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  1. Ok so rather specific I know but I wanted to ask here in case any of you lot had them laying around. I need a new set of receiver pins due to losing the screw for the rear pin, a replacement screw would also do but they're bloody tiny haha. I also need a replacement screw/nut that holds the buffer tube in place so that I can attatch my stock. Finally, I think I need one of the little catches that hold the dust cover closed? Let me know if you guys can help -Sean
  2. Unfortunately the 715 is in a bit of a state at the moment. Since it was announced it seems as though the low/high power versions colour schemes got mixed up when you're talking about EW/American models and since they came out patrolbase has had the exact same f*cking power readings for both models (I have mentioned this to them and was told that the readings were correct. AFAIK; if you have the "low power" 715 you can use the normal shells. But seeing as there's not much solid proof laying around I haven't bought one yet.
  3. Hmm, hand is getting there. Almost time to get back to sniping.

  4. So I've got a project gun heading my way, I want some options when it comes to flash hiders/suppressors. I currently have a G&G UMG complete with the silencer (works a treat makes it almost silent), so i've been looking for a way to be able to use the silencer for a sneaky approach. First thought was rip the flash hider off a dead UMP and somehow stick it on so i can use the quick detatch dilencer. However some googling has shown me this. It says on here the flash hider is 14mm CCW, however does anyone know where I can get JUST the flash hider on it's own? My Google-fu is weak -Sean
  5. Price? Don't give us none of that "sensible offers" crap, we have rules lol That aside, nice shooter
  6. True that, for ages I had no sling for my sniper, so when I needed my pistol I just shot it 1 handed or placed the primary on the floor/tree/log/mud. Sling does come in handy when reloading mags though. Honestly I could have carried on playing with my UMP, I didnt have to buy a fully kitted out VSR, I didn't have to upgrade the UMP to 350FPS/shiny internals, i certainly didn't "need" to buy a pistol. I regret nothing...
  7. Honestly apart from the TDC mod mine looks completely stock. Casual clothes all the time though, the best camo is to hide in plain sight! The best way to troll other players is to tag them 3 times while they look around wondering if they got shot or not, a .45g BB to the exposed areas usually encorouges them
  8. To be honest you'll have to crawl through youtube for a strip down video. If it's an m4 it should be a v2 gearbox but I have no idea they've been standard for so you could be out of luck unless someone has stripped down your specific one. Watch a few videos if you can't find a specific one for your model that way you'll get the gist of what you need to do. Honestly the gearboxes aren't hard. they can just be fiddly. If you aren't mechanically/tech minded just get someone who is to do it for you. (For a fee of course ) Start with this video if you like, use the forum search feature if you have any questions. Chances are there's already a thread!
  9. All of these questions you can answer for yourself to be honest. Best thing for you to do is head to your local site, ask them what the walk on fee is. So long as you have eyepro and/or full face protectection (and your weapon), you're fine. You can decide after the day if you need to upgrade your gun although with it being that old I suspect it could do with a service at the least
  10. Expensive? Yeah can be, but sh*t this is a hobby. If you enjoy it then it's down to you. If you want a free hobby why not start collecting cans off the street for recycling or something lol. For me the main constraint is shift work. Forever stuck on either Wed-Sat or Sun-Wed shifts. I work nights so it's either go play airsoft after working all night or go work after airsofting all day. I've done both, definately prefer the after work shift as I can get home and collapse after a hard days snipin
  11. I'd definately be up for making some videos, if I could legit play every 2 weeks I'd have sorted out a scopecam etc by now but such is the life of shift work haha.
  12. Haha I think this may have been me, I was crouched at the little barricade outside peacocks, may have dumped half a clip at you while you where sat on the box a couple of times waiting for a better target Was a great night guys, glad to meet the lot of you. Been asleep the last 2 days I was exhausted
  13. Hey Oli, sounds good to me, send me a pm we can sort it out through there What did it use to be?
  14. Same as on here, profile pic included Usually online when i'm around, will be going back onto night shift early May but i'll still be around a while
  15. Bumpitty