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  1. Are these the ones that Chris @GearTech sells? His ones look very cool (especially painted) and he's got videos he's made of then taking 500fps hits. I personally wouldn't own one though as it'd feel a bit... Claustrophobic for me I think. Plus as a glasses wearer I'd struggle with it.
  2. I'll second that. She made all my ghostbuster patches and the quality is spot on
  3. Make: WE Gun/Model: XDM Compact 3.8 Accessories: Two magazines. One IMI holster. Condition: Quite used. Faulty Trigger FPS: 280 approx - gas dependant Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No Price/Payment: £35 collected. £40 posted. This WE XDM Compact is such a lovely little thing.... Feels beautiful in the hand and fires with a great strong, metallic click... When it works! This thing is more temperamental than Herbi the love bug! When I got this pistol from spaz the only problem with it was that it was a bit tatty and would occasionally fire in full auto. Sometimes it worked for a whole day just fine. Then others would be like a little machine pistol! However, now the trigger mechanism has seemingly disconnected itself, so there's nothing going on when the trigger is pulled. Except for the little "loaded round" pin will still deactivate. I'd have a go at sorting this, but the slide now refuses to come off. So, for £40, you could get yourself a cheap project pistol, or get yourself a couple of spare mags, a (admittedly very stiff) retention holster and a dead pistol to pillage for replacement parts if you already own an XDM Compact. The gun can be collected from my address in Theale (RG7 Postcode), or I can deliver to The Mall, Red Alert Newbury, or Eversley. Or posted for an extra £5. Valid defence must be supplied and will be checked. Before collection/delivery
  4. Make: ASG Gun/Model: SP-01 Shadow Accessories: Box. Manual. Sample BBs. One mag Condition: very good - scuffed paint on slide FPS: 300 approx. Gas dependant. Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No / Swaps for TM Pistols / No Price/Payment: £70 collected from Reading £75 posted Pictures: Lots - see below! Had this since the beginning of the year (March I think?). But another baby due in November means it's got to go. Money needed and airsoft going on hiatus for 6 months. Having said that, I'd consider swaps for TM Pistols... This is a fantastic pistol, with the first thing you notice being the weight. It's heavy - but balanced. The entire thing is metal and built to a standard where I think I could destroy a car with it, mallet style! The thick rubber grips really help to cement your grip on it as well and it feels lovely to hold. The slide is snappy and has a smooth blowback to it, the slide cycling very easily. Accuracy and power are good. On standard green gas it chrono'd around 300. On Nuprol 4.0 (black gas) we had it up to around 315. The main downside is that the paint is quite thin, especially where it's been in and out of a holster near the front of the slide. Internally it's completely standard as it was out the box. It's been cleaned and lubed between games and the magazine has been fed with maintenance gas between games as well. The gun can be collected from my address in Theale (RG7 Postcode), or I can deliver to The Mall, Red Alert Newbury, or Eversley. Or posted for an extra £5. Valid defence must be supplied and will be checked. Before collection/delivery. Enough waffle - have some huge photos:
  5. Have you even looked in the spring classifieds section? https://airsoft-forums.uk/index.php?/forum/109-spring/ It's littered with sniper rifles around your budget. In the first 6 topics alone, four of them are Sniper rifles
  6. Bump! Still here! Make an offer, I can only say no
  7. Make: Guarder Item: Threaded Glock 17 Barrel Condition: Essentially new, but signs of wear Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Consider Swaps for a Pistol Torch Price/Payment: £30 posted I bought this really recently, but it doesn't agree with the split slide design on my Glock at all. It's - in a roundabout sort of way - brand new. It's been fitted and had 30 shots fired with it on. But you can see where it has rubbed on my slide, mostly along the bottom edge, on the right hand side and along the ejection port area. It's good and heavy and a nice sexy Matt finish. These sell on Fire-support for £49 (https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/guarder-steel-threaded-outer-barrel-for-marui-glk-g17-14mm-negative2012-version) Get a bargain for £30 posted! Or swap your pistol torch!
  8. Sorry Gray, I missed this..! The engraving was already done by WE from the factory. I only coloured it in! Hopefully I didn't inspire you to try it yourself!
  9. Tell you what, I know that's not everyone's cup of tea, but that is super cool! I'd use them!
  10. What Prof is asking is whether you've got a flat hop up bucking or a regular one. Using a flat nub on a normal rubber won't give any increase in performance as the existing rubbers own shape inside is still present. You need to have sliced off the existing bump in the rubber or bought a ready made flat rubber. Then your flat nub has a good flat area to press on.
  11. Did you really have to start a new thread..?
  12. I did a thing this evening.. I'd finished making a few modifications to my ghostbusters suit this evening and was sat bored on the sofa.. Sharpie pen in hand, I set about "filling in" the engraved markings on my Glock slide. Came out pretty good, quite happy with it and it killed some time!
  13. Sausage and Egg Mcmuffin meal or you can do one.
  14. Without a doubt the best (easily reversible steps) to take to try and get better range is to up the weight of your Beebs and change your rubber. At least .25s. But try .28s. And replace the hop rubber for a Prometheus Purple. Eagle6 sell the purple rubber for £8.98, so it's cheap enough to be a no-brainer and it's dead easy to change... And even of the gain is small in your rifle, it'll be better than the stock Rubber. https://eagle6.co.uk/shop/catalog/product/view/id/318/s/laylax-prometheus-hop-up-rubber-nub-soft-purple/
  15. I'm really excited by these personally. They've got the same Gearbox and motor that my SA-B12 has, which has just been solid and without any problems. And also the SAEC Spring change (Changed through the buffer tube, no need to remove the gearbox). To have all that in a gun at Combat machine price is going to be great for beginners. It just depends on the quality of the Nylon receiver... If that is crap it doesn't matter what bells and whistles are inside. Specna Arms have told me to ask one of the guys at gunfire for a gun to review, so that'll be good if it comes off! I'll be sure to give A-F.uk the exclusive .
  16. Can't be that good, he's got it for sale in the classifieds
  17. ....now you've got me. We'll have to ask @mintsauce5 as I bought the mask from him
  18. I'll echo what the guys have said above really. I have JT Flex 8 Goggle, retro fitted with two micro fans wired to two AA Batteries in a small switch box. Coupled with Revision Military Anti-fog wipes means that I'm fog free for nearly all of my games. (plus I don't run much - old and fat! ) PLUS I wear glasses underneath too! Wipes: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Revision-Military-Anti-Fog-Cloth/dp/B00PZ59MPO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1504602781&sr=8-1&keywords=revision+anti-fog
  19. She's a beauty mate Like the shade of green on those.
  20. If anyone is looking for a good rifle case, Sealey Tools are selling an aluminium rifle case for £74.95 at the moment.




