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  1. Fourth episode of the series, "Blackboxing" and how to do it! Stay safe!
  2. Third episode on how to protect your NVG lens + the cool DIY NVG focus trick to get deeper depth of field, great for all around distances and close viewing as well! Enjoy and Merry Xmas everyone! ;-)
  3. Added second episode to the main post, a basic NVG helmet setup with some considerations on the dominant vs. non dominant eye debate and the B.A.C (Bindon Aiming Concept). Thx guys!
  4. What is up guys, I'm working a new series about night vision which is going to develop in about 5 or 6 episodes. I'm not gonna open a topic for each one of them but rather update this one when every episode is done, hope to have guessed to right section thanks.
  5. Thanks a lot guys, sorry I didn't know where else to post it
  6. AIRSOFT Vs MILSIM: Perspectives & Evolution as a Player