread sure came back to life - I bought a GLS in the end, and sure glad I did. But unfortunately, just as soon as I was really kitted out, I'm now in a position of having to offload all my airsoft gear. Sods law!
  2. Goodbye, farewell, adieu adieu adieu!


    So I'm taking a job that has a long contract, will involve me moving around a lot, and doesn't leave me with really any chance for airsoft. So, before I leave my lovely family house for a small apartment, it's time for me to sell my airsoft kit. Yep, all of it. If a few years down the line, I have the chance to get back into airsoft, I'd love to, but for now, it's "f***-me-that's a-lot-of-stuff-Friday". Taking a long time to go through my boxes of stuff, find all my receipts, get photos up etc!


    Have made a thread in the Gear For Sale section, so feel free to paroose at one's leisure. Had fun putting a little gift basket of bonus treats together though. I do love giving prezzies!

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    2. AshOnSnow


      Ha Proffrink, you might not be far off!


      Lozart, it certainly won't be as fun as going ballistic with a belt of hi caps every month!

    3. L3wisD


      Shame to see you sell it all Ash. Hope the job is worth it!

      I'd fancy your Glock 19 - but can't stretch to the job lot asking price! :D

    4. AshOnSnow


      Haha, I've got so much stuff, if I start splitting it up, I'll never be able to keep on top of it all. I'll be buying boxes left right center.


      To be honest, when I finished the spreadsheet having counted up all the receipts, I was pretty surprised myself at how much I'd spent since September!

