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    TM HK416 devgru, CA M4 R.I.S., KWA LM4, KWA KRISS VECTOR, TM AA12, G&P Daytona gun (HPA)
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    Have a black multicam loadout.
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  1. BigBlackGlock

    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10+Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): YesAny other comments: Great guy really knows he guns and always has top quality gear. Would be a pleasure to deal with again.
  2. DarkAssassin

    Very kind Indeed. Would be happy to make some trades in the future if any arise!
  3. The price of airsoft

    Simply answering a question dude... If the guy with the hoodie gets a shot on me good on him, I never said I was the best just I am stupid enough to spend allot of money on guns I want, so sue me.
  4. The price of airsoft

    I would hate to put a price on how much I have spent over the last few years... but it is too much. The most expensive item has to be this... My Daytona G&P M4. It cost as you see it about £1500 That includes me having the specific gun I wanted shipped from China to Canada to have them add a Daytona kit to it then ship it to me then I changed the front end including barrel shroud, muzzle, stock, grip added the TM M320 and had it painted. Worth every penny too!
  5. My Favourite Airsoft Pistol

    Here it is with the LAM.
  6. My Favourite Airsoft Pistol

    Here is my favourite pistol it was a TM now the only original part is the frame. Love it for all the same reasons you love yours, this shots like a DMR it's so accurate. The sound it makes is incredible. The fibre optic sights. How sexy the black and gold combo is. Most of all how solid the full metal construction is. Have since added a frame rail and a LAM unit.
  7. If Carlsberg made an airsofting site.........

    For all the people asking for airsoft on a boat. Red 1 airsoft has done it. Video proof... Never had a chance to go and I don't think it's still running it due to rules and regs.
  8. KWA Kriss Vector Owners Club

    Only visual upgrades. Struggling to find any internal upgrades now! I do however need that handgaurd that rocketdogbert has on his. One thing I don't like about the gun is the sling mount, why put it on the right side of the gun it is incredibly awkward. Love your setup by the way very neat!
  9. KWA Kriss Vector Owners Club

    Have owned it for almost a year have only used it a few times as I got a custom Daytona gun at the start of last year so I have been using that allot as Well as my A.P.S shell ejected shotgun for CQB. Slight issue with to many guns and not enough time to use them! Brilliant gun though excellent kick and such a sweet sound.
  10. KWA Kriss Vector Owners Club

    Dude I need to know what front end that is on your KWA it is sexy as hell.
  11. KWA Kriss Vector Owners Club

    KWA Kriss. With 4 X 50rd mags hpa tapped. Also have a hpa drum but its a little wide and uncomfortable to use naturally. Also got the .45 osprey suppressor and an eotech 553 sight. Love this gun so much. Great info in this thread guys love the hpa drum mags that you showed on page 2. May have to get one.
  12. Secutor Velites..... any good?

    I got this one for 500 in the UK brand new. Then the shells cost a whole lot more. You only get 2 with the gun. Worth every penny though. It is still A.P.S juat branded SAI.
  13. Secutor Velites..... any good?

    @Duff I was looking to get the red A.P.S shotgun then I found the Salient Arms one. It is incredible the realistic loading of the shells into the gun and that pump is crazy satisfying. There is also something exciting about loading mid battle!! Also got the matching SAI pistol.
  14. The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I will report back once I have spent a day with it on. I am praying the anti fog is good, I've worn full face masks before and hated it this has lots and lots of ventilation though so I am hopeful.
  15. The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Yeah sadly desktop only for the configurator. Worth it though. Although to properly ADS I have to use a 45 degree rail for my red dot.