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  1. They are all size Large, I must have deleted the size during an edit.
  2. I've got 2 Classic Army G36's, a C and a full length. I found the CA polymer bodies to be the nicest, when compared to JG, Star/Ares and TM. I don't know about the ICS. I've not managed to find a stanag adaptor that works properly, if that's essential, I'd try and get your hands on an ICS. Although I don't have an ICS G36, I've got a lot of their other stuff and it's always been good (except their really old MP5's, they sucked!).
  3. KWA M9 PTP are very good. I've had a TM (never liked the plastic feel myself), been using the KWA since it was released. It performs better than the TM I had long ago, in anything other than freezing conditions. Although metal, the slide is very light, hop up is very good and will run on green gas with no problems. KWA also do 3 sizes of mags for the M9, something like, 24, 35 and 49. They make a regular (M9/92F) and a railed one (M9A1), liked my first one so much, I bought the railed too .
  4. Yes, I have 3 left. Sold items removed (ICE pouch, Blackwater drop leg panel).
  5. Blackwater Multicam dropleg panel sold.
  6. Just short stroke, it's not difficult (15 minutes with a dremel?), you'll get better trigger response and it'll greatly reduce the chance of premature engagement, especially with the faster gears. If you've spent all that money and time already, just buy an M100/110 for a few quid.
  7. That link is to the mobile FB site. Here's the one for desktop, or if you prefer Twitter,
  8. That looks great. Does anyone happen to know what fore grip that is, also?
  9. Now £260 posted and paypalled.
  10. The blowback parts (cocking handle going back and forth) are not necessary. I disconnected them on my L85 (and other EBB guns), and I'd recommend anyone else to do the same. My main concern would be making sure nothing fell into the gearbox itself, the lower half with the gears in, especially. At this stage, you may as well find a video on youtube and open up the lower gearbox to investigate. Take pictures so you can see where everything goes before disassembly. The worst part of working on a gearbox is the main spring, in particular when closing the gearbox. You can avoid this though as your gearbox splits into two parts.
  11. I've never had anyone ask me to do this, and I've certainly never had to ask it of someone. Echoing the above, I'd avoid this, something is surely wrong. In the event of a claim, you'd presumably have to open 7 disputes?! No chance.
  12. They're for attaching a groin protector, such as this one link