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  1. Make: Bolt Gun/Model: BR47 Accessories: rail covers, aftermarket ares charging handle, fore grip, mosfet Condition: used, vgc FPS: 320-328 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: no x 3 Price/Payment: £300 all in (inc paypal and postage) Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/qsio4 Age-owned for 3 months (no longer required due to scaling down). Fantastic hard Recoil AEG with original box and 1 mag. Upgrades - shimmed new shs gears, new full cylinder, shs hop up improved seal hop up rubber, hard wired LIPO mosfet (gun only used on 7.4v). Realistic offers welcome the price includes postage and paypal fees
  2. yea stopped replying to me too
  3. I bought two cyma vsr mag from Qlimax, they were packaged very well, arrived in a few days, good seller
  4. will u do 70 posted? il pay via paypal services
  5. I'm looking at a boneyard M11A1, all m11a1 seam to suffer from fragile internals, and its recommended to buy the upgrade magnesium/ aluminium bolt carriers, if this is true where can one find them either from uk or HK site, ive looked on ehobby, begadi, gunfire, wgc shop, redwolf. fire-support has a original bolt http://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/ksc-magnesium-bolt-set-m11 can someone help, am I missing a site cheers
  6. 90* I couldn't even sell my old src g36c gen 2 for 40 quid let alone brand new price.
  7. very good deal have you posted this on the Facebook g5 owners and ghk owners groups?
  8. have you been banned from receiving messages or what? I cant send u pm
  9. SOLD
  10. sorry buddy I finished up selling the lot today.
  11. bump
  12. upon taking delivery I couldn't wait to test them, got a refund then they went in the bin
  13. Make: ASG/KJW Gun/Model: M93R Accessories: 3x40odd rd mags, stock and case Condition: used FPS: picture shows 300fps Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: yes Price/Payment: 130 posted+fees Hello, here is my much loved m93r, I've had it around 8 months I bought it second hand its condition hasn't changed since I bought it. In the chrono pic I forgot to fully gas the mag I've had it chrono at 340 last summer, use .30g bbs as they perform best with this gun. One of the mags was dropped by previous owner but the only damage is cosmetic and only the base plate it functions correctly, also the top of the outer barrel near the ejection port is chipped, as I got it but again doesn't effect its performance . Three round failure is common but this gun cycles perfectly in all three modes, (just keep it lubed is the trick). I've mentioned Id be interested in swaps, I'd like a tm g18c package or an asg/kjw cz p-09 green gas version. Thanks for viewing
  14. still available? and thers nothing wrong with it?
  15. dont use them mine were over 1mm too big waste of a whole bag, looked like golf balls anyway regardless of size