  3. Had to return some mags to them that wouldn't fit my CM16, sent them 2 emails with no response, couldn't get through on the phone and they seem to be the only shop where the support on their website just puts you through to another random customer. Eventually gave up and sold the mags to someone who had a compatible gun. I think they might be one of the busiest airsoft retailers in the country, but I suspect they could do with hiring some additional staff to be able to support so many customers. If it's local it's easy as you can just walk in.
  4. Currently going for a new job where playing airsoft won't be feasible for at least a couple of years, so I'm "handing in my official notice to Airsoft", so to speak, which is sad, but necessary. So, everything must go. Got quite a lot of stuff going here, so would prefer a job lot, but I'm open to reasonable offers. All the sidearms have been stripped down, cleaned and greased up again, running smooth, all gas mags airtight, all AEG and sniper mags full working order. No swaps, would prefer not to do any splits either. Payment by PayPal (buyer pays PayPal fees) or Bank Transfer. A lot of items here, I can arrange shipping, deliver myself (within a reasonable distance), or buyer can collect. Based in Bedfordshire between Hitchin and Biggleswade. Starting price point for the job lot: £1,580 - see bottom for details. This is a long post, so here's a contents guide for easy scrolling: - Primary Weapons - Sidearms - Rigs/Pouches - Clothing - Misc - Lot cost, valuation and sale price - Pictures PRIMARIES M4 Bundle Make: CMYA (P&J Branding) Item: CM.007 M4 AEG Accessories: - Vertical grip - Tan rubber rail covers - Precision 6.03mm inner barrel - Guarder SP100 AEG Spring - EOTech Red/Green Reticle clone with Lens Protector - Magpul PTS MBUS Rear Sight - DBoys Gas Block/Flip-up Sight, fitted with Laylax Tritium nightsight (Purchased July 2017) - 3x 400rd CMYA Metal M4 Hi Cap Magazines with genuine MagPul mag assists. - Tan 3-point sling - Also includes original 6.08mm barrel, 420fps spring and front A2 sight. FPS: 345-355. Condition: Excellent - gun, internals, EOTech and mags purchased March 22, skirmished once. Rail covers have been cut to size to accomodate the top screw in the RIS and the vertical grip underneath. Inner barrel and SP100 fitted professionally at retailer prior to shipping. PTS MBUS sight, Gas Block and Tritium sight purchased July 18, never skirmished. Condition as new, except for very slight finish wear on front sight from sight post replacement that was a bit stiff to start off with. Bought for approx £315 JG Bar-10 Make: Jing Gong Item: BAR-10 - Bought through and fully upgraded by Airsoft Monkey at CombatUK in Stevenage. Accessories: - 3x Magazines - 3-9x40 Illuminated Scope FPS: 490 Condition: Excellent, skirmished once, but may need new hop up bucking. Happy to include this with a job sale. Bought for £440 SIDEARMS Sig Sauer P226 Bundle Make: WE Item: F226 Rail Accessories: - 5 airtight magazines (1 magazine has light cosmetic scratches, pictures) - Nuprol retention holster with paddle and MOLLE adapter - 2 Nuprol double mag carriers with paddles and MOLLE adapters FPS: Approx 300 dependent on ambient temperature Condition: Average - the oldest of all the kit, purchased September 2016. Some paint has come off the sights, and there are a few scratches and marks across the gun, but I've kept it in good shape with regular maintenance on the inside and still shoots like new. 1 mag (the original which came with the gun) has some marks and paint scratches on it, the other 4 are all in very good condition. Bought for approx £260 Glock 19 Bundle Make: WE Item: EU19 Gen 4 Accessories: - 3 airtight magazines - Safariland GLS 578 Holster with paddle, belt loop and dropped belt loop options. - Nuprol double mag carrier. FPS: Approx 290 dependent on ambient temperature Condition: Mint, as new. Purchased June 2017, never skirmished. Bought for approx £200 Kimber Warrior Wilson Combat 1911 Make: Army Armament Item: R30 Accessories: Spare magazine FPS: Approx 280 dependent on ambient temperature Condition: Good - purchased second hand in July 2017. Never skirmished, fires smoothly, both mags tight, mark at the front of the barrel. Walther PPQ Make: Umarex Item: Walther PPQ M2 Accessories: None. Will fit the Safariland 578 in this lot. FPS: Approx 300 dependent on ambient temperature Condition: Good - purchased second hand in July 2017. Never skirmished, paint finish has been worn slightly on top of ejection port, mag is tight. RIGS AND POUCHES Make: Condor Items: - H Harness (Olive Drab) - Gen II Battle Belt (S) (Olive Drab) - HHR Pouch (Olive Drab) Condition: All items excellent, skirmished (rather lazily) twice. Make: 8Fields Tactical Items: - MOLLE Plate Carrier (Multicam) - 2x Double M4 Bungee & Pistol Magazine Combo Pouches (Multicam) - Vertical Utility Pouch (Multicam) Condtion: All items excellent, bungee straps secure, velcro still very strong like when purchased. Make: [Generic/Unknown] Item: Fixed-pouch Tactical Vest (Black) Condition: Excellent, used once on a role-play night game. Make: Nuprol Item: Lower Face Mesh Mask (Multicam) Condition: Excellent, skirmished twice. Make: MFH Item: - Double Pistol Mag Pouch (Woodland) - Dump Pouch (Woodland) Condition: Both excellent, skirmished twice. Make: Mil-Tec Item: Quick Release Belt 50mm (Olive Drab) Condition: Excellent, never skirmished. Rigs and pouches, bought for approx £145 CLOTHING Make: Kombat Tactical Item: - Kombat Tactical ACU Shirt (Jungle Kryptek Style) - Medium - Kombat Tactical ACU Trousers (Jungle