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  1. Your mate is an idiot but the gun looks cool nonetheless!
  2. Could be the lighting but that VSR looks super shiny. Have you looked at Remingon 700s for inspiration?
  3. Landowners didn't want airsoft being played anymore.
  4. Welcome I'm a little south of you near Bedford. Shame you missed Cottenham - it was a RIFT site that closed recently. Great place to play.
  5. Black SWAT Helmet is, Green MICH2002 isn't.
  6. Trouble with contacts for airsoft is they're a nightmare if you get a bit of dirt in your eye, or one falls out. It's a matter of trying to painfully feel your way back to the safe zone before you can remove your eye pro and try to fiddle. Plus, airsoft sites aren't renowned for having nice clean bathrooms with shiny mirrors so you can see what you're doing in a sanitary environment!
  7. I already know the 737NG aircraft systems and procedures well, the hours I'll have logged up flying that type will be perfect in case I want to go on to do civil aviation 15-20 years down the line. Definitely not interested in WSO or anything like that - I want to fly, always have. Flying the P8 would be perfect for me and what I love about flying - breaking through the clouds, sitting on top of the world for hours. I used to live abroad and I'd spend so long flying back and forth, but the feeling never gets old. I still get the same rush every takeoff that I did when I was 5. What's the dunker? Doesn't sound very fun... My main concern is the medical - I was told I should have 20/15 or better, which I don't. But at the same time, I know Tornado pilots who wear corrective lenses, so I'm a little unsure as to what the actual requirements are. I can drive without any correction, and I scored maximum on my CBATs for pilot, but now it's outsourced to Capita, I don't know if it'll just be a pen pushing YES/NO jobsworth I'm up against.
  8. These are what I use - Bolle too. They come with prescription inserts that fit between the outer frame and a vented inner frame to maintain airflow (I had a couple of fogging issues so I cut out some extra gaps which sorted it), plus a choice of smoke, hi contrast or clear ballistic lenses. Honestly, for airsoft, I really haven't seen a better option out there if you want to be able to take prescription lenses onto the field.
  9. I'd be perfectly happy with 1 decent primary, and one cheap spare just in case something goes dodgy.
  10. Vision Express did my airsoft ballistic glasses for me to my prescription for £55. I'm sure you could do something similar.
  11. £500 for a starter gun?!
  12. Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): Yes Any other comments: Great communication, polite to deal with with, very understanding after UPS didn't collect the parcel and package arrived late. A pleasure to do business with, I hope we cross paths again the future
  13. Well I've been having a nightmare with them. Paid for express delivery that should have been delivered today by 12, it was never picked up from the "access point" - seems the driver just chose not to take it - and their customer service is shite. "Resolutions team" apparently chose not to take my call (no reason given), and that I would hear back from them, but surprise surprise, not a peep. Still no tracking update since yesterday. UPDATE - just had a call from them, playing silly buggers with me like I'm some kind of idiot. Refusing to acknowledge responsibility, refusing to even provide me with a receipt or invoice! Quoting some company policy that supposedly is their get out of jail free card (not on my watch!).
  14. What have other people's experiences been with UPS for receiving or sending airsoft stuff?
  15. Would be great to talk to you some more about your experiences - one major thing that I was hoping to be able to train for is that because I'm going in as an officer, and as you say there's a high wash out rate for aircrew, being the one person in the group who can stand out and support and pull the rest of the group along in the hard exercises in training is going to go down well on my reputation, which will hopefully make up for my lack of leadership opportunities and volunteering outside of the armed forces. I still have 6 months until I'm in on the full training regime, so I want to try and get myself as well prepared as possible. Interesting that you talk about the SERE B course (the pilot I've spoken to for some extra info when I was first researching the role about 8 months ago didn't talk about the levels of SERE training - only info I've had about that is from AFCO contact. But they did say they had an additional water survival course (He was a retired Nimrod pilot, now working for BA. If things are similar I think I might be in for something similar since I'm trying to go for P8-A crew)).