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  1. Celcius AKM

    It's been a while since I've reviewed an AEG or pistol but it's now time for me to review the Celcius AKM. The last time I reviewed a Celcius product it didn't do too well but in fairness I try to be as open as possible with anything I review so if the AKM is good or bad I'll be as fair as I can. There is a little bit of general information to go through first before I start the review. The Celcius AKM comes in two flavours. You can buy a complete AKM with electrics and wooden furniture for $1000 or the other option is to buy the Expert Solution which is basically the AKM minus the motor, electrics and furniture. The selling point behind the second option is you can add whatever electronics and motor you want and stick on any RS AKM furniture. The Expert Solution costs around $488 and this is the option I will be looking at. If you buy the expert Solution version or just want to have a better look at how they go together then check out these 2 videos from Celcius: Video 1 Video 2 Ok on with the review. Let's start with a picture as we all like pictures. As you can see I've stepped away from the traditional wooden furniture look and went for something a bit more modern. The main reason for this was the Expert Solution (now known as ES from now on) comes with a Sliding stock adapter as standard. This adapter is Mil Spec so normal AEG sliding stocks will be too small to fit. I've replaced the rear sight with a RIS rail so that I could add a RMR and I've replaced the gas tube with a RIS version so that I can attach RIS attachments when I need to. The only other thing I will do to mine is add a RIS lower hand guard so that I can add a torch and vertical grip. If you want to fit your own handguards, stock, etc then any Real Steel furniture should be a straight fit. Starting at the front: The front sight, gas block and outer barrel are all steel. They are all pinned to the barrel as per the real thing and the finish is a nice blue/grey and should look good if artificial wear is applied to them (if you want that old skool look). next the gas block: Again full steel and nicely blued. There is absolutely no wobble on any of the parts (apart from the flash hider but I'll cover that later). The receiver: The receiver reminds me of the phosphate grey finish that is sometimes seen on USA made AK's. It's nice and even and should wear well. Pistol grip: Nice and thin just like the real thing but sadly you can't use the real thing. It actually holds the motor in place and needs to be seated against the trigger guard to work correctly. It's a little fiddly getting it just right but not the hardest thing in the world to do. On the ES version you get a black pistol grip and on the full AKM version you get a brown one although I think all they have done is paint a brown one black for the ES version. Stock adapter: As mentioned above it's Mil Spec and houses the mosfet and battery. It's actually nicely made and a 11v 25C LIPO fits in nearly all the way. Popping the top cover off the receiver is just like the real thing. You push the button at the rear and pull the top cover up and off. The spring that holds the top cover in place is actually the spring that powers the cylinder. To change the FPS of the cylinder it's a quick job to pop off the top cover, remove the spring from the top cover catch and pop a new spring in place. In the picture above you can see the cylinder. The large black lump is the cylinder and inside is a piston, piston head and special nozzle. I'll cover this in more detail later. The Hop unit is a rotary dial type and can be accessed from the magwell or if you cock the bolt back you can get your finger inside the receiver to adjust the wheel. Removing the cylinder involves removing to allen screws and the whole unti comes off to allow access to the lower part of the gearbox. I added a set of Etiny electrics apart from the selector board as the ES comes with this board installed and works with the Etiny electrics. You can use whatever electrics you want but it's worth remembering that if you use the Systema type then you need to change the trigger as the Celcius boards (and Etiny Celcius version) uses a smaller switch. You can find out more about this in the videos linked above. Looking at the cylinder next. The cylinder is solid lump of metal with a piston inside it. The piston looks to be a standard PTW piston so replacements shouldn't be an issue. The nozzle is a bit of a strange design but to make the cylinder line up with the barrel this was probably the only design that would work. You'll notice in one of the pictures above that there is a strange little silver bit with a grub screw pointing downwards on the bottom of the cylinder. This is the cut off lever and it should disengage the ECU when the magazine is empty and when you fit a new magazine you need to cock the bolt, which moves this part down and reengages the ECU. On mine this doesn't work very well. It's either the magnet that holds it up is too weak or the spring that pushes it down is too strong. I'm not to bothered about this feature and I've padded it out so that I don't have to cock the AEG every time I change the magazine. At some point I'll have another look and see if I can figure out which part is causing the slight problem but for now I can live without