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  1. Actually we might be forgetting a more fundamental issue with this. If you're under 18, how are you planning on buying your AK in the first place, realistic or two tone?
  2. If I read correct, he's under 18
  3. CAUTION: Using tape to conceal your two-tone can be construed as converting an imitation firearm into a realistic imitation firearm! If I were you, I'd find someone to vinyl wrap it in a bright colour. Once you turn 18, providing you still have a valid defence, you can peel off the wrap to its original colouring.
  4. I'll be happy to snipe for you for £70/game day (+expenses). Spotter can be arranged at extra cost if desired.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to reply with all that! It's not the CM007, that's what I use for the woodland and big open sites like yesterday - managed to get one of the site techs to have a fiddle and bring to 346-348fps consistently. For this, I have an ASG MP5 It's shooting at around 14-16rps at the moment with the SP85 and 11.1V Ideally I'd like to push that up to 20 or just above.
  6. I see what you mean. So reducing spring strength works but only to a point, and after that you actually need stronger springs to act fast enough? So it's more of a gearbox issue than a spring issue now. Are there ways to further upgrade the gearbox to be able to cope with higher voltages? The shop warned that more than an 11.1 could damage it. From what you say, I'm wondering if a 6.23mm barrel and an SP110 would actually at some point be a wise investment if there were a way to strengthen the gearbox to take higher voltages?
  7. Looking for a way to increase the ROF on my CQB AEG, the max distance in site is 15-20m. Currently shooting with an SP85 at 310fps (tightbore, upgraded cylinder, air nozzle and hop unit pushed it from the original 320 up to 365, so I fitted a guarder SP85 which dropped it down to the 310 mark. Still happy to sacrifice more fps - say down to 280 - for an extra boost in ROF. Currently using an 11.1V LiPo, but I would hesitate to use higher voltage batteries for risk of damaging the gearbox. I've read about people cutting down springs, also things to do with gear ratios, but some more advice and info would be appreciated before I do anything up that alley.
  8. Ah I got my first AEG from them last year.
  9. .25. If you're just playing CQB, you can also use .20s, but the difference between them will be negligible. On slightly longer ranges, .25 will give you a better advantage, wouldn't recommend any heavier though on such a low power.
  10. Got a sniper I want looking at, the couple of people I've sent it to haven't been able to work out what's causing the feeding issues. Any really good techs around that you can recommend?
  11. I've got a spare screw. also, a spare comes with the molle adapters too.
  12. Yeah I need my adjustable - I always change it when going between woodland and cqb on skirmishes (my main site has both in the field). i thought about buying some lead shot, bagging it up and taping it to the inside of the buffer tube. love the backwards m203 lol
  13. The Scar-L will be easier to find mags and mag pouches for.
  14. Bugger. I ordered the SP100 spring at the same time as the rest of the stuff, so at least I know what spring they put in. Unfortunately, with the tightbore it's still slightly over.
  15. Hey, do you sill need a helmet go pro mount?

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