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  1. Question: If you were to leave a Sig P226 somewhere in the house and forget where it was, where might it be?



  2. Hi Markus, I never received any more info from you, just letting you know this is no longer available. Hope you find a radio set suitable in the future
  3. I got mine reglazed on a different prescription at no charge. I don't know if it'll cover if it breaks, you may have to buy an insurance policy for that. Of course, when you do go in, they'll try the upsell on you for options extras, that's where they make their money from the free reglazing. The "and since you're getting new lenses, why not try these special anti-glare etc. etc"
  4. Yeah it looks like something worth just dropping off at a tech to do.
  5. Awesome! Now you just need to get the RIS and bipod/foregrip for it.
  6. I suppose I just like the idea of their “lifetime service” - any time you need new lenses, it’s all included in the original price even if it’s 20 years down the road. I didn’t see how much you were paying to send yours away..
  7. £190 to put in lenses on Bolle Raiders?! Bolle designed the inserts to be a standard frame shape, there’s no fancy cutting or anything needed. Find a local vision express, they’ll probably have the lenses already in stock. Your probably looking at £40 for them to fit the lenses, plus an extra £20 or so if you want things like anti scratch (not really necessary since they’re behind ballistic lenses), anti glare, etc. And you can change the lenses when your prescription changes, free of charge I believe.
  8. I bought my raiders off amazon, then took them into Vision Express to get the prescription done on them. I think I paid something like £60, for scratch resistant and anti glare. I didn't bother with the insurance though because when you read the fine print, it excludes "action sports". The good thing about going in somewhere local rather than sending them off somewhere, is you can always take them back in if there's an issue. On my first game, I was getting a headache focusing on my front sight with them, I was able to take them back in straight after and they switched the lenses for a slightly weaker prescription there and then. I rang a Bolle retailer up the road from me first, they quoted about £200 or something ridiculous for the inserts.
  9. You know you could have just bought varifocal ballistic eye pro in the first place right?
  10. Does your site permit 500fps DMR? You could always go down the SR25 route and recreate the LM308MWS. The Ares SR25 Carbine will get you a good start and has the full length rail too.
  11. Been reading more into it - here's what I have concluded: Level IV ballistic protective armour, or any ballistic protection designed for military usage, is illegal to own in the EU. There is no restriction in UK law on owning ballistic protective armour. The European Communities Act 1972 which was passed in UK Parliament grants EU Law supremacy over UK Law. Level IV protection, along with any protection designed for military usage - whether in active service or not - is illegal to possess in the EU - including the UK, even though this is not UK legislation. The absence of restriction in UK law does not negate the presence of restriction in EU law. By this ruling, it would also be apparent that police in europe are also bound by this legislation, and so are only permitted to wear up to and including Level III+ protection, and may not wear any armour that was designed for military use. Go figure...
  12. I didn't think there were any restrictions on owning body armour in the UK, regardless of NIJ rating. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I haven't seen any laws stopping civvies from owning level 4 plates. As for the Ospreys, they're plentiful, but being phased out as the new Virtus system is put in place, which will also replace the existing helmets too. You can get the MK7 here I've not seen a full set of current issue plates on Ebay though, probably because they're either kept in AF stores, or disposed of if damaged. I imagine this is probably to stop home grown terrorists from trying to reverse engineer them and work out how to penetrate them when they're in current service. Also, since they fit the new Virtus system, there'd be no point in selling used plate sets to surplus stores. If someone is selling them, I'd presume them stolen. Previous issue armour plates can be found all over the place though. Personally, I think it would be much cheaper to use clay perhaps to model one's own mock plates in the shape of the current issue ones, or use training plates.
  13. Milsims wont usually allow two tone (but may allow you to wrap it). Also, you’ll stick out like a sore thumb when you’re trying to be sneaky. If you’re just a run and gun at skirmishes kind of player, then I don’t see why a two tone should be an issue.
  14. Make: Umarex Gun/Model: Walther PPQ Accessories: None Condition: Used FPS: 320 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/Y/Y Price/Payment: £65 Pictures: Attached Walther PPQ by Umarex with original gas mag. You really have to hold this to believe how ergonomic and comfortable the grip is. Bought second hand but I don’t use it enough to justify keeping it. Finish has worn slightly over the ejection port, otherwise in good condition. I’ve stripped, cleaned and oiled it, trigger action is smooth as butter, superb snappy recoil on the alloy slide. £65, buyer pays PayPal fees. VCRA Defence required. I will check UKARA, BAC or Site Membership before posting.
  15. It won't do anything bad to the tracer or the normal ammo - I think (correct me if I'm wrong folks) that the tracer is simply a small strobe light that gives photoluminescent BBs a brief charge of light as they pass through. Now, a 1st year Oxford physics student will probably give you some crap about photons creating electromagnetic curvature or something affecting the magnus effect on your BB, but you can go ahead and punch them in the face. The only downside to doing this is that it's going to be a bit of a PITA to load the mags shot-by-shot (you'll need to do this on low or mid caps) but also pretty cool effect once you do. If you're not that fussy, then get a bowl on some scales, load in 2/3rds normal ammo and 1/3rd tracer ammo and give it a good shake and mix, then pop it in a bag (label it!) and you're good to go with slightly uneven patterns in a high cap.