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    TM HK416 devgru, CA M4 R.I.S., KWA LM4, KWA KRISS VECTOR, TM AA12, G&P Daytona gun (HPA)
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  1. Pure awesomeness Chris!
  2. Love it Dredd great collection!
  3. http://www.xsiteairsoft.co.uk/content/outpost Here is a great site I go to that is very close to Buckinghamshire, however it depends where in bucks you are. They have a site in Dunstable and one in Wycombe. The site I have linked you to is a CQB site I have been to many times that is great nice mix of indoors and out. The Wycombe one is a woodland site that is apparently really good although I haven't been there myself. There is another one on the way to Watford which is ok ish called Red 1 airsoft. Havent been there since I went to Xsite though as that was much better in my eyes. https://www.facebook.com/Airsoft.CQB.The.School/ Is their Facebook page.
  4. You have another massive rifle case for pistols yeah??
  5. Thanks L3wisD I saw it on his Facebook page!! I was very impressed it got the big photo slot.
  6. Thanks. That's a GearTech special. He can hook you up well worth it. I am also in love.
  7. It is so such a good gun worth every penny, has awesome recoil and an amazing sound to it. Only drawback is a spungy trigger as the firing mechanism is all the way at the back of the gun so a huge rod connects the trigger to it which results in a long heavy trigger pull. Need to use it again soon though.
  8. SNAP!! It is the TITS isn't it!! Great purchase dude. You got the standard muzzle with yours, i only got tge suppressor which i am fine with but the muzzle is very sexy....
  9. Exactly what I thought had to have one when I first saw it. I only found this one because I saw a guy had it in his collection I asked him if he decided to sell it to let me know and the next day he messaged me saying he could sell it for the right price, couldn't pass it up. I am no sniper either although I am going to give it a shot now. Hope it is a good as you hope!
  10. There it is with 3 mags. Paid 550 for it. Very happy to be honest. The last new one I saw for sale was 975 from zero one! Sadly I now need to go to a different site to my normal one as that is CQB no sniper rifles allowed.
  11. Dude you and I have very similar gun taste!! I got one 2 weeks ago. Such an amazing gun. How much did you pay may I ask??
  12. Thanks I love my collection. That is the Hepeastus Mtar on the wall i have a reaper custom gas tapped mag that holds 2000 rounds and the TM AA12 I love both. The tippman I can't say, I have fired one but don't own one instead of getting one of them I got a Daytona gun (my grey camo m4 above) check them out on YouTube if you don't known what they are. Better than a tippman if you ask me. This is my desert eagle with a Robin Hood Kit and custom wood grip. I have also got male air line connectors for my Vector Mags to make them HPA as well as a reaper custom drum mag for it. my collection is quite a hoard now.
  13. Nice collection Jay, here is the rest of mine. They don't all got on the rack!
  14. Here is the latest addition to my ever growing armoury. An Ares DSR-1 with 3 mags, a gun I have wanted for a very long time. Purchased from Jason Ke on the forum here.
  15. Over my dead body that will ever happen. I will have a clause in my will to be buried with it all. I think I will need to be buried in a shipping container though!