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  1. Just to be pedantic though - it’s not DIO Swynnerton, it’s MoD Swynnerton and DIO are the MoD branch responsible for infrastructure - build, fix and maintain the buildings and piece of land. DIO also hire out MoD property to put some money back in the purse Swynnerton is an Army training area, part of DTE
  2. On a paintball basis North vs South has been at Swynnerton since I think 2009 (I did my first NvS in 2007 and I think I went to the old venue twice) They take over Swynnerton for about a week or two to setup and fully clean down, and have the event over the weekend. It was the first Paintball big game on an active military training site and can use coloured paintballs. Paintball didn’t get the ability to use other active sites such as Sennybridge and Copehill Down until the availability of clear paintballs Warped are well established in using Swynnerton Paintfest aligned paintball and airsoft last year at NPF and are doing more again this year I would expect that NvS will continue to run airsoft alongside the Paintball for future years, the only reason I would see them not repeating is if no one turns up
  3. I captured half a fort once with an empty pistol, I had neglected to reload between games, realized I was ineffective so drew fire running bush to bush making noise Ran right up to the wall with a thud, leant over waving my pistol - do you want to surrender ? and they did !!!!
  4. There are things that can be done, but it’s responsible use that is required. Plastic isn’t necessarily the demon it is reported to be. On overall resources plastics can be very efficient, if you take the resources to make x number of plastic bags to x number of paper bags - or even bags for life. When we had carrier bags as a matter of routine Tesco’s brought in bio-degradable bags so that they would disintegrate over time - but then people complained because they were still reusing the bags We now have bags for life littering the streets, or being used once and then used as a bin bag Use and reuse then you’re getting the value out of the resources With power we still use the worlds resources and the cleanest power is available for nuclear energy, it has a long life but can be managed and is sustainable The ‘green’ world is led by commerce, and private enterprise making the most of subsidies I had a few green visits in one of my old jobs and it got pretty depressing about the better things for the environment being trumped by the commercially viable. Bristol had a ‘green’ incinerator system paid for by the council but they couldn’t afford to use it. We raised the awkward question as to why this green incinerator which took in waste and sent out electricity, heating and sold fine dust to construction, but next door the old dirty incinerator was spewing smoke with a queue of council bIn lorries. The answer was that the company ‘trialling’ it on behalf of the council was raking in the profit with hospital waste, police evidence destruction (after the cases - porn, drugs, weapons etc) and industrial waste The capacity was fully taken and everyone was paying for the privilege The company closed when the trial ended - and moved on into other ‘green’ companies to take other subsidies Trying to do something is a good thing, and it’s the title things that count but second thoughts do need to be considered
  5. Spray cans are easy and simple, an airbrush is more consistent. But with an airbrush you do need to swap and clean between colours. With spray cans you can ignore the rules of painting and quickly change from can to can - you should spray thin layers and let them settle but depending on the results you want you can cheat on some layers and blend
  6. I’m not familiar with that ‘brand’, but they look familiar and often spray cans are rebranded. Probably fine Paintball and airsoft are included in the title just with description spamming. But paint is paint, the difference is what is best suited to the material and how resilient a finish you want However you could pay less for a known good paint such as Halfords at £7.99 for 300ml. Not every branch stocks the camouflage ranges but the manager won’t say no to a sale and will order it in Krylon is a commonly used brand I’ve painted things in the past just using whatever paint is available, ideally in matt, often car or model paint, and in colours you wouldn’t necessarily associate with a camouflage scheme. I used a very bright green once as a basis for a paint job and just oversprayed various colours - bright green plus tans, browns and greys.
  7. The approved colours are listed in this thread:
  8. The business needs insurance that covers its liability for responsibilities over its staff and the customer For appropriate situations such as trips & falls your shop displays fall down and crush your customer, and anything business specific Not holding the shop liable for what their customers do, but insuring the customers from anything the shop is liable for
  9. @Pepgamer4u Here’s you opportunity, tell us about yourself Is there a reason why you keep making all these threads and posts with repetition of the question and what could be answered with a browse around ? Are you a young keen kid who’s just excited about airsoft? spamming everyone for a laugh? or something else?
