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  1. Can do, pm me your email Squire... ...thinking "swap"?!
  2. Posted more info in a 'wanted' reply on this forum just now. Old school TM FAMAS F1 with original box etc and a very cool front rail system a la Afghanistan. Stock, used twice.
  3. Still with box and TM paper bits: TM FAMAS F1, 1 x TM Locap. 2 x Cybergun locaps. 1 x Cybergun hicap. TM Red Dot and mount. Cybergun handle RIS rail, and the main event, an as provided by Mighty Jebus: foregrip RIS rail and grip set I believe as used in 'Afghan'. Doesn't need adaptations or tweeks to fit, just adjusts on. Only skirmished twice, has the often lost ejection port cover. Stock and unchanged. Will sell for £200 plus Paypal/P&P.
  4. My brother may sell his one - ACM, black, scope rail, only used 4-5 times. Stock, about 320-40 fps. PM me if you want more details. Ta.
  5. If I sell my FAMAS then I'll get back to you, looks ace.
  6. Is this semi-auto? Or single-shot? Thanks.
  7. Nice one, will check them out. Ta.
  8. Ok, had some comms issues today, annoyingly. Would love some advice. I have a pair of Comtac Peltor XP, a mic, a Z-Tac PTT (powered by a CR123 battery so I assume amplified) and a Motorola 1 pin PMR. Last skirmish, all worked flawlessly, between three of us, for three plus hours. Today, I could hear my teammate everytime but transmissions were sporadically heard when I made them. The radios had new batteries. The PTT had a new battery. I am assuming the PTT is the weak part of the comms link. So what is the ideal PTT I need for my radio/headset/mic please for short range (<1km) airsoft use? Thanks
  9. They are a great bunch of lads and their recent sale was pretty good.
  10. Mate wants to sell a working VFC Mk43 LMG, any idea on going rate please?! Thanks.

    1. Lozart


      If it's in good nick then probably around 70% of purchase price but that was eye wateringly high so he may have to drop a bit to get the sale unless he can find a collector that MUST HAS IT!!!!

    2. Dentonboy


      Think he wants £400.


      I am not sure what is is worth tbh.



    3. Lozart


      Retail price was around $1200 before they stopped making them. I'd say £400 is a bargain if it's in good nick but then there is the issue of getting spares etc.

  11. Am reading that Redwolf UK's warehouse has been burnt down in a huge fire. Hope all safe.
  12. MTP is dirt cheap on eBay.
  13. I'd happily take a couple of TM MWS gbbr mags off of your hands if you bought any back please.
  14. Surely MTP is at DDPM prices now?
  15. I had but didn't see this. Thanks!