the feature. The fake bolt is actually 2 parts made to look like the bolt and the part that engages the magnetic switch is held in place by a stiff spring. If you decide to remove the inner barrel and hop unit then be prepared to completely strip the front end. You need to knock out the pins and remove the gas block and furniture. You end up with the bits in the picture below but to get the inner barrel out of the outer you need to remove the hop unit. it's all a bit complex so I'd only recommend doing it if you really need to. While I'm talking about the barrel, the inner barrel protudes slightly from the front of the outer barrel but is covered by the flash hider. On flash hider rattles a bit as the threads don't quite match with the stop catch. The easy fix is to fit a small O ring between the flash hider and the front sight to stop the rattle. The Magazine. The magazine holds around 100 BB's and seems well made. You can take the inner part of the magazine and insert it into a RS magazine shell without modification. This is a nice feature if you want to run Polymer, Bakelite or maybe something a bit more modern. You can see the inner sealed unit below. The part that disengaged the ECU can be seen in the next picture. So that's the kinda technical look done. The big question is how does it fire? Well frankly really well to be honest. Plug a battery in, lock a magazine in place, select fire and pull the trigger and it does. The FPS on mine without hop was about 290. I added a little spacer to the spring guide and this climbed to 320. I've ordered a M110 spring to try and push it to 345 unhopped. Talking of hop the hop unit this works really well. The gearbox sounds nice and crisp and the trigger response is very good as you would expect from a PTW. So in summery. It's a well designed, solid AEG and it's nice to have an OPFOR weapon that fires like a PTW. The option to buy a bare bones system is a nice idea and you can go crazy building your own unique AKM. It has two flaws that are more annoying that show stoppers. I've mentioned to cut off lever but I should mention that the selector lever moves about a bit when in the safe position. It won't suddenly jump to full auto as it doesn't move that much but there is some movement. It's probably fixable and when I get a chance I'll see what can be done to tighten it up. Would I recommend it? Yes. And lastly....... If you know your way around AEG's and PTW's then buy one and stick in the parts you want. There are no surprises when you try building one if you are used to PTW's. If you fancy a really nice firing AK but don't know your nozzle from your sprocket then get your local shop/tech to build it with the parts you want.
  2. Tm ksg vs aa12

    here's another option: http://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/p33217/Golden-Eagle-M870-Tactical-Gas-Pump-Action-Shotgun-(Black)/product_info.html
  3. Gun picture thread

    damn you! I need one in my life along with the E-11 blaster
  4. any CAD software can be used and they are a few easy to use programs as well (Sketchup and the microsoft 3d program it's part of windows 10). I use Sketchup as it serves my purpose and it's very easy to use. Once you make a model you need to convert it to .stl and open it with the supplied software the printer comes with. This will slice the object and print it out and if you want it will also save it to gcode. if this sounds complex it's actually not that hard to do.
  5. I use this one: LINKY a roll of filament will cost around a tenner and will make 1 kg worth of 3d models. from a roll I'd probbaly be able to make 10 or 12 of the shotgun holders
  6. I went for this design in the end and it works well. Anyone who wants one can download it free from here (not before tomorrow afternoon due to thingiverse rules). You will need two M3 screws about 15mm long. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1853252 If there is any interest I'll make a 2 and 4 shell version.
  7. prototype shell holder for TM KSG Shotgun
  8. The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Thinking more along the lines of this: http://www.officer.com/product/10874378/mesa-tactical-sureshell-shotshell-carrier-and-rail-system-for-kel-tec-ksg Gas tank is a pain to remove because the butt stock is tight, fitting the shell is fiddly, gas tank is good for about 70 pumps, the top rail on mine was a bit loose which is very unlike TM but apart from these niggles it's very fun to shoot. The sound it makes is very satisfying and for CQB out to around 30 meters it's very good. If you don't like gas then get the AA12 with a drum magazine but if you fancy trying gas then the KSG or Breacher are fun to shoot.
  9. The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    bought the KSG shotgun and added a few accessories. After checking out the accessories on the Keltec site I decided to make the Kydex cheek piece they had advertised. Just need one of the after market companies to start making shell holders etc
  10. since some people liked the last one...
  11. Bell/Octagon Glock 17L (Long)

    yeah it would be nice if Guarder made a Gen 2 frame for the 17 series and I remember the MGC G17L with the gen 2 frame and adjustable rear sight. sadly I never owned one. The 17L from Glock comes with the Gen3 frame now and I wouldn't be surprised if they offered one with a GEN4 frame.
