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  1. I read somewhere that g&P use the same screw thread as ics thats why I went for that one? Thanks.
  2. Thank you. Something like this is all I would need ? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for making this post I was going to buy one as I want to run pistol only sometimes. I will have to carry one of them small 270ML gas can in my pouch.
  4. I'm looking to get a lighter handguard and I wonder if I can fit the a magpul MOE one on there? My rifle is this the IMT-265-1 CXP-UK1 R This what it looks like with the keymod rail off. Thanks for any help.
  5. Going try mount it on my shoulder but what I have been looking is a protective case to cover all the case from a BB hit. I wonder if I can make one out of kydex? I never used that stuff before but have a old holster made from it.
  6. I did ask the shop uk tactical and they said they never had this problem before with that item. But said return for another one and see how it is so that's what I'm doing right now. Thanks.
  7. Gopro and some mounts for airsoft use. Picatinny rail mount for my pistols,rifles and for attaching to my molle rail. Just waiting on for a clip on screen protector that will stop a airsoft BB to come.
  8. Thank you I will give that a go tomorrow
  9. I don't know if it's normal but this thing taste like pond water lol. What be the best the way get the rid or the bad taste? Thanks for any help.
  10. Well I'm buying one for cycling after almost being hit by a car So mite as well get one that I can strap on my rifle or pistol for videos I would watch them I think but like I said I'm buying it for cycling any ways. Checking out the reviews for the SJCam4000
  11. Looking to buy my first action camera mostly for airsoft with a bit of cycling. Budget around £170 I was so set on the Go pro session but the AS50 looks really nice and same spec I think. Also with the ability to change the battery mid game as I don't think you can with the go pro? My only major concern about the AS50 is getting protective casing for the camera body if taking hits in the side of it. AS50 GoPro Thanks for any advice.
  12. If I had rented first before buying I would got AK instead of M4 lol
  13. Thanks. I bought this one in the end I think it will be ok I hope lol. Did not fancy a MTB as even a £350 hardtail forks did not look good in the reviews.
  14. I'm looking at getting this bike for country dirt paths and gravel paths. Would be this ok for that job? Orbea Carpe 50 2017 - Hybrid Sports Bike Thanks for any advice.
  15. Thanks. The gun is pretty new I only used a few times indoors before my first game. I do have some .25 that I can use next time. Thanks again.