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  1. I would take Flyye over Condor, personally.
  2. How legit are these please?!

    Ahh, excellent. Thanks.
  3. How legit are these please?!

  4. Anyone have any background info' on these shirts at all please? Seems too cheap: Thanks.
  5. The "Share A Bargain" Thread Bargains to be had.
  6. Jump on board this fella: Bit more than budget, but quality gear. Or this:
  7. Photos from the field

    Me and my youngest brother... In the field... On a mug...
  8. Wrong date. Edited.
  9. THE TM MWS thread

    Crye Mag Clip. Means you can secure to a belt, MOLLE, pocket etc.
  10. The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    How is that sight working out?!
  11. The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Some Crye Precision Gen2 kneepads for a whole £25... ...have seen them go for several times that.
  12. THE TM MWS thread

  13. THE TM MWS thread

    Is it bad that I *love* my MWS?! I was getting so bored of sewing machine sounding AEGs which pretty much performed like every other one before it or after. TM's MWS made it fun again. It made every 'kill' a challenge, every shot a smidgen of adrenaline and put in a degree of unpredictability. And, because it was from those great bunch of lads in Japan, it was all put together beautifully. Without that MWS purchase, I genuinely could have seen me falling out of love with this hobby and I am glad I took the leap.
  14. Tokyo Marui mp7 aep?

    One here:
  15. The Current State of UK Airsoft Magazines

    I think it was Aug 17 issue or thereabouts. Just wish AI actually edited their articles. It would improve it so much. Just boils my p**s reading through half-brothered articles, sloppy mistakes and copy and paste jobs. Why, whenever a PCU item is mentioned, the whole freakin' 7 layer system is laid out in full... Why not just DESCRIBE AND REVIEW THE ONE ITEM YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT?! Lazy.