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  1. Ultimate Farce was always good for a laugh. Band of Brothers was great, but I'm going to whisper it...The Pacific was better.
  2. Get on it, you are in for a treat.
  3. Best 'military' TV series ever? Great quotes, action and events firmly based on eyewitness accounts (and very close to how it was written in the book), lots of USMC gear porn and realistic action scenes. Discuss:
  4. The TM M9A1 is an absolute delight to shoot. I have the TM M92F too, but the M9A1 is a tier better.
  5. You still looking for a PPK? What is your budget? I have a Maruzen PPK/S in Black, with a spare mag, all in original boxes. Will sell for the right place.
  6. I always get hit by US purchases. Seconded on what you can export with you...back in the day you could buy IR squares and patches from 1800 Name Tape, etc., now lots of restrictions. Am sure specific airsoft bits would be fine.
  7. Any forum members on here go to Ace Combat yesterday?

  8. Both now sold, but thanks!
  9. Dan the tech is very good.
  10. The lads at Crawley Surplus are ace.
  11. And sold.
  12. And sold.
  13. Make: OPS/UR Tactical Item: Chest rig, triple magazine pouch and two single 9mm pistol magazine pouches Condition: Very good, used twice from new Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Nx3 Price/Payment: £55 plus fees and p&p Pictures: see below This is an OPS/UR Tactical M4 chest rig in official Multicam. Can hold four STANAG sized magazines with quick pull release cords, plus two other slots for radios etc., within the rig itself.Attached on the front is an OPS/UR Tactical triple M4 magazine pouch, plus two 9mm pistol pouches in OD (unknown brand) will be included. This is a great bit of start up kit, or as a lightweight alternative to a plate carrier. This set up for sale could comfortably carry 7 M4 magazines, 2 9mm magazines, a small PMR 446 radio and have space for a grenade, or food etc., without adding additional MOLLE pouches. This is a well made bit of kit with lots of MOLLE real estate. Not a cheap copy or flimsy piece.All components of this sale are in great condition. Used twice from new. Selling this as bought a BFG rig. From a smoke and pet free home. Please check out my other items. Will happily combine postage. Grab some bargains. Cheers. DB. OPS Multicam M4 Chest Rig plus M4 and 9mm Magazine pouches
  14. Make: Western Arms Gun/Model: Para Ordnance P14-45 Accessories: 1 extra magazine, but it vents when being filled so may be a spares or repair job. Box. Condition: Good FPS: Stock Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Nx3 Price/Payment: £115 plus fees and p&p Pictures: see below Another pistol up for sale, a fully trademarked Para Ordnance P14-45; essentially a redesigned, short Colt 1911 with a double stack .45 magazine. Bang bang. Shoots well. 1 magazine may need a bit of fixing to get it holding gas, but could just be a stiff valve. Only used to plink inside. I think this has a tightbore barrel as standard. Comes with original box and Western Arms paperwork gubbins. Ideal for a retro police loadout...or to add to your collection. Para Ordnance P14-45 WA
  15. Make: Western Arms Gun/Model: Beretta M84FS Accessories: Box Condition: Very good FPS: Stock Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Nx3 Price/Payment: £80 plus fees and p&p Pictures: See below I am downsizing my collection, so this little Italian lovely is up for sale. This is a great little piece. Only used indoors for plinking but shot well. Think it has a tightbore barrel as standard. Fully trademarked. Great as a back up GBB. VCRA defence will be asked for. Thanks for looking. Beretta M84FS WA