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  1. Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): yes Any other comments: Bought an ex 2 tone g3, for spares and repairs. Good comms, fast turn around. Like this
  2. When did the ukara site, change to this current version with the yellow "it's bolloxed" disclaimer at the bottom?
  3. Still £10 more than they deserve for "Handling" the delivery.
  4. I see over on zero in forum, there are a couple of pictures of the ruins. Not much of anything left.
  5. here you go, now you can have a rough check. It looks like a toy gun from of the Sunday market stalls that might hit 40fps on a good day.
  6. Make: German/Bundeswehr Item: Canteen/Waterbottle/Messkit Pouch for BW LKS Webbing Desired Condition: good or better Swaps/Part Exchange: Budget: no more than £15 depending on condition I'm looking for at least one modern (Cold War period) German Military Canteen/messkit pouch. These used to one of the standard pouches that came with Surplus German Webbing (LKS) sets, usually along with the spade pouch, large pouch and sometimes G3 mag pouches. The plastic webbing attachment clip needs to be in working order and the pouch itself needs to not be totally shabby.
  7. i'll see your TM manual and raise you a JG manual and parts diagram. still no sign of this rogue screw, unless it's the pin that holds the folding stock on (not shown on diagram).
  8. I wouldn't use maintenance gas to fire more than a BB's before dumping the rest of it out and putting something with a bit more oomph back in, Abbey green and red gas are piss weak when compared to the equivalent coloured Nuprol gases. i just use maintenance gas to gas the mags in storage so the seals dont dry out and leak. Abbey green is the equivalent to the old duster gas cans from days of old (i started airsofting back at the turn of the last century), Abbey red is equivalent to Nuprol green. If you have a totally plastic gun like a TM then Nuprol green should be ok, but any more powerful and you risk it breaking the slide.
  9. I dont if you were looking for a more local solution to you rather than deal with couriers/posting your guns. I've used ghosttec to downgrade a couple of my aegs and he did a good job.
  10. well there is the whole pronunciation issue to cover too, is it pronounced "NewB", or "Kno_ob". Must be a context issue.
  11. taking the N word back....
  12. And a male deans in the gun, don't forget that one.
  13. Assuming that they actually checked your number, they may ask for it but it doesn't mean they check it's valid.
  14. perhaps he got in via the security loop-hole that gives you access to all the data. next time you get in, try "drop table all; commit"
  15. What's your budget, new ones are still available if you've about £370 spare.