    Might be worth the extra £20 over the Nuprol plastic case.

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    2. AshOnSnow
    3. Lozart


      @AshOnSnow looks good, but seems incredibly cheap for an aluminium flightcase!

    4. AshOnSnow


      @Lozart it does. And on amazon, people have commented it's not as sturdy as the photo makes out.



  21. Wasn't intended as an an insult, don't be so sensitive... It's your gun, and if you want to change it by stroking a soldering iron along it, then that's cool!
  22. I'll probably have a Guarder Threaded Glock 17 barrel up for sale later.. after waiting for ages for it to arrive from Hong Kong and paying through the nose for customs... It doesn't fit. :rolleyes:

    1. rocketdogbert


      What doesn't it fit bud? I've put several Guarder barrels in WE and TM G17's with no issues

    2. L3wisD


      It's because I've got a split slide G17.


      The original barrel is shaped for the split section of the slide. The guarder is completely round and catches.

      Gas efficiency is out the window with a mag lasting 10 shots.


      Back to the gold barrel unless I change to a regular slide.

    3. rocketdogbert


      Ah, that's a bugger

  23. Honestly Benje, Sitting Duck is kind of our oracle here, he talks a lot of sense a lot of the time. If you're trying to convert your Blue Two-tone into a Realistic Imitation Firearm - you'll save a lot of time and money by buying a decent gun (Probably not the Honey Badger you've got your eye on...) and selling your old two-tone on or keeping it standard as a loaner gun.
  24. Agree with Ash on that one, looks a bit too large - like black grated cheese! Skateboard Griptape is a really good shout actually @AshOnSnow, semi-permanent so you can always go back to original finish easily enough.
  25. I recently bought a reflex sight from Amazon for £15.95 and for the money I can't fault it! Definitely get a scope protector for it though!