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  1. Classic army do a metal body, but be prepared to fettle, file and redrill the pin holes in the castings to get a good fit.
  2. You might try paint markers instead of paint & brush, something like these The paint markers will rub off unless sealed in with a bit of varnish. Was the pistol a glossy/semi glossy surface by any chance? It might have needed keying/priming so the paint could stick in the ruts.
  3. hmm, i'd buy nothing with no budget! But an unlimited budget on the other hand, well that's a different can of ammo.....
  4. Is no one one going to mention the potential elephant in the room of 390fps AEG?
  5. 6volts probably wont spin the gearbox up, need atleast a 7.2v battery with at least 1200mah if not more. get a beefier battery on it before taking it apart.
  6. . Never mind answered my own original question
  7. Looks like it might be a tad complicated to service. What's the betting it shoots the internal bits everywhere the first time you open it up.
  8. indeed that's what smiley faces are for.... perhaps the mod was using artistic or poetic license.
  9. a UKARA number is a license is it???? and there was me thinking it was just a registration number for an entry in a database that just confirms that the defence i'm declaring is backed up by a site to a shop that I do/have actually play(ed) airsoft.
  10. Well the only way this thread will ever end is to throw the shop and parents under the bus and let the law courts decide by reporting it. At least there will be a court case on the books to inform us to the current legal interpretation of the law.
  11. and if you can get someone to redesign it for free, jeez i'd want paying at least £10 an hour to do it and the broken part to work from Of course there's the cost of 3d printing it to be considered, there's the setup fee to pay, the volume of material used price, post and packing, say at least twice because it's not going to right the first time. just buy a spare from a dealer, or a new mag it'll still be cheaper than doing a 3d design and print.
  12. Ion cannon from orbit, but ìt takes a while to charge.
  13. well that all depends if are you buying the bb's by weight including the packaging (gross), minus the packaging (net) or are you buying a set number bb's in a bag so for your bag weight of 980g, there should be 4900 bb's if they are spot on. so if you were buying a 1kg bag you were jipped 20g's if they said it was a net weight of 1kg, or 100b's if you were buying 5000. so for your 980g sample, if all of your bb's were .21g you'd only be getting 4666, or if they were .19g you'd be getting 5187bb's but that's not realistic that all the bb's are an exact weight, the spread of bb's will be in the .20g plus or minus something like .005g perhaps, so the exact number will vary by stated weight.
  14. You might want to post the dimensions of the case. It doesn't look like it will take a full length rifle from the pic's, a carbine yes, rifle no.
  15. You'll need a good set of digital scales that can handle the resolution down to fractions of a gramme, and can also do the weight per piece/count read out. ie a set of "dealer" scales. I've got a set that will do 500g max, with resolution down to 0.1g and a tiny set that will do 50g max at 0.01g, and no I used them for counting beads and chainmail rings. I did weigh a re-bagged 500bb packet of .36g bb's I got off ebay, being sold as Geoff's bb's, and that bags sampling of bb's and an overall count was spot on.