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  1. I have an asg AUG a3 I may be willing to part with
  2. Bump I still have it, looking for possibly an mp7 or mp9
  3. You sort out some designs for what you want to make? i just cut a few different designs. I'll post em up on here later on for you to see
  4. Just seen the facebook post from the unit members. Looks like he's made a lot of money from this. Plenty of people scammed and using a charity as a front to make money is a low way to do it 😐
  5. Cant beat a craft robo, they are perfect for loads of small projects, easy to use and reliable. Cheap as chips. I made my money back in the first week of having one by selling ps and Xbox controller stickers. Daughter now has it in her room where she uses it to make stickers and other stuff, she's 8 😂
  6. Haha I'm an electrician...with many other trades on the side. Dunno how I got into this tho, always had a soft spot for graphic design and messing around with photoshop. Gotta keep the pennies rolling in
  7. Also I would buy some decent software to convert your stuff to vectors. The websites that offer it free by uploading an image are junk - learn photoshop or a free design/editing program. I use illustrator a lot for my stencils so would see if u can get a hold of it. I know adobe now do monthly subscriptions for their stuff so u don't have to lay down £5k for the master suite anymore but pay a monthly fee so u could knock a load up in a month, convert the files for the cutter then cancel it. Or you could learn to use Inkscape as it's free. Roland is a good make I have one I bought as a backup. If you need any help just give me a shout
  8. I use a graphtec CE6000 so not your cheap Chinese cutter you find on fleabay. If your looking to get a cutter avoid the cheap brands, maybe start with a craftrobo or silhouette cameo. They are small but will do for starting out and are decent bits of kit. The cheap crap to avoid are: liyu, ukcutter, redsail or anything with MH or EH in the title. They are total junk - not very friendly with a USB connection, the USB/serial boards always blow, they rarely have support for windows 10, connecting them up for your computer to detect them is a nightmare, any sort of static while cutting sends the cutter to go ape shit all over your vinyl with random cuts...I could go on. This is from experience when I first started, 2 years warranty with them and I binned them after months of use as customer service is none existent. If it doesn't connect for some reason they make an appointment with you to remotely connect to your pc to try solve a hardware issue which they can't see...this appointment could be days in advance and is in their working hours so if you work mon-fri then your screwed, then they forget about your appointment. I'm not trying to put you off but it's the same principle as most things, buy cheap - buy twice. That's why I recommend a desktop unit like the craftrobo or silhouette cameo - I make signage, wall art etc so I need a large cutter where you wouldn't need to buy something like mine
  9. I can make these, been doing them for a while using vinyls or on Mylar as reusable stencils. Used a vinyl one for my AUG A3 https://imgur.com/gallery/jvc4G The reusable Ines don't need to be laser cut, you can also use vinyl cutters with a sticky mat under them 😉
  10. I requested a quote from stitch me up for a team patch, sent off the design (Rez evil style) and within 5 minutes I had a digitised patch mock up sent to me with a quote. No bulk buy either just a quote of £8 each and £2.50 delivery. Just I. Process of sorting out a couple more members then will buy enough for the team. Was also told that the file I sent off did not need any rework (apart from changing the font as original was a stencil style that wouldn't stitch very well) They say sometimes peoples images require a few hours of rework before they can digitize it so if you can, make a good quality logo and they can work from it straight away and can also send you a mockup of what it looks like.
  11. Where about are you?
  12. You could spend £150 on fleabay for one and get decent parts made, that's if u have time to build it. I 3D printed a fair few upgraded parts for mine.
  13. Oh and a scorpion evo from patrol base should turn up tomorrow
  14. Buffer tube and stock for a baby m4 also UV leds and other bits to make a HUTU ...just need some tracer rounds next
  15. If your still looking drop me a pm