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  1. I forgot to mention, it’s pretty much an anti-terror convention with a competition included So they will film and show it, but probably won’t be so keen on letting TV crews hang around
  2. On a televised game show format there isn’t much call for it. There have been ‘combat’ game shows using Paintball, two key ones being ‘mission Paintball’ and ‘x-fire’ Mission Paintball was by L!ve TV / Bravo and featuring the ‘punter’ style of Paintball and giving a fairly accurate portrait of what people experience when turning up, using a mix of body cams and mobile cameramen (Even featuring an international tournament at Crystal Palace in the finale) it was a budget / late night / cable channel. The owner of which would always say he doesn’t need to pay for presenters and camera crews to go out again followed by lots of editing because he could just repeat it every now and then X-fire was a heavily scripted game show with competitors vs ‘grunts’ and ‘bosses’ The grunts would hold back the players just a bit before ‘dieing’, quite often it was clear that the grunts randomly died because the players weren’t progressing with the script Due to the scripting it was better at televising what was going on by focusing the storyline This was a series of themed scenarios There was supposed to be a second series, but it got cancelled (depending on what viewing of series one you saw as it was split in half as two series instead of one due to timing and world events in 2001) Then there are many programmes such as ‘SAS are you tough enough’, ‘top shot’ and an abundance of American shows to fill their cable channels For a tv company its hard to draw the attention of the viewer and ensure the action is featured, complete with the high expense in time of camera crews and editing
  3. In real life there is the Special Forces competition in Jordan - Annual Warrior
  4. Posting within UK should not be an issue But be aware that there are specific postage methods such as parcel force Go onto the Royal Mail / parcel force websites and check the prohibited and restricted items lists Do have a search of the forum, there has been a recent question about a lost package and it’s insurance cover There are specifics on whether an airsoft gun is considered a low power airgun or a firearm etc
  5. Do the absolute minimum to it Stens were bulk built and sent around the world. Though there are pretty pictures of silenced versions etc the main use of the MkII was as it came and the option being a leather hand guard for the barrel Rather than just picking a cosmetic mod find some examples of it being used in photos for a loadout style — are you commando, para,commonwealth, resistance, etc and see if it would be right to have a variation A wooden stock wouldn’t really be right unless you’re going to modify it to a different mark
  6. More of my thoughts on launchers here:
  7. As an organiser it sets off alarm bells to me for players to be firing pyro as opposed to throwing pyro. It would be something that I would want in controlled circumstances, such as a launcher handed over by a Marshall I haven’t used or seen Tag explosive rounds in the flesh so can’t comment much Unless I’ve tried one and gone through the possibilities of it going wrong then I’m wary In Paintball one of the retailers imported and marketed this type of thing (I think it was the TAG rounds but can’t be sure from memory) Questions were asked on their safety, and also if they were UK/EU approved for recreation (or even approved at all) and he withdrew them Bear in mind that in Paintball full face masks are worn, but in airsoft it’s often likely to be glasses only. This brings more risk to a launched explosive hitting or being close to a face, even if a very minor bang On the basis of an underslung grenade launcher, they do sound and look cool but in practice they are a weight with little effect Unless the game objectives and rules take it into account then they have little use
  8. I do believe that you have just summed up business case in far fewer words then the Staff Officer used to justify bringing in a DMR requirement into core after the operational UOR
  9. Ditto British Army, but translate Steyr to SA80 I’m not so sure on the specific doctrine, but specialist sniper rifle for the specialist stuff and standard SA80 for the personal weapon
  10. Update - my Italian isn’t very good but with a quick search of a few sites €60 looks like a fair price for Italy
  11. I don’t know about the HPA mods and inline regulator €60 sounds a little bit pricey to me for a 48ci 3000psi, but that may be pricing in your area. (That’s around £50 here) For the cylinder see if you can shop around through Paintball retailers in case you are paying extra for ‘airsoft’ But it might be the right price in your country as it’s not very different, and even here you could pay around £50 for one I didn’t notice you were abroad when I made the note about 10 year testing or unlimited life on aluminium’s, so make sure you are legally compliant locally if you keep them that long
