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  1. Hi all, I bought an M92f SERPA holster on eBay; not a clone, a Blackhawk! made one, and the gun doesn't fit well. The only way the locking mechanism will deploy is when the slide gets pushed back about 1cm by something inside. Is this a common problem? Can it be rectified by filing one of the inner surfaces down? Any advice gladly received. Thanks.
  2. I bought mine last year...and haven't used an aeg since. It is superlative.
  3. TM MWS Jezza, all the way. (it's what I got you with at Battle Lakes a month or so ago) It is a great bit of kit, well built and obs very customisable. You won't go wrong. Just a case of looking for a decent 2nd hand one if they are a bit too pricey.
  4. Is the WE Desert Eagle in stock in the UK yet anyone please?! Ta.

    1. L3wisD


      Back in stock at A2 in Reading as of a moment ago!



    2. Dentonboy
  5. Make: WA Gun/Model: Beretta M1934 Desired Condition: working Desired FPS: stock Swaps/Part Exchange: n/n Budget: try me Am after one of these wee pistols. Needs to be working and ideally with the box. cheers
  6. Bought a TM G18c from them earlier this year. It was an easy process - although minimal communication - and order arrived fine. Would use again.
  7. I have a Flyye 6094 in CB that is redundant after a CP JPC 2.0 purchase, would let it go for £70 plus p&p. Has a plastic triple mag insert for the front, and is a great piece of kit.
  8. I had an ACM Elcan sight which I thought was awful so was happy to sell it on. I own a G&P red dot and TM red dot which are okay. The TM one is quite lightweight and feels fragile. I had a Bushnell holosight which I regretted selling as it was just so damn good, so have spent a bit of time trying to find a RS Eotech, and I now have a 556 which is pretty special. However, I also own a RS ACOG which I practically stole from a guy on eBay and that sight really is the nuts. The 4 x magnification is just right and I have genuinely scored some hits that I just would not have done with a normal red dot or iron sight. I would implore anyone who wants a RS sight for Airsoft to go ACOG...with a lense protector!
  9. Be interesting to see what this fetches:
  10. Just a few things... - RS Eotech 556 - Madbull DD RIS M4 fore-end - Magpul rear BUIS - Crye Precision AVS dump pouch - Blackhawk! Serpa holster for SIG P226 - A copy of The Dark Knight Returns
  11. Switch up sites and try a different blaster. Going Gbbr from an aeg has blown my mind.
  12. Both are a great bunch of lads.
  13. I wear mainly M81 these days, but I think there is a place in the UK for Multicam or similar patterns. At Battle Lakes, MARPAT is very effective, at Combat South I think Flecktarn works damn well and at Holmbush most patterns have a place. It all depends on seasonal foliage and colours. But as said, movement, or lack of will serve you better than Gucci Gear.
  14. Do what the US Marines are doing and grab a H&K M27
  15. Lbx - they are owned by Lbt, so the quality is much better.