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  1. Finally someone made a "what to get for my first gun?" thread. It's about time! as nobody has made one of these threads before, it should probably be made into a sticky. That way, there'll be a handy guide for newcomers thinking about buying their first airsoft gun.
  2. I would imagine your biggest issue selling the gun safe will be shipping
  3. You sound like you have the best wife ever! Might I suggest the right amount of lubricant might help things along. Not 100% what to do about the gun though.
  4. A lot of people run real world equipment while playing airsoft. Most common you'll find are things like surplus clothing and webbing. We're also fortunate in this country to have very few restrictions when it comes to weapon accessories, so things like weaponlights, optics, mag pull assists, holsters etc designed for the real thing are commonplace on the game fields. Airsoft is a damn expensive sport, so if you already have some gear, that'll be helpful in the long run . Of course if you have the money to spend, then you can fill your locker to your hearts content with all the awesome high end stuff that the army never gave you . Airsoft is across between call of duty and paintballing. And in this country, if you can afford the gear, you can have it!
  5. Be careful about using blank firers - you still need to keep a safe distance from your target, and also you may run into insurance and H&S issues if you don't offer hearing protection to those in close proximity. I would suggest a PFC, combined with a well-timed good old fashioned plimsole smack would be your best bet, or just the PFC on its own. But beware, PFC guns are also very unreliable.
  6. I'm nobody to knock a CYMA - my main primary was a CYMA after I sold my R8-L. It was the cheapest metal body M4 that I could get my hands on, then I replaced some of the internals and did some work on the fixings to turn it into a full metal solid powerhouse. And it served me really well! For a first gun though, I think the G&G is the better option for 3 reasons: They're tried and tested and don't really require any maintenance, they're the best value-for-money, and they hold their value fairly well. But the number of people there are trying to sell their two tone guns after they've got their UKARA, it's mad. Apart from weapons though, the most I spent on gear was my eye pro and my comms - Bolle Raiders which were about £90, and Motorola T80 Extremes which were £80. Just to think, for that price I could have bought a whole new M4
  7. Starter gun wouldn't usually have a mosfet. That's like saying "I'm looking for something for a first car like a fiesta or clio, preferably with a V8 and a carbon fibre chassis." Airsoft is expensive, make sure you're happy with the game for a few months first with hire guns, or buy a starter gun like a Raider. Then worry about upgrades. Oh and whatever you do, please don't buy a two-tone unless it's something like a good pistol that you can change the slide on later.
  8. +1 on military first. Also, if you know your measurements, keep them handy as there are often charts.
  9. You could stop buying cheap S/M/L stuff and get some surplus clothing that's sized properly. the more you know
  10. Yes I forgot to mention that (I just used a belt I already had which was fine. Of course, as far as airsoft is concerned (and actual PMC/High-Risk CP to en extent too), WAS is going to keep you happy for a very long time (but with a relatively high price tag for airsoft). I used the condor battle belt in conjunction with a plate carrier vest, I found it sat almost perfectly just above my waist, but comfortably below the vest to the point it was essentially just an ergonomic molle extension downwards. I did load it up a bit though, because I used it for dump pouch, 4 pistol mags, utility pouch, med kit and pistol holster. On my vest I had 8 midcaps, 2 flashbangs and a utility/map pouch. So yeah, that was while I was pretty loaded to the nines, just short of milsim standard. (I always had the problem of my vest sagging forward with all the weight to the front and nothing to the back. don't know what solutions you might have to that. I never got round to setting up a hydration bladder for shifting the CG a couple of kilos back.
  11. Try condor battle belt gen II. It's a little bigger than you were looking at, but to be honest, if you want 2 rows of MOLLE, you're going to need the space above and below that.
  12. Have you tried electrical tape on the tube? I had a fairly inexpensive stock on my M4 that kept wobbling. A few layers of tape in strategic places to "widen" the tube and it was solid as a rock.
  13. For the most part, it's no different to a real firearm: Good weapon maintenance, and high quality ammunition. Once you've got that out of the way, the main component that controls range is your hop system. A good hop rubber - TM especially - will give you a small boost to range. Get those things out of the way first before you start looking into things like cylinder upgrades, tightbore barrels and the like.
  14. Loads of posts on this. But most of them will be for the BAR-10 or VSR. You've picked an oddball with the Well.
  15. I used those Mechanix MPact ones too - they were much better.