  10. good 2tone guns
  11. My knees are screwed, my back aches, my lungs have lost capacity, I can sprint in bursts, and I’m getting on to 50 Just do it You may be capable or you may not You may love it or you may hate it Only one way to find out Whats the worst that can happen ? you fall over and break old man hips, but then get new ones fitted
  12. There is a market for ‘experiences’, so partnered with a site you could run some. We have had an ex instructor on the team so have had him do some interpreting of skills and applying them to games. In that way ‘military tactics’ can be applied to game play with the reinterpretation to the circumstances and the player being able to quick think for the situation, as opposed to copying/directly applying ‘military tactics’ We’ve run a few experience games with customers as applying some skills such as working together pepperpotting / fire & manouver, CQB stacking for entry & room clearance etc, and interpreting the situation. Such as a defenders advantage and the need for attacker’s to push and be fast & aggressive. Balancing that with the advantage of gaining some ground but the risk of your ‘life’ If you’ve got to get into a building then you’re going to lose players, if you’re going to burst in and sacrifice yourself are you going to lose all that effort while you’re away respawning or are others going to be able to hold & push further on making it worthwhile (or are there other factors such as medics to follow you etc) You can put together an ‘experience’ session giving people off the street a day out. This can be good fun to disregard game rules such as being out when hit, but to put them in a mission situation and tell them that they aren’t hit unless you tell them ..... eg: 1) give lessons in the basics of stacking up and entering, then room clearance. 2) have them do a sequence run through up against picture targets etc (possibly choosing to shoot the bad guys & rescue then good guys/hostages) 3) another run through with defenders shooting at them, but they keep on going even if shot, (probably have the defenders fire some shots then pull back, so the attacker’s are invincible but have to halt and fight) 4) have a game or games with the players up against each other applying the skills they have just learned, but now having to take their hits etc
  13. Section 36 1b You cannot repaint, remove paint or otherwise modify an IF to a RIF You could paint a bright red IF into a bright blue IF but not to Matt red as that wouldn’t qualify as an IF The act doesn’t specify how the IF is painted so you could redesign the paint scheme as long as more than 50% one of the specified colours (it doesn’t necessarily require one colour to make more than 50% but then you would be testing the interpretation of the law) It is legal to temporary cover the bright colour to play at a skirmish, eg using tape camoform wrap, get wrap etc It is also felt to be legal to repaint or remove paint once you have a Defence under the act 36Manufacture, import and sale of realistic imitation firearms (1)A person is guilty of an offence if— (a)he manufactures a realistic imitation firearm; (b)he modifies an imitation firearm so that it becomes a realistic imitation firearm;
  14. Under the VCRA the colours are specified, and strictly speaking they aren’t two tone but >50% in one of the bright colours, or clear Unless you are selling a RIF to someone without a defence under the VCRA then you don’t need to paint it (or the seller has a RIF and is painting it to become an IF to sell to you) The VCRA doesn’t cover possession so if you have a RIF you don’t need to paint it Subsection 4 gives the Secretary of State a power to make regulations specifying dimensions and colours that will be regarded as unrealistic. This is designed to provide business with a degree of certainty over what they can trade in. The aforementioned Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 (Realistic Imitation Firearms) Regulations 2007 specify the following dimensions and colours: a height of 38mm and a length of 70mm. An imitation firearm with dimensions less than this is to be regarded as unrealistic transparent bright red bright orange bright blue bright yellow bright green bright pink bright purple
  15. €80 and budget don’t compute to me A standard Army style belt, at approx 50mm will do the job. Such as. 58 pattern belt which has rivets around it and pin holes to accept and secure a range of pouches, and can also take MOLLE / ALICE pouches. They can be bought for as little as £5 or around £10 / £15