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  1. MP5

    £130 +p&p. no mids/RDS
  2. do you know if this is an 04, or 03 model?
  3. Tbh, I think the bigger problem stems from using just 4 rounds for each type (which isn't nearly a large enough sample size to draw conclusions from + being given free bbs so there is then the argument of bias), that being said, based on reviews from others, I wouldn't expect different results, and I still want to get my hands on some!
  4. Now includes, an older (in a very used condition) Pso-1, priced still at £100
  5. MP5

    £160 w/o mids, £200 with, excl P&P
  6. Bump, 35 picked up only from near Southampton.
  7. jsut a tip on the wood kits, the cyma/rs versions have the motor in the grip, so you'll need the version of the wood kit with the hole in the pistol grip, The other type A&K, has the 3 gear design gb, and thus the motor sits in the receiver, so shouldn't need one with hole in. If you're planning on running it at a higher fps, the rs/cyma design will be the better choice.
  8. MP5

    down to £200+ postage
  9. down to £100 + the usual
  10. also interested now in a cyma ak74u/105
  11. Going to hang on to the scope, so £125 + postage
  12. MP5

    still here
  13. Make: Cyma Gun/Model: AK Desired Condition: Used, but not buggered Desired FPS: ~350 Swaps/Part Exchange: Y, have an mp5sd, svd, or tri-shot springer. Budget: flexible Looking for one of the steel bodied cymas/Dboys/Kalash or possibly an E&L or LCT (at a push) AK. Interested in ideally an AKM, or 74 with wood furniture and solid stock, might also be interested in an RPK (again wood, not side folding). Ideally will come with some mids, or a drum mag for the RPK. Got cash, but also an Mp5sd, and spring tri-shot for swaps/ p.e
  14. you must really dislike the op It might be a good idea to choose the style of rifle you want first, then to look into options. Sometimes the best designed isn't the best in application, or to your preferences.