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  1. Hi @Unknown_Ghost welcome to the forum. Out of curiosity where was your first game at/where are you local to? as has been mentioned protection is key, don’t scrimp on cheapo copies get the real stuff that’s both comfortable and you can put your trust in to keep you safe. cheers rich
  2. Yeah so 38” is measured with the tape measure and I’m happy that given my inside leg is be after the 80-96-112. but is that how they actually come up? @smoorenator do you have some? What is your commercial trouser size? And what NATO size did you buy? How do they fit? cheers rich
  3. Yeah I had that down enough, but it’s wether I go by converting my trouser size to cm and get those or actually measure my waist...
  4. Morning Guys, I’ve been googling around and getting mixed results. Basically after some size advice. I’ve read there is no “vanity sizing” so it’s actual measurements. So for the trousers I wear a 34” Regular for all my trousers (got down from a 36” last year losing 2 stone!). Now that size is suitable for anything I buy in the shops. I recently got a new suit and again that was my size when I was measured up in store. my waist actually measures 38” where I button up. So do I need 80-96-112 or go nearer my shop trouser size 80-88-104? I think UBACS I’m ok with working out... Cheers Rich
  5. I have just got my camera setup ready to take to the field. My wife got my a GoPro 5 Sessions for Christmas and I subsequently ordered a Couple of Firefly Q6 cameras for a PEQ box setup like brainexploder. Fortunately I own a pretty decent 3D printer so have made some very similar cap mounts and lens protectors. Just have the PEQ box to do now. Also just got my Lexan sheet to cut the protective lenses with on my Laser cutter. so now I’m all set. As you said these things are expensive and before I go near a field with them I’m going to ensure they are fully protected!
  6. Hello All, Id just like to update on the "issue", due to the many threads i saw which never came to a conclusion! So for anybody in future searching this up... Basically it did come down to the gas! Its hard to believe it makes such a difference. But for future reference here is what i have found thus far; - Firstly i had the ASG gas my local field supplies. This was brought around October and i never had success with it, in the milder weather in October through to the colder weather. - I purchased some Nurpol RED gas as i found this to be the lower temperature gas. This operates the gun flawlessly, and is even able to fully operate the slide with no issues when using the TM magazine! I had read that to get enough power through the valve you'd have to cut down come of the posts to increase flow. At present no mods are necessary. - I purchased the Madbull propane adaptor, which i have fitted to a brand new Colemans propane bottle which has also operated the gun with no issues. This again also includes operation when using the TM magazine. So when i am at my local field in summer time when conditions may be optimal for the ASG gas im going to get a bottle and do some science. Until then thats all i have. I have also purchased a CM.030, so im 50-50 on wether ill keep the WE G18 as i need to buy more stuff and the wife doesnt like my purchasing habits... But we will see Happy airsofting! Cheers Rich
  7. Hi Smoorenator, Theres a good CQB site near snetterton i have been to, called Battle Stations Activities. Dont be put off if you go to book sunday walk on / rental online and it seems hardly anybody has booked up! As most players tend to just turn up and dont pre-book so theres always plenty of people there for the site (small site). I live in Haverhill and am probably looking to go weekend after next (21/01). Cheers Rich
  8. Black wife airsoft
  9. Apologies Nurpol Black stuck in my head, even though you was saying Guarder. Ill give that one a go then and report back. Typical if thats the cause though i go stripping stuff down and its fine! Thanks for your time today much appreciated
  10. Ok in that case the next gas I’ll pickup to try will be nuprol Black. dryfire was indoors at room temp, felt like it could just keep going! Where as with bbs always sounds like it’s about to give up! my aim will be eventually to use propane when I get using it more regular as I’ve got 3 big bottles in the garage and a couple of refillable ones will just need an adaptor. Of course baby steps but should propane be ok for this gun or will it struggle like on the Asg?
  11. Sorry still the Unltrair (ASG) thats all i have at the moment
  12. Scratch that! My gas can is basically out now, so ive loaded mags up to store them gassed and can no longer test until some more comes in the post. But i loaded the WE mag with 7 bb's and i made it through 5. So only an issue when im shooting BB's. Also when i was dry firing there wasnt so much gas waste (less cold splashing on my hand) than when i had bb's. Ive got the hop completely removed, to make sure. faulty/swollen bucking restricting bb movement so requires more gas to shoot? I also only got about 220 on the chrono the weekend and it was nearer 300 first time i took it out, so maybe again hop restriction? Cheers Rich
  13. Just checked TM mag its fine 10+ shots and stopped. Still the odd 2-2 shot burst. Maybe i should get a new trigger assembly to be safe, there must have been something iffy there??
  14. strangely enough, i have just blasted maybe 20 shots out of the we mag and the unbranded mag! Its the most ive had. I just dismantled the trigger assembly because i noticed the hammer wasnt retracting fully when i was manually operating the switches as i could see the slide would operate them. Then when i had it apart i realised the silver lever is like a hammer reset as thats the last that operates by the slide and knocks the hammer all the way home. So i messed around with it more couldnt find any fault. Then refitted it to the gun. I forgot to bolt it down as i was messing about then put a mag in and my slide kicked up when it was back and jammed. I release it, no damage (thankfully). Bolted the hammer assembly back in, put in the WE mag and got to 20 shots and stopped counting. Took mag out and refilled. I then put the unbranded one in and fine, got to maybe 15 shots and stopped and refilled. Im low on gas so dont want to leave mags without gas until i can grab some more. now the only issues it seems; I put the TM mag in and it cycled once but didnt reset the trigger, tried again and the slide stopped partway on return (after slide lock) so i removed it to update here. On both WE and Unbranded mags it occasionally did 3 shot (give or take burst). This actually is the first time ive dry fired it since starting fault finding, so i dont know if thats more or less efficient than having bb's in like i have done so far? Cheers Rich
  15. Hi RDB, I'm near Cambridge. I do travel for work, however business is always slow near xmas so if anybody is offering to give it a look I may be in their neck of the woods sometime, or can plan it in. i am using the ultrair which I got from my local field. Some people who have looked at the gun have charged in some nuprol red and black at times had a shot and said all seems ok and blamed something like cold or mag comparability. But I see on YouTube people with stock guns shooting at least half a mag in cold weather lol, I can just make 6 shots or so! I’m testing since Monday in my house which is 18-20 degrees shooting into a box I made to fit a chrono onto when I get one.. whats weird is I had the problem when I only had a WE mag. My buddy also had similar faults with his various pistols. So he jumped ship and went aep. Now I didn’t look into his at all because of course I have an invested interest in mine so I don’t know if he had exact same issues. But was just putting it down to newbieness and wanted rid after last weekend. before the weekend is when I brought my extra 2 mags as I went balls deep and thought I’ll get them as maybe it’s the mag or something. So it’s only last Sunday I knew it’s doing it on all mags. And actually only after I listed it I started stripping it and messing around. The gun was indeed second hand, it has very little use and actually if I’m honest when I picked it up it was actually fine I’m sure I tested a whole mag on pickup and since I messed around at home with a few mags no problem. I just remember when I got to my first game went to the chrono took 2 shots he said it’s fine and then puff no gas. And I guess sometime around then or before then it started. The gun was like new when I got it clearly hadn’t had much use. He said he used it a couple of times but had other guns so was just moving some stuff on which seemed genuine and you could see it was in good nick. and lastly everything looks fine inside just the compression as I mentioned. I’ve watched several strip down and assembly videos and I can’t see anything which looks broken or damaged on my gun.. urm.. help! Lol.