  12. Bell/Octagon Glock 17L (Long)

    So it finally arrived and time for the review. I bought the Glock 17L from Octagon Airsoft for $115 plus $56 shipping and then Royal Mail and customs stung me for 30 quid so all in this cost about £160. Let's hope it's worth the money. I remember Bell from years ago when they used to make substandard AEG's using plastic V3 gearboxes with the AEG being made of plastic and poor quality metal parts. They used to directly copy TM weapons and didn't really have a very good reputation so fast forward to today and they have reappeared back on the airsoft market with a load of Glock variants for sale. Check out airsoftglobal or any of the other asian websites to see the different types for sale. I ordered the Glock 17L from http://www.octagonairsoft.com and I've used them a couple of times and I like these guys as they are making some good interesting airsoft parts. The Glock comes in a plastic case and the one from Octagon comes with an Octagon sticker on the outside. Opening the box you will find the Pistol, Magazine, a cleaning rod and in my case a couple of free patches. There isn't any instructions/paperwork but then again who actually reads these? The pistol has a metal slide and plastic lower frame. The markings are laser engraved on the slide and look pretty good. The only accurate marking missing is the trades on the frame on the right hand side which can be seen in the pictures below. The metal slide has a nice paint finish, the engraving looks good and overall looks pretty good apart from one issue but more on that later. The sights are the 3 white dot type. The end of the outer barrel is threaded for a silencer adapter. Splitting the Glock down you will see that everything looks to be TM compatible. The Hop unit looks well made and as you can see everything is lubricated nicely. The BBU looks good and again well lubricated. Splitting the top slide reveals that the outer barrel is two part and doesn't have any markings. If you want trades on your Glock 17L then guarder make a split outer barrel which will probably fit. I will measure the long inner barrel at some point to see what size is needed to replace it with a tightbore although I might not do this and it will push the FPS over most sight limits but more on this a bit later. Want to see how long the Glock 17L is? Below is a Glock 17L below a Glock 34 which is below a Glock 17. As you can see it's pretty long. Here's it next to a Glock 42 Ok so that's a brief look at the pistol and now I'll go into a bit of detail, good and bad, on the Glock 17L. The pistol is a direct copy of the TM glocks but differs slightly because of the long inner and outer barrel. TM/WE/STARK/ARMY magazines all fit fine and work well in this pistol. Everyone of them fires all the 24 bb's without a problem and locks back when empty. When I put it through the chrono I found a pleasant surprise in that it fires around 315 FPS with the supplied magazine and the TM/Stark and ARMY magazines. Remember above I mentioned not putting a tightbore in this? Well I've found that using WE magazines in any Glock usually see's an increase of around 10 FPS in any Glock model and the Bell is no different. In fact it chrono'd at 340 FPS using the WE magazine so if I added a tightbore to this then it would most likely be over 350 FPS which would be too hot for most sites. If I decide to add a tightbore then I could only use it with Bell/TM/Stark or ARMY magazines and even then it's probably going to be firing 340ish. The reason for the standard 315 FPs is simply due to the long inner barrel. Range and accuracy are both improved over a standard Glock 17 beacuse of this longer inner barrel. I'm putting BB's on target at 55 to 60 meters. The hop unit seems good quality and if it was a bit sub par I wouldn't be seeing the good range or accuracy. The other issue I had with this pistol is a cosmetic one that i found but might not be a problem on other people who buy this. I found some marks on the top of the slide and they look like filled in screw holes. I'm not sure why they are there but they are a bit annoying. They don't affect the performance in any way and I can probably clean them up. I also forgot to mention that the magazine base comes with Glock trades. So final conclusions..... 9 out of 10 and it would have got 10 out of 10 if the lower was completely traded and I didn't have some annoying marks on the top slide. The reason for the high score is simply this. It shoots really really well. I can't state this enough, this thing is awesome to shoot. If you have a glock pistol handy try this. Rack the slide back slowly. After about an inch you will feel some resistance and once you pull a bit harder the slide racks all the way back. On the 17L when you rack the slide back it's completely smooth all the way and feels really high quality. Well done to Bell for making a really good Glock. If you are in the market for a Glock then I'd highly recommend this model. It shoots far, accurately and smoothly. ............I was going to end the review there but I thought I'd mention a couple of other things. The 2 piece outer barrel was loose on mine so if you get one make sure you tighten it up before firing or you could end up firing the front part of the barrel across the room! The other thing is the outer barrel rattles a bit inside the frame. Think meat inside a sausage roll and you will get my drift. I think this can be improved with an O ring. It doesn't affect the shooting of the pistol but is just a little bit annoying. I'm still giving it 9 out of 10 even with these little niggles because it shoots so well.
