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  1. Are TM SPAS 12 folding stocks still desirable?! 

  2. A Safariland M19 holster a la Bullitt...
  3. EBay has tonnes of surplus army wear.
  4. These were early 90s. They may well be worth more, but their original selling price was only around £50 brand new. Tbf, they have been discontinued for a good while. They are Marui classics.
  5. Try Crawley Surplus ASAP.
  6. They are the TM AMT Hardballer and a TM Centimeter Master IIRC. Going rates around £40 each I would say. Would quite like the Hardballer - the longer one, if you decide to sell.
  7. Soon, every skirmish will be 80% players with sniper rifles...
  8. Buy as good as you can afford is my advice.
  9. Had the TM Breacher : Range was about 40-50m easily with good spread. Gas - I would probably use nothing stronger than Nuprol 2.0 for a TM Gas gun, but that is just me. I mainly use that in mine, or Abbey. Breacher could do about 4-5 shells on a gas charge I would say. The one you are looking at with a bigger tank could do more. Have a look, buy if you like it and it all works. TM hold their values pretty well if relatively unmodified.
  10. Very impressed with them I have to say. If it were not for my daughter's bankrupting me, I would be doing a supermarket sweep of that sale.
  11. My one bit of advice, once you have tried it and liked it: buy the best you can afford to save you wasting money on cheap rubbish. Research decent brands of eyewear, boots, gloves, clothing, rifs and kit. Wear what is comfortable and works for you, not what the safezone sheep are wearing.
  12. That is a good point. There is a world of difference loading up and pinking a rif on camera or in a garden, to actually using it 'in anger' and hoping to out gun or match an opponent.
  13. US AFAIK. Great bunch of lads.
  14. Go for it while they are that price. Lots of temptations in their sale atm.
  15. I always send RiFs via Parcelforce 48 and declare them as 'low powered air guns'.