  12. Check out this guide if you have not already done so: Have a look at air safety information from the UKPSF: Get familiarization from someone who knows about filling cylinders and about the specific fill station you will be using You will need an airsoft regulator (for the purposes of this post I’ll xall that the ‘inline regulator’ to step the pressure right down to a suitable working pressure for your gun. This means that you don’t need to worry about any special regulator on the cylinder itself, keep it simple and don’t worry about SLP cylinder regulators - these are nieche market regulators and can be counter prodctive by being too slow at refreshing your inline regulator. Again don’t worry about fibre wrapped cylinders etc. For the bigger size and higher 4500psi pressure capability you pay more money at about £150 for the cylinder & it’s regulator in comparison to a standard 3000psi aluminum cylinder at about £40 The maximum 3000psi or 4500psi capacity of the cylinder has no bearing on how it operates your gun. A typical fibre cylinder is lighter than the equivalent sized aluminum cylinder, but not by a lot to justify £100. You can get a noticeable weight difference if you get an ultralight cylinder but are then paying more likely £200 for the cylinder with regulator Fibres have a typical lifetime of 15 years before they should be scrapped and need hydro testing every 5 years at between £15 and say £40 not counting any postage, probably an average of £25. So you are now looking at £200 over 15 years Drop or bash a fibre cylinder and scuff it’s coating and I’ll reject it for filling The true benefits of carbon fibre in paintball is the right size and balance to fit the ergonomics of the individual with their gun using the cylinder as a stock As soon as you take it off the guns and use a remote line you have just discarded those benefits Aluminiums have an unlimited lifetime as long as you hydrotest then every 5 or 10 years. But at about £40 new you may as well replace it (Note that most documentation and markings say 5 years, but in the UK the legal requirement for a true aluminum 3000psi cylinder is 10 years or a 13ci aluminum cylinder is exempt from hydro testing. Not all sites / organizers will accept the 10 year or unlimited timeframe and will err on the side of safety and allow you only 5 years. If it’s one of my events and I’m the air checker then I will allow 10 years / unlimited subject to my visual opinion on condition Scratch the paint on an aluminum cylinder and I won’t care 4500psi cylinders give you 50% more air as long as you have 4500psi fills available But if you have air fills on site then why bother carrying a big bulky bottle when a 13ci cylinder will be perfectly fine? If you don’t have air fills available on site then I would be less inclined to want to carry a realistic style gun, with a hose and big air cylinder when you could just as well put a battery in it (Also if you don’t have air fills on site then buying 2 standard 3000psi cylinders gives you double the capacity just by swapping cylinders at £80 for the pair as opposed to only 50% more for £150) Summary / your questions: What size? I would say a 13ci 3000psi is nice and convenient otherwise a standard 48ci 3000psi (I don’t know what shot capacity you would get) Aluminium or carbon fiber? Aluminium Difference between SLP and HP cylinder? No difference, only the fitted regulator output pressure and possible higher cost Regulators? Just use the standard cylinder regulator and then go for a suitable inline regulator to step down the pressure for your gun Buying the cylinder Shop around, it may cost you more for a cylinder from an airsoft retailer, go to a paintball retailer and you may pay less for the same item Even better buy it in a real physical shop it you can to save on postage and to take a peek at the manufactured date to get the newest possible from the stock as they may be a few months or a year old on the shelf
  13. I haven’t experienced these popups in this forum, but a different forum I use has occasional surges of similar popups. The admins there traced many of them to specific advertisers which accounted for the sudden surges. Another strange trend they found was when members were on WiFi (both public and private) rather than on mobile data To help out admins it’s an idea to post up what system you use to browse, and if you’re willing / manage to spot it highlight what adverts you are getting on the forum at around the same time (remember that a lot of internet advertising is targeted in line with your browsing history, so if you have secrets you might not want to highlight the adverts you get !) In my case I mostly browse on an iPhone, some of the time on a windows laptop and I haven’t experienced these popups. Currently I’m getting Citroen adverts
  14. In the real military world a sniper is a highly skilled individual, who isn’t defined by a specific long range rifle but by their combined skills in the science of shooting to predict the effect of various factors (wind over long range being only one of them), concealment, observation etc and the ability to work independently (but most likely in pairs) Traditionally in conventional army’s the sniper doctrine becomes less important as time moves on from the last war and skills are lost due to the amount of initial training required plus constant practice and refinement. Then a war crops up and the gap in skills is discovered. The designated marksman is a better than average shot who is handed a weapon which sits somewhere between standard weapon and ‘sniper’ rifle. They are spread among units for wider utilisation but without the extreme skills training/practice of a sniper. Unless going for strict milsim then in the game environment may or may not support a ‘marksman’ or ‘snipers’ skills. If it’s a 30 minute game then the ability to stay hidden and accurately shoot targets in a limited area or observe what is happening is unlikely to be of much value - the mad Rambo who runs towards the opposite sides home area and gets shot out may gain more ‘intel’ in a few mad seconds and respawn in time to pass on the information then the stealthy sniper who manages to sneak up close enough to see the oppositions home just in time for game over Dead men don’t talk, but respawners may have good memories But in an all day long game then the stealthy guy can hide away near a good spot observing and passing on information back to the ‘commander’ whilst popping the odd sneaky shot every now and then How a sniper, marksman or average guy contribute to a team can vary considerably by individual and game type
  15. £100 is the standard insurance, enter the higher value and they offer ‘enhanced insurance’ eg using Parcel Force online for a big 6kg parcel on 48 hour delivery it came out at £16.40 then offered me an extra £12.75 to cover the £500 value