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  1. Sorry I didn’t answer the questions you posed. Wife’s out and kids are suddenly decided they’ve got a million questions. ive got a 7.4v at the moment as that’s what I got because the Krytac sticker said not to use 11.1v. I’ll plan to go to that but just gradually putting it together. could be the mag they are cheap mid caps so I will load up the Krytac hi cap and wind it right up first. I just remember reading somewhere regarding the nozzle length
  2. Cheers I’ll check this out. The gears feel nice and spin up well when everything is out, but could be that I need to tidy up the spur gear from the grinding, and will check my bevel again. i think I can check amps in the Titan software? Or put my multimeter in line set on dc current? to be honest I wanted the bells and whistles, so I brought the Titan and it wasn’t until last weekend when I’d got the grinding done and put it in. When following instructions to checking sensors I realised they want another £30 for those bells and whistles. So I feel proper ripped off by them. But now I’m down that road I have to follow it to the end... i am happy though to have the short trigger pull. And will eventually “upgrade” to get the precocking.
  3. Holla Ballers, hope everyone one is doing well? i just finished my work on the Krytac and just wanna check a couple of things before I move to the next step. so after much grinding I’ve got the SHS 13:1 gearset and Titan mosfet in my Krytac. Coupling this with an M120 and short stroking. And it’s rapid! (Feels that way to me). anyway stock 20k Motor gets super hot after around 50 shots and will soon lockup. Let it cool and it’s good again. So before my next game day just wanna check it’s just down to the stock motor, putting in an shs high torque will sort this? the gearbox is nice and smooth so I’m sure it’s just the motors not up to the job? I was hoping to get a game out of it as I have to stage my purchases so the finance manager of the house doesn’t complain! also it misfeeds every 3rd shot or so (even in semi). I have read something about the SHS nozzles being longer? Is this confirmed? I just need to seemed some down and tidy it up? i only play semi so mostly building this for trigger response. cheers rich
  4. Hi John, welcome to the forum. have you looked at battlestations activities? It’s more out toward Norwich way though, being at snetterton race track. Cheers rich
  5. I have a cap mount made for the GoPro similar to brainexploders I’ll send a pic on Friday when I’m back from travelling. i am happy to make them for people who need it, my only downside is I only have bright orange PLA So you’ll need to paint it.
  6. Your new? electric every time... i give the following reasons; - entry price (cheaper to get started on for the gun as well as mags) - reliability (no worries depending on weather, it’ll just work) - maintenance (less required from skirmish to skirmish) - power source (you just charge all your batteries up and go, no additional consumables purchase etc) its an an easy decision in my opinion for new players...
  7. Nah I’m just messing. I read his post about saving electricity feeling good and instantly thought of that. im not bothered either way. I don’t have the experience of bio bbs to comment. But if there is agreement they won’t good, I’m happy to use them...
  8. I think the Marius look a little out of place in your list if I’m honest! I mean all guns are £130 and under at least and your Marius are both £215+ (depending where you shop?). i don’t have sniper experience, but price and brand name suggests it’s the best choice on the list. And again I’ve heard the same, that snipers all need a ton of upgrades. so presumably the best bet is to grab a cheap gun with a view it’ll be upgraded. what about a JG Bar 10 (sits in line with prices in your list). or go cheaper with the Well MB03. I’ve heard good things about that as an upgrade platform. Coming it at around £60 compared to the bulk of your list that allows some £60-£80 to upgrade right away, or comparing with the Marius that’ll put you £170 available for upgrades!
  9. Hi Gasman, and welcome to the forum. Regarding your post, paragraphing would be nice and it is off putting to read such a wall of text! Its a shame to find any store, or community member ripping off new players. As there’s no quicker exit to a hobby than spending a ton of money, getting shafted, then backing out cutting your losses. I would always emplore people buying kit, where possible, if there are problems take it straight back and don’t touch it. Shops will always try the get outs especially if they are passing on dodgy equipment. The only expception to the rule of course if you got it at a steal of a price, and regardless of any false advertisement doing it up would still be a steal. It seems you have appropriate skills and knowledge to make the best of this bad situation which is luckier than some. So good luck hopefully you end up with a decent weapon and aren’t too out of pocket. I’ll bear that store in mind when I’m eying up future purchases! Cheers Rich
  10. Hi mate, Very jealous, i actually had the cash for a gate a while ago, but brought some other kit like pouches and battle belt etc which tbh i didnt need. With the thinking why upgrade my new gun so early. But im regretting it! Anyway regarding your problem, if it was shooting above 25ft before strip down? Presumably you didnt disturb/touch the barrel/bucking/hop up assembly to install a gate? So shouldnt be the problem, maybe somethings not quite right with compression components, rolled/pinched seal/o-ring perhaps? Or the nozzle to hop up interaction isnt right after reassembly? Im not a super tech like some on here, but i have had a similar thing to you when i had fitted a replacement busking which was way too tight between barrel and hop, even with plenty of lube...
  11. great, thanks for that so far. I'll update my original post to create a list and some useful information on skirmish sites offering midweek action :-)
  12. Afternoon Lads! So i am posting here and hoping i get a plethora of replies!? So i travel for work, generally, and am looking to build myself a list of sites which run indoor midweek CQB. Like Bravo 1 in Birmingham (wednesdays) and Bristol Airsoft. So far thats all i got. So anymore to add to my list and a i can gauge on a weekly basis if its work sticking my gear in the truck :-) Cheers Rich Site List/Info: BRAVO One Address: BIRMINGHAM - Bravo One, 93-99 Holloway Head, Birmingham, B1 1QP Website: Midweek Game Nights: Wednesday: 6:30pm-10:30pm Additional Information: BRISTOL AIRSOFT Address: BRISTOL - The Old Crown Courts, Bristol BS1 2HQ Website: Midweek Game Nights: Tuesday - Friday: 6pm-11pm Additional Information: Car Parking available at NCP Multi-Story across the street. STRIKE FORCE CQB Address: GLOUCESTER - 39 Morelands Trading Estate, Gloucester GL1 5RZ Website: (Booking Made @ Midweek Game Nights: Tuesday 18:00 - 22:00 (Gas & Spring Only) Thursday 18:00 - 22:00 Additional Information: THE MALL Address: READING - 30 Garrard St, Reading RG1 Website: Midweek Game Nights: Thursday Additional Information: UCAP BUNKER Address: PORTSMOUTH - James Callaghan Dr, Portsmouth PO17 6AR Website: Midweek Game Nights: Wednesday: 7pm-10pm Additional Information:
  13. I was going to write something about Krytacs in a new thread but maybe ill jump on this as may also help the OP. I have some SHS 13:1 gears laying about and was gonna put them in my CRB, but read the gear needs modification. Cant find a guide, whats involved? Dremel down the shaft a bit or..?
  14. Also I can’t see gears on Eagle6 where can I get some faster gears? I searched Ebay and it returned some but can’t see if they are high speed or just replacements?