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  1. If they’re interested then cool, (it would depend on what access to sites they have to use them - and perhaps because we’re running the props on the sites then the players who use ours don’t need to buy their own) but don’t forget to balance off your time working on them & costs to build We’ve often had interest, but not when it comes to the cost they would have to pay
  2. Good luck with this There is a limited market with probably only site owners and event organisers as the customer base. We have a wide variety of devices and functioning props from very simple to complex and programmable devices to use as part of a mission or be the main scope of an entire game. We do have the benefit of an electronics professional in the team along with a collective of devious minds and inspiration from the players These have been used in our own Paintball & airsoft events, in other organisers events, on our home sites and even on TV
  3. Being innocent is insufficient grounds of wrongful arrest Its a matter of whether it was reasonable to arrest in the first place, and if they were detained for no longer than necessary
  4. Easier than you think, though the official disposals price is circa £150,000 for a scrap helicopter but they do find their way to scrap yards at prices that are more realistic around scrap value, and of course still need to get moved around on a flatbed Certain scrap yards will pick them up and sit on them for collectors and airsoft or paintball sites etc
  5. If you want to trade as a retailer then you really want to use a distributor. They will deal with the manufacturer / importing and you have a reasonable shipping time plus can use them to drop ship directly to customers If you want a bulk batch then ideally speak to a UK retailer and you would get a bulk deal with reasonable shipping Alibaba is an agent for wholesalers and depending on the item you could be looking at minimum order quantities of 100, 500, 1000 etc of a single item, Aliexpress is for smaller quantities and down to one item direct from the warehouse Remember that the cheapest price listed is for the largest minimum order and to take into account import vat/duty & fees (which will be due for bulk orders), though if you’re regularly importing quantities as a business you can make arrangements to get them straight through) You then wait a long time for delivery and have a lot of stock sitting, unless you have customers lined up and they are willing to wait
  6. What & where are these real looking plastic guns that babies can buy? Sounds like a RIF which is illegal to sell under the VCRA unless for uses listed in the VCRA defences. (If you know of a shop selling them then either give them a polite word to clear up their ignorance or call Trading Standards. Trading Standards tend to be very interested in the type of shop that sells dodgy cheap imports not to UK/European standards and in breach of legislation. The other guns you describe fall within firearms legislation (even if unlicenced) The VCRA is pretty much an anti chav law building on from anti-social behaviour legislation, and also deals with a variety of 'violent' offences including alcohol & football related violence & disorder, sexual offences including loopholes between the sexual offences acts of 1952 & 2003. It also deals with the issue of chavs etc posing with toy BB guns and getting involved with firearms police - it still happens that firearms police deal with youths flashing around BB guns. You're young - why is it that you can only play once every 3 months? Is it the cost, opportunity to play etc? Is your brother the only person you can go with for those reasons or the only person you currently know whos interested? () , football weapons
  7. There’s a bit of use of the word ‘defence’ as to the definition of ‘a defence’ under the VCRA and a seller defending themselves from prosecution under the act The OPs question was answered very early on: No, the OP does not need a VCRA defence to sell, but the OP is legally obliged under the act to ensure the buyer has a ‘defence’ as defined by the act. Failure to satisfactorily cover themselves can place them at risk of prosecution and a large figure sum affecting their wallet. (For the purposes of the OP having originally received the RIF. Either the giver handed it to the OP because they are an airsofters even though they have an injury- ticks the VCRA box, or the intent was always to rebuild and sell for one of the acts ‘defence’ purposes. Again ticks the VCRA box in line with any manufacturer or retailer who doesn’t need to be a skirmisher as they build, import, buy etc for the purpose of selling to a customer who would be expected to have a defence)
  8. Unless the seller is female/transgender/undecided/cannot be bound by gender identity Unless unless there is a legal qualification that ‘he’ is all inclusive abbreviation for he/she/whatever
  9. O Section 36 subsection 1 & 2 : A person is guilty of an offence if— (a)he manufactures a realistic imitation firearm; (b)he modifies an imitation firearm so that it becomes a realistic imitation firearm; (c)he sells a realistic imitation firearm; or (d)he brings a realistic imitation firearm into Great Britain or causes one to be brought into Great Britain. (2)Subsection (1) has effect subject to the defences in section 37. Section 36 absolutely covers the sale of RIFs in line with the section 37 defences - and no distinction between private or commercial sales
  10. Its in Totton .... so the wider Southampton area as opposed to in Southampton
  11. Don’t do ‘friends and family’ it’s a fee free method because it doesn’t have the escrow broker protection guarantee (though airsoft rifs are not in their terms). You don’t have to tell PayPal it’s a gun, and if it doesn’t arrive you don’t have to tell them it’s a gun. Just go straight to the dispute process if it goes wrong and say you have not received your item Either walk away because the alarm bells are ringing or pay a little extra to clear the fees Use the reverse fee calculator below to work out how much it will cost you for the seller to receive the agreed amount Also note that using your credit card does not protect you via paypal. They are a 3rd party and by giving the money to the seller then they have fulfilled the task so Credit card protection doesn’t apply to the seller being dodgy if you have not paid them with the card
  12. I’d say more ‘less likely to be seen at a car boot sale or army surplus shop’ A true ‘old fashioned army surplus shop’ will either have a warehouse full of old desert pattern kit or won’t be routinely getting any, (there have been recent sightings of fashion clothing / designer wear in desert pattern) But there was a lot of it about and stocks disposed, either the official way in bulk through DSA, from people’s attics, or the unofficial back door of the QMs I have or had a fair bit, most of which will be in a box in the garage, from trousers to smock. Im not giving up those trousers but can possibly be persuaded on other elements. (No idea what I’ve got still) You won’t be seeing much new arrivals of desert pattern at car boot sales etc (not only because they are cautious of the attention of the RMPs) but it’s not been issued since 2011 When people leave such as my boss who is de-kitting today many go into the garage or attic and take out the box load of multiple sets and hand it over. The QM cares about specific items and the individual cares about clearing their chit, there are a couple of things that he found having forgotten about which he wants to keep and as long as the QM crosses off everything on his chit and he doesn’t have to cart around old unwanted kit any more he doesn’t care. If anyone has a good stock of desert and of corpus isn’t interested then stick it in some dye and eBay it as rare limited edition pre-MTP for extra £
  13. I’ve always been fond of my desert trousers ..... often I’ve been pointed out as the odd ball with desert trousers and woodland DPM or a T-shirt up top and how I’ll stand out and be shot out constantly, to which my response is I don’t care and will wear what I’m comfortable in, PS camouflage clothing doesn’t work by making you invisible - you’re still a human being in clothing Later in the day it will be pointed out that I was right to have desert bottoms and green top because I vanish in the dry grass, or dry dusty ground and my top half fades into the background bushes etc ....... no, I’m still just comfortable, you aren’t looking at my legs no matter what colour they are and if I’m slowly moving or taking a position then I’m fading from view against anything else that’s moving and distracting your sight
  14. (I don’t know about this retailer) but it is still possible to have (or rent/occupy) retail premises and still be eligible to not be VAT registered. A small business and a very small premises, but still functioning walk in retail shop
  15. Turns out he’s right ..... Though the legislation isn’t stated, some may be ‘should do’ as opposed to ‘must do’ and would fall into the sale of goods act etc. That page is guidance on the web so can differ slightly from the absolute must dos of legislation Some may not apply, eg if the company / trader is small enough to not be VAT registered (in which case they cannot charge VAT and give a VAT receipt etc)