  13. sadly not airsoft but it is a gun..... Rey's blaster from Star Wars The Force Awakens.
  14. SAN YAN Glock 18C GBB Pistol

    So while I'm waiting on my Glock 17L to arrive I received a SAN YAN Glcok 18C pistol so I thought I'd throw up another Glock review. The SAN YAN Glock 18C can be bought for around £45 without postage from the Far East i ended up paying £72 all in. So what do you get for £45? The box is a plain brown cardboard box and inside you have the pistol, Magazine, 2 back straps and some paperwork. The paperwork is a nice touch and even comes with an A3 sized parts catalog so that you can identify parts easily if you need to fit a replacement. Inside the box: The paperwork: Removed from the box: Looking at the pistol it's a direct copy of the Tokyo Marui Glock 18C but has a Gen 4 lower frame and comes with a metal slide and metal outer barrel as standard. Starting with the top slide you get a nice even paint coat with nearly complete markings. The markings are missing the word glock from inside the large G on the side of the frame. The sights are a dot and U type and are plastic and can be swapped with any TM compatible sights that you fancy fitting. The lower frame is a polymer/Plastic frame based on the Gen 4 Glock frame. The frame is completely free from trademarks and is missing the 2nd pin above the trigger. For the collector this might be an issue but any TM compatible Gen 4 lower with trades will fit. The magazine is TM compatible and holds 23 BB's. The base plate is trademark free as well. The supplied 2 back straps are very good looking and have the correct G markings. Fitting them is easy enough by removing the pin, fitting the new back strap and putting in the new longer pin which comes with the pistol. Stripping the upper from the lower shows that the internals all look to be TM compatible. I'll swap a few parts around at some point to confirm this but looking at it I think all TM or TM after market parts will fit. The BBU looks to be well made and gives a good airseal when fired. Stripping the top slide you get a nice TM style hop unit, spring guide and metal outer barrel. The inner barrel seems to be brass and I'll check out the diameter later. The outer barrel has threads for a silencer adapter. The safety catch is unusually black and seems to be well made. It actually reminds me of a different company made safety catch but I can't remember the name. I'm wondering if SAN YAN used an OEM safety catch for this pistol. The Picture below is the SAN YAN compared to a TM Glock 18C with Guarder frame and lower frame (the SAN YAN is the top pistol). So that's the bulk of the pictures out of the way and you might be wondering if it's any good. I was as well when I bought it so I loaded the magazine up with 23 BB's, filled it with gas and fired off a few magazines. It will empty all 23 BB's in less than 2 seconds and lock back. On single shot it will fire all 23 and lock back when the magazine is empty. The slide moves smoothly and it feels nice and crisp to fire. The lubrication straight from the factory is good and a little silicone spray now and then will keep it working well. The hop unit works and will throw BB's out to 45 meters and is adjusted, just like the TM, by removing the top slide, adjusting the small wheel, fitting it back together again, firing and adjusting some more until you get it just right. There doesn't seem to be any hop creep, which is good and I'm more than happy with this. After a few magazines I noticed that the top of the outer barrel was showing wear and after looking more closely I realised that I hadn't removed a plastic film that sits on top of the outer barrel. I removed this and there was still some wear but I think this is more a case of breaking in and should stop after a few mags through it. Did i find any issues? Actually I did. The biggest problem is that some TM compatible magazines fit and some don't. I found that WE magazines don't lock into place and fall out. I have a few different magazines and it was a bit hit and miss if they would work or not. This actually included the WE magazines as I had one that worked fine but another 2 that didn't. I think it's probably the magazine catch and either replacing it with a guarder one or filing it slightly would fit the issue. I'll look into this in more detail at some point. The good news was that the 50 round TM magzines work fine in it. So my brief summery is this: It's a good Glock 18C pistol with limited markings that works well but spare magazines might be a problem. If you buy one make sure you try the spare magazines before spending your money on them. If something breaks on it then buying TM (or compatible) parts will fix it and it's quite a cheap pistol to use as a base for a anatomically correct Glock 18C. *Edit I forgot to mention that the FPS averages 250 FPS with the hop set.