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  1. Last time I played airsoft there was a guy running around the woodland in a chicken suit, is he an idiot too? Or should we all agree only multicam is allowed?
  2. But they look f*cking cool when you're running a pistol in the tunnels and there's a ton of smoke from flashbangs.
  3. Might be that it just needs a breaking in period? make sure it's properly lubed and sit there racking it for half an hour or so make sure it's nice and smooth
  4. Indeed, if it's fairly old you could chuck a new hop up rubber in it but i'd stick with the stock TM ones. My Gold Match has never let me down....apart from when I didn't lube it for nearly a year and the slide stopped locking back. Still works perfectly now!
  5. I recently got myself a WE ACE VD (SVD GBBR), it's a bit worn out but honestly I'm upgrading it anyway, looking around for an A+ TKO valve in stock at the moment but running a few shots few my chrono it's averaging about 1.6J on .25s so it should be good once I wack in the new barrel and sort out any air leaks to get the consistency up. Still waiting for the barrel and scope mount to come through but man, I can't stop playing with it it's just gorgeous and once I get this thin running how I want it's going to be an absolute BEAST of a DMR. then of course there's always the option to HPA tap a few mags
  6. Can't find these things in stock anywhere. Anyone know where i'm likely to find one?
  7. Aye it'd definately count as manufacturing I guess. Not sure what the legality would be if the old slide was broken and unworking. Just get the defense I guess, easy enough.
  8. Going on your own shouldn't feel odd at all, especially if you're going to your local site. I've only gone to airsoft with mates a total of 3 times, however by now I know a good 90% of all the regulars (at least i know them as "the guy with LEDs on his muzzle to simulate muzzle flash, the sniper dude with camo wrap" etc) and the marshals are always good for a laugh. Most of everyone will happily chat sh*t with anyone during game breaks or in the respawn area while reloading etc. I'd probably learn more of their names. But seeing as most of them I only recognise through their kit/weapon during games there's not much point to me unless they ask (i'm terrible at remembering peoples names)
  9. xD fair enough, Guess i'll just use it as a cool AF paperweight
  10. Ooh, cheers this could work. only problem is keepting the nozzle extension with it when i'm not using it haha.
  11. Rather than make a new topic i'll hijack this one. Started uploading videos of my games if anyone is interested in watching
  12. I bought one of these that looks like your typical frag grenade. Has all the markings and such. However the nozzle was too short to reach into my hi-capa mags to gas them up so it remains a cool looking paperweight on my desk at home lol
  13. Currently working a Wednesday-Saturday night shift so it's either book a day off or go play extremely tired lol. Been to two of the forum games at the mall arranged by Trig. Both times have been an absolute blast. I'm hoping I can get this upcoming promotion in September which will move me to a Tue-Friday shift which will enable me to be able to play more airsoft. But yeah I have trouble getting my friends to even come round when they say they will lol. Best way to do it would be as said earlier. Non refundable deposit. No event unless you get the minimum players booked. Looking forward to if/when the next forum game happens Def need to check out Holmbush sometime with you as well PT -Sean
  14. Been looking all around for information on this thing. There's 1 video on youtube where apparently it blows the adjustment screw out down the barrel within 10 shots which seems a bit off to me but apparently the RA tech NPAS just doesn't work very well in the rifle i'm planning on getting (WE ACE-VD) whereas the A+ TKO does. Anyone have any experience with these at all? (Link btw: )
  15. What a load of sh*t, sure I agree with imposing restrictions on stuff like hunting/camping knives etc but plain old kitchen knives? What's next, I know why not an individual serial number and built in fingerprint recognition on every set sold so they can be tracked. /s Sure ensure signature/ID checking upon delivery so that we don't get delivery to under 18s but doesn't matter what you do because I garuantee you I could get hold of a knife no matter how strict you make the process. How about instead of getting more retarded with the rules be more strict on the punishments, give the criminals something to actually be worried about getting caught instead of just making it harder for the average joe who just wants a decent knife set for cooking rather than the crap they sell down ASDA.