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  1. Damn, well I've never seen something like that before. That paintball must've been frozen or something, but I agree with you. I think it's also got something to do with the public awareness surrounding paintball, and the lack of awareness surrounding airsoft. They can mess around with airsoft all they like, but if paintball were banned, it'd be all over the news, and people would be upset. Then again, the health and safety parade are trying to "encourage children to header the ball less" in football because players who've headed the ball a lot have brain damage nowadays so god knows what will come next. No more running because it causes bad knees in old age? No more standing around? Reminds me of George Carlin.
  2. Any offers?
  3. Also you've got the fact that they're going on the whole "lethality" basis, and that- in their eyes requires the projectile to have a chance of penetrating skin. A big paintball ( Pressure = Force / Area ) that is liquid filled and gelatin (I think) cased has a very low chance of penetrating skin compared to a solid 6mm BB. However they fail to see that even at 500 FPS, in most instances you'll only get a welt because of how quickly the BB loses energy as it flies, and how the faster it goes, the more resistive forces act against it; hence losing more kinetic energy in a shorter period of time.
  4. Make: G&G preferably Gun/Model: AK47 (specifically AK47, no AKMs or 74s etc) metal and wood Desired Condition: New/Like new or used but upgraded Desired FPS: Under 370 Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No Budget: £220, unless reason given e.g. heavily upgraded If anyone has a G&G AK47 Real Wood ( the one that sells for £289 on Zero One ) I am looking to buy. Ak purist here, so please don't make offers if your gun is an AKM/AK74 or other variants, as I'm looking for an original 47 replica. I am open to other brands, so long as the gun is full wood and metal. Thanks in advance.
  5. Yeah this has always peeved me off. Why do they spend money, time and resources banning toys? Surely there are more profit-making noble things the HO/gvmnt could do? Is it really the case that people in this country are so gun-phobic ( for want of the real word ), that they'll ban anything that looks like a real gun? "Oh, I know what will really lower gun crime: banning toys that can't be converted into guns, but look like them, so the general public think we're doing something" The worst part is that people have been shooting each other at over 370 fps in full auto over the pond for years now. What, is it just that our friends in America won't die of getting shot by a 380 fps RIF with .2s and we can, hence the lethal limit criteria? What's their secret? CBS? Burgers? Metallica?
  6. PM me with images and details
  7. Hi, this still available?
  8. Any offers?
  9. I mean that's what I've heard from most, but I have a WE MSK and it runs great. I also have a vfc hk417 gbbr which is also meant to be a wall mounter, but it runs great regardless, although I do have the heavier buffer in it. I don't know, maybe I'm just lucky, but thanks for the advice, I've been looking at reviews of the WE AK PMC and GHK AKM, and there's no competition, the GHK blows it out of the water.
  10. Do you know anywhere I can get ghk or We ak mags for cheap? Or do you recommend I open a WTB for that?
  11. Thanks for that, good website if I need any mags in the future, It's funny I'd never heard of them before, but I'd still prefer UK
  12. Make: Preferably GHK, not necessarily though Gun/Model: AK47 or 74M variants, but again, open to other suggestions Desired Condition: New/ Like New Desired FPS: Anything above 320 Swaps/Part Exchange: I can exchange a combat machine gr15 raider-L, and some cash with it Budget: Up to £350 If you can't offer me any, then please point me in the right direction for a GBBR AK in the UK (not abroad, as wood stocks and steel make for expensive shipping). I know milspec solutions does some, but they're almost always out of stock, and only have a single mag to go with them. I have no preference between wood furniture and tactical looks. Thanks in advance
  13. How about now? Is it still on offer? And is this the longer barrel version?