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  1. Finished building this one today. It's a PGC kit.
  2. PGC 1911 kit.
  3. Got new frame for my nova/marui 1911 and also a broken kjw 1911 for parts or repair if I can.
  4. Marui 1911 with a Nova SFA Operator LDC kit.
  5. Bought some clone Springfield Armory wood grips to go with my springfield nova kit. Really nice nice for £15. The ones are nice as well but I wanted to try some wood grips. Swapped the thumb safety for a single as I did not want to the file the wood and I will probably buy a silver one later. Just waiting on a new silver frame without rails and see how that looks. Cheers.
  6. I sold this army detonics to a mate a while ago but he got out of airsoft now. He only wanted £20
  7. Make: any Item: Wood grips for a 1911 Desired Condition: any Swaps/Part Exchange: nn Looking for some wood grips for my marui 1911. Thanks.
  8. Make: That fits marui 1911 Item: lower frame metal Desired Condition: Any Swaps/Part Exchange: /n/n I know the army ones fit if you have one. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
  9. Thanks. It's nice not everyone coming into the house seeing all my gear on show. Some people you know go funny when seeing any type of gun lol.
  10. Well I never had a proper space to put my gear so I hope not lol Can't wait to move house as this one not got much space.
  11. SeniorSpaz87 what mask you wearing? Looks massive lol.
  12. Me the wife cleaned out under the stairs full of junk and she said I could have it so my airsoft stuff not everywhere in the house lol. Not much room to play with and the long guns where taking to much room. So the last few days I made a quick simple gun rack. The bottom part is a ramp as the floor not even with the wall. So this will make the guns lean back towards the gun rack and should never fall out of place. Much more organized now . I would to mount something to hold the aeg mags on the wall later. Anyone got any diy storage ideas they like to share? Thanks.
  13. Bought some nice looking placmats in wilko for the house. Perfect for when I'm cleaning my pistols lol. Girlfriend not very happy
  14. Very nice indeed I have been looking over the Cm.040H and at around £144 it does seem like a good option. I do like the G&G one as well as it's about £280 but that's a lot more money to spend if something that could be better? Thanks.
  15. I would like an E&L but I think that be out of my budget so I have seen some cheaper ones. Budget being £290 total for the gun. LCT TX-M G&G AEG RK74-CQB with ETU Cyma 040H I would like one that is easy to buy replacement parts for if any thing breaks later. What do you guys and girls recommend? Thanks for any advice