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  1. The first gen had problems with cracking and the 2014 ones got stronger lower receiver?
  2. Nice one. I am getting the G5 now just looking around for any deals I do like the tm mp7 but the g5 wins it by a little.
  3. That's nice of Samoon I know it's down to what I like the most but I like both of them hahaha.
  4. The pmags for g5 look good that's for sure. Would loading from top of the magazine's break the lips over time? I will be playing mostly at rift Airsoft the ridge which is outdoors mixed with open long range and close to medium range environments. Both seem great from the reviews so it's a hard one lol. Griff 762 do you have pictures of both next to each other? Thank you.
  5. Hi all. I have been using a TM g17 in a carbine kit and now wanting a proper GBB smg/rifle. I was all set on buying the TM mp7 but after seeing the g5 reviews I'm sort of stuck on what one to get lol. Mp7. Pros. 40rd mags and cheaper mags. Smaller and I think lighter then the g5? Cons. Gun more expensive. Harder to work on then the g5? Stock wobble maybe. ----------------------------------- G5. Pros. Gun more cheaper. Change to m4 stock later. Easy to take apart and fix. Cons. Bigger. Loading the magazines. Maybe less then 40rd? If anyone could let me know for certain. I'm only going by reviews so anything I said could be wrong but I would love some advice. Thank you.
  6. Cheers guys if my other shops wolf armouries or pro airsoft don't get a mp7 gbb in stock soon. I will go with this shop
  7. Anyone buy from there before? Thank you.
  8. Thank you all for your comments. I think I will get it in the uk then by the sounds of it lol. Cost me a bit more but seems simple thing to do and not worry about extra charges. Thanks again.
  9. Thank you. I'm going to look over the mp7 and G5 tomorrow see what feels good.
  10. Hi all. I have my ukara now so looking for a TM Mp7 GBB in tan. Uk prices not including delivery cost are about £320 I have seen so far. I don't know if it's worth getting from say this site here And pay the import charges. I'm not 100% how much the charges are but I think i'm look at £80? Thanks for any advice
  11. I don't have it any more but the one I had is this. It only stuck out a little bit at the back and you buy the mounting bracket for bit extra. I was lucky my bike had lots of room and I mounted it easy. It was cheaper to buy from the USA and import it, then buy in the uk few years ago. I am pretty sure I bought it from here .
  12. I'm looking at buying something new myself as I like that new feeling lol. I have this gas I don't if it's too strong ? Thanks.
  13. I used a gunboot that was for ATV and it was perfect for the job.
  14. Hi all. I've been using a glock 17 with a carbine kit as my main weapon, but now I'm after a proper gas smg/rifle. Looking at the TM mp7 I would like to ask what are the main problems with that gun or anything a new buyer should know about? And if anyone knows good place to buy the Tan version from that's not overpriced? Thank you.