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  1. @Marc.RG1 Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): Yes Any other comments: Very cool guy, bought a broken pistol off me as a project - good luck! Payment was fast and response to my messages were quick! Happily deal with Marc again!
  2. Yeah, very impressed with the initial impressions. I did notice that the flash is more noticeable from the business end than the AT1000, but still just as bright at illuminating the BBs. Size wise, it's a lot smaller than the AT1000, but barely larger than a KX5 Sound hog.
  3. Oooooh, didn't realise there was an AEG version out. It always used to be GBBR
  4. Mate, I should hope you've never skirmished with this. 4.5mm Steel BBs?!
  5. Bespoke Airsoft do Laser Engraving now. Looks really cool.
  6. @rocketdogbert should be able to help. He's probably got hundreds in his sock drawer
  7. It's just arrived! It's tiny! About the same size as a Highlighter
  8. Just seen this in the classifieds, could you do with one as a spare for your Tippy?



    1. Nasro


      Now that my Mrs started playing, I would need 2.

    2. L3wisD


      That'll be a £5 finders fee, mate ;)

    3. Nasro


      Haha, well I did message him within like 7 minutes on his ad... guess I beat you to it :D



  9. Plot twist: she's locked you in and turned over an egg timer. You've got three minutes to figure it out while this is playing on the DAB Radio in the kitchen
  10. I think the problem I have with Nuprol is the lack of best intentions for airsofters. If you search "Airsoft" on Wish, or Alibaba, you will see that 90% of the stuff on there, you'll have already seen in a Nuprol box, but at 3-4 times the cost. It's the same product, just in different packaging.
  11. That shade of red is not bad at all. It's a nice dark red rather than garish. Good one
  12. I'll be able to let you know what it's like tomorrow... I've just bought one! Don't tell the wife!
  13. I've got a Krytac PDW I'm selling
  14. @Shaun Haynes just found the thing for you! https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B077ZWZSY8 It's tiny!
  15. Sorry, I apologise, but I couldn't help but chuckle at those lines. But yes, back to the topic on hand. So why isn't this thread about Specna Arms?
  16. @steakandpotato - @snuffhas an L86 going for a bargain. Take on a support role
  17. Can't be a British soldier Cosplay/LARP enthusiast without an SA80. You could always get a Tokyo Marui Glock 17 Springer... Hell, I'd use one in a game! https://www.airsoftguns-europe.com/glock-17-frame-2-gen-hg-with-hop-up-tokyo-marui
  18. Been to Sainsburys for the last piece of Tactical equipment for Thursday night Never before have empty Molly straps been used so well.
  19. You going to be there this Thursday? Me and my band of comrades will be there.
  20. @steakandpotato there's a G&G Toptech L85 just been posted in the classifieds. Go go go!
  21. Seeing as I'm playing Thursday night, it'd be rude not to buy something new! •Olive Green UBACS •Fast mag holders (2x 556 2x Pistol) •Black carrier (bought a while ago) Not pictured: •Red dot protector •Warrior Universal Pistol Holster (to replace the pistol going into the 556 pouch it's in now) •Small molle sling clip (got it on the bottom of my carrier for when I switch to pistol, I can clip the front sling loop into it and stop the rifle swinging around like a donkeys Wotsit)
  22. It does seem counter-productive to spend money on a tracer to use it as a "Running low on ammo" indicator if I'm honest... A very expensive way to keep tabs. Let's get to your questions: It's not a massive giveaway, but it can be noticeable, especially in pitch black environments, it's enough for someone at a distance to fire towards the little flash. And it's only really visible if someone is facing directly at you. It's comparable to one of those little crappy LED Keyrings you find in petrol stations going off every couple of seconds. Someone following the tracer rounds back to you is more likely. Umm... it's entirely up to you really.. I tend to mix green and red tracer BBs together, the red ones glow a lot more of a dull glow so only every 3rd or 4th shot is bright green. I take two Hi-caps into the mall with me. It's enough and saves me having to carry shed loads of magazines, making it lighter. And I don't move fast enough for them to rattle!
  23. Or you could see it from the other angle. Buy Combat machine for £130ish two-toned. Sell for £95 after you've got UKARA. Your "Rental period" has only set you back £35.