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  1. No appologies needed for being helpful bro, but yes its the electric version im looking at
  2. Hi guys Anyone seen any reviews on the WE: R5C SPORINGLINE VERSION thinking of getting on, but cant find any reviews before I buy. Any pros and cons would be appreciated Cheers Greg
  3. So far ive been ordering alot of stuff from these guys, cheap as chips I rarely find anything cheaper elsewhere. I am a we bit cautious with their guns as Ive bought 4 so far with 1 having charging issues and the other compression issues, BUT they replaced charger for pistol and arranged for repair of sniper rifle with no questions asked, in fact they even said I cud take sniper apart and do some minor repairs without affecting the warranty. I did send back thow just incase. Speedy delivery aswell normally within 5-7 days from Poland All in all Gunfire get top marks from me, check them out if u get a chance
  4. This loophole takes away the need to prove that he/she is a genuine skirmisher "Airsoft is not prohibited to persons under the age of 18, nor is owning a RIF, although the only way they are able to obtain a RIF or IF is by being given the item as a gift or by having parental consent". but yes in I do agree its all a pile of crap, I order stuff from Gunfire and always request for my reg number to be clearly written on box but anyone looking at it wudnt have a clue what it is or who to contact to confirm my membership.
  5. You could just charge him petrol money then give him the gun as a gift which is perfectly legal.
  6. Thanks for the help guys. I take it you guys don't like Cybergun lol. Any bad experiences? Betsie, that M4 you all want me to burn at the stake lol, I cudnt do that to her she cost me £180 4 years ago and only issues with her was trigger spring broke once, and the FPS kept rising had to get it lowered 3 times each time brought down to 328fps then 6 months later its shooten at 360 again lol. Maybe I got lucky but shes been super reliable. Again thanks for the help Appreciated
  7. Hi guys I have a Cybergun M4CQB and looking to improve on accuracy and range. Currently it is only stock internals. Ive been reccomended Madbull Black Panther Tight Bore Barrell and also SHS blue hop unit. Any other suggestions or does and dont's would be appreciated. Looking to spend about £70-£80 max Cheers