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  1. Hm, he did appear quite friendly though when we had a chat with him after game day. Guess initial perceptions can always be wrong. Now for the guessings What's on the Herts / Essex border? Dragon's Lair? AWA Herts? Tech Brigade? That said I do remember something coming up about old nuclear bunker / Kelvedon Hatch, so could be Dragon's Lair?
  2. Just means my camo worked well then Will do
  3. So, I have a channel too, who doesn't these days I have a bunch of videos up already, just not posted in the media section just yet, but figure may as well start now, using the latest vid (just freshly published) as a starter. The video is the first game of the opening day of Storm Tactical Airsoft, there's a thread here too about it, check it out if not seen yet, includes a video of Hippo as well This is my latest vid, and links to my social media stuff can be found in my signature
  4. Indeed, and I'm looking forward to future games to see how things improve Anywho, finished my vid, here goes
  5. Yeah, the spawn points moved during the games, but not in such a way that they were swapped around completely. The red spawn in first game being moved close to ours was indeed a case of coming out of our spawn and finding ourselves under fire, if going the regular way through the openings in the netting right there. Of course there were ways around it but wasn't ideal. Also, I believe the red spawn in the first game moved quite close to the objective blue team had to get to, not? In the VIP escort game the red spawn also moved further up, and the group escorting the VIP wasn't aware of it and happily continued fighting their way forward. If we hadn't stopped them and told to move around while pointing their spawn out, they would've been annihilated Depending on the game it's good if the spawn point moves, but may need some additional thought put into which spawn goes where to prevent both being on top of each other.
  6. Ah, neat. Prisce, happen to have video from that day? Would love to see the view from the opposing side
  7. Ah, also blue Was anyone from here on the red side?
  8. Toilets were spacious and clean enough that you can change clothes there too, which is what I did after game day, food was good, though I think they may need to stock up on more drinks, seemed they were running low on Coke The nettings were indeed somewhat annoying at times, but as it's primarily a paintball field I didn't take too much issue of it (there's only so much you can do between games of different types, also depending how much staff there is to rearrange stuff). Battle Lakes is indeed larger. I've been there only once, but as an established site obviously there were lots more people there that day I went and therefore made good use of the large space. The thing I found a bit off putting with Battle Lakes is that everyone and their mum with a non-sniper rifle seemed to be quite trigger happy on full auto that day, even in very close range. Jedi_Master, which team were you on? I know Hippo/PT247 was blue, same team as me (if you remember, Hippo, you asked me if the cam on my boonie hat will wobble around or not. Turns out it doesn't or just a little bit when running. Did have it a bit side ways though for the first game, not centred unfortunately). Finishing up video of the first game some point today or tomorrow, and will link it here too. May just use voice over as well, not done that yet before
  9. So it did start out as a security issue but none that anyone has thought of it appears (didn't see any suggestions of possible DDoS anywhere, may have missed it though). At least data was safe during the situation
  10. What Samurai said, you really don't want that. (Unless you're a masochist or something and like pain ) Ideally shops would have an API you could query, but I doubt that it's a priority for retail shops nor is it probably not in their interest (works for hotels / flights etc. though)
  11. Somewhat similar to this, not? Shows stock of sites, but not the prices however.
  12. Just out of curiosity, surely the guards at Buckingham Palace are there for exactly that, guarding the palace. So why get separate soldiers in, if they have already a dedicated unit / regiment for that? (Don't know the actual size dedicated to it, so may be too small for current circumstance?)
  13. Yes, they know you, they know you play airsoft, that's enough of a defence really. As long as you can prove in one way or another you will use the purchased goods to play toy soldier at an airsoft field / event, it should be enough for defence cases. UKARA just happens to be the most widely one used, based off its creation when the VCRA was coming along. I don't have an active UKARA membership either, expired last year September, yet I can still buy stuff as my local shop knows me quite well, since we also play together they know it's not for a bellend wanting to cause issues /edit: Quickly to add: I am not a lawyer, or affiliated with UKARA. just speaking from experience and what has been told to me too by other players and retail folks.
  14. I doubt it's anything complex to begin with. In a nutshell, all it would need to do is match a unique ID number (your Ukara #) to your name/address/DOB and if it's still valid or not, and allow access to third parties (the retailers) through a secure backend (and perhaps some metrics if they want to). Nothing ground shaking or revolutionary really, especially not of the sort requiring a downtime of months.
  15. What the hell were they running that it became "incompatible with latest server requirements", why wasn't anything done before these upgrades took place to ensure no downtime happened? I would've thought it being one of the primary defence checking mechanisms for retailers, for which retailers pay an annual fee to access, there'd be a form of SLA in place ensuring uptime etc. What does "military security clearance" have to do with anything? Just because a programmer may have such clearance, doesn't mean he will know jack s..t about OS/DB/Web Security... Of course he may, but we can't see the credentials, nor can it necessarily be trusted that those responsible for taking the whole thing down without any checks/safeguards in place beforehand know how / what to look for?