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  1. I will report back once I have spent a day with it on. I am praying the anti fog is good, I've worn full face masks before and hated it this has lots and lots of ventilation though so I am hopeful.
  2. Yeah sadly desktop only for the configurator. Worth it though. Although to properly ADS I have to use a 45 degree rail for my red dot.
  3. Just received my Warq helmet/face mask. Just finished it's product development after a year of following ordered on Christmas eve and came today! Fully customisable- colour of the top, colour of the visor, the colour of the base parts, pre loaded designs for the right/ left/ back and top or a custom logo you can upload added to the back. The website you can get it from is Warq.eu
  4. Oh no no no. That's why I showed the photo of the G36KE with it on.
  5. YES carry handle with the 2X optic built in is one of my many dream guns. Or this one actually.
  6. Have always loved that gun!!
  7. The Glock is awesome. Still haven't had a chance to use it though going tomorrow for a skirmish so will give it a run for its money. Well i look forward to seeing your progress on the vector mk. 5.
  8. Dude you do have an addiction! The 5th allot of guys haven't had one! I have recently brought 3 mags for my lovely Agency Arms G17 a fobus holster for it and a Haley Strategic sling which is awesome! Been fairly quiet on the weapon front for me have been spending allot more money on my cars thia year. Plus i am running out of space to store more guns.
  9. Thanks. Painted by GearTech. You can find him on the forum. Had two done by him now top quality stuff!
  10. I have 2 TM M320s they are incredible. I love the fact you gas up the launcher instead of the grenade it makes it so you can do multiple shots quickly and the shells weigh a tiny amount as they are plastic plus it's TM so you know the quality is top notch.
  11. Pure awesomeness Chris!
  12. Love it Dredd great collection!
  13. http://www.xsiteairsoft.co.uk/content/outpost Here is a great site I go to that is very close to Buckinghamshire, however it depends where in bucks you are. They have a site in Dunstable and one in Wycombe. The site I have linked you to is a CQB site I have been to many times that is great nice mix of indoors and out. The Wycombe one is a woodland site that is apparently really good although I haven't been there myself. There is another one on the way to Watford which is ok ish called Red 1 airsoft. Havent been there since I went to Xsite though as that was much better in my eyes. https://www.facebook.com/Airsoft.CQB.The.School/ Is their Facebook page.
  14. You have another massive rifle case for pistols yeah??
  15. Thanks L3wisD I saw it on his Facebook page!! I was very impressed it got the big photo slot.