Kryptek Style) - Medium Condition: Excellent, used 3 times, laundered carefully before and after. No rips or tears, colours as when bought. Make: Viper Item: - Viper Tactical ACU Shirt (Multicam) - Medium - Viper Tactical ACU Trousers (Multicam) - 34" Waist Condition: Excellent, used just the once, laundered carefully before and after. No rips or tears, colours as when bought. Make: Mechanix Item: M-Pact Multicam Gloves Condition: Good, used 3 times, slight discolouration from repeated ground contact on the outside of the fingertips. No rips or tears. Make: Mil-Tec Item: Shemagh Khaki / Black Condition: Good, used twice, no rips or tears, colours as when bought. Clothing bought for approx £120 EXTRAS - Bolle Raider eye protection with RX inserts - good condition, obviously some small marks on the lens. Has 2 spare lenses in different colours, currently fitted with +1.25 corrections (prescription insert is easily removable, or any optician can swap the corrective lens for another prescription as it's a universal fitting). Slightly modified grille to allow better ventilation and prevent fogging. - Bolle Silium+ Platinum eye protection - excellent condition - Motorola TLKR T81 Extreme Duo Set - with earpiece mics, charging station, belt clips and hard case. Condition as new, 10km range, can use either rechargeable packs (included) or standard batteries. - Swiss Arms Carbine Case - bought second hand, average condition, velcro straps inside to secure gun. - Synthetic wool lined rifle slip (for BAR-10) - excellent condition, bought from a firearms dealer originally for my air rifle, has a zip pocket for small accessories. - 8Fields Tactical Knee & Elbow Pads Altra Type (Black) - good condition, used twice, one knee pad has a mark. - G&G SOCOM Suppressor (14mm CCW) (Black) - excellent condition, used 3 times for aesthetics. - Nuprol CZ P-09 polymer retention holster (sprayed urban speckle) - excellent condition, never skirmished, sold the P09. - SWAT-style Helmet - excellent condition, includes multicam cover, used twice. - MICH2002 Helmet (Olive) with NVG Mount - excellent condition, used once. - 2 Crane Stock NIMH batteries - both in full working order. One is taped up to fit snug into the CM007 stock without rattling. - AGS Cobalt 4x40 Scope - Excellent, never skirmished as I went with a different scope in the end and never returned this. - APEMAN 12MP 1080P Action Cam W/Accessory Kit - Excellent, used once, can be fitted to MICH2002 Helmet to film games. Extras bought for approx £330 I've gone through every item and invoice/receipt to check its age and condition and value it accordingly, and I have concluded: The original purchase value of all the above is £2,070.74 I have valued them now at £1,581.86 And I am of course willing to accept reasonable offers. And obviously, this goes with out saying, all RIFs require buyer to be 18+ and have either UKARA, VCRA defence, or VCRA exemption. Pictures: (Obviously a lot to photograph here and I have limited floor space to put it all out to display it in, I'll do my best to get everything in as detailed as I can, if there's something you can't see, just let me know).
  5. This is a CMYA ZM51. I used to have one myself - it has a fixed hop up, certainly not a skirmish gun, but a fun little garden plinker and certainly has some power in the spring, so 400fps doesn't surprise me.
  6. What can I say? I'm good at selling products I like and use myself.
  7. Sounds really awful to say, but if his last update to anyone was on June 8th saying he'd suddenly gone into hospital, are you sure he's "still with us", so to speak?
  8. Make sure the videos you're watching aren't sponsored by the manufacturer. They're not really reviews, they're just marketing.
  9. Would probably be easier to retrofit an existing site with the relevant props for a special event day - like when RIFT turned Coms Site 3 into a Zombie Nightmare night. They brought in a battered cop car, humvee, tank traps, all sorts of props and actors and stuff and it was an epic night.
  10. Word of advice, NEVER "remember where you left" your shells. I did that with a couple of sig mags I reloaded on the run, came back and some tit had done walkies with them. Put them straight in a secure pouch or you probably won't see them again.
  11. Remind me to come to your skirmishes, swap your AEG battery for a nearly dead one when you're not looking, then stalk you for the rest of the day
  12. If you're exclusively playing CQB, I'd put in a lower powered spring like an SP85 or SP90, but only if you're feeling disappointed with the ROF and don't want to spend shedloads doing stuff to a motor that's already decent out the box for its price. Play some more first, then you can ask yourself your question and you'll already know the answer.
  14. If you have your heart set on a revolver, then by all means go for it. Personally, I would never use something with such a small ammo capacity. Bear in mind, in terms of sidearms, you'll have 6 shots before you need to reload each shell (or use a speedloader, which can still take a while), whereas most other people will have upwards of 20 shots, and a quick mag change. I'm going out tonight with a P226 with 120+1rds of ammo across 5 mags, and yes, there have been times when I've got pinned down and had to use it all. If I'd have had a revolver, I wouldn't have lasted long at all. As for hop up, I couldn't imagine having much fun running a system without one, since everyone else will have so much advantage over me.
  15. Just ordered some aurora paint which is apparently a little better, time will tell though.