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  1. Hey Oli, sounds good to me, send me a pm we can sort it out through there What did it use to be?
  2. Same as on here, profile pic included Usually online when i'm around, will be going back onto night shift early May but i'll still be around a while
  3. Bumpitty
  4. I'd love to get this to be honest, add me on steam if you guys like i'd be more than happy to join you guys for a game sometime.
  5. Google maps bitch
  6. PT said he's able to do food so I'll be joining him as he'll be giving me a lift. Best to have him confirm though. Does it need to be booked? I'm fine with a chippy van round the corner from the siteif i'm honest
  7. Ok well count me in if it happens, no biggie though if not Looks like me and PT will be joining for food at least
  8. Likely another Versys 1000, stupidly destroyed the first one (and my wrist) by crashing into a wall leaving work and I need a way to get into work as I do night shift, an expensive mistake for sure but live and learn eh.
  9. So no raffle then? aight. My hand is still a bit weak at the moment but definately still attending. Gonna be rocking my pistol gonna be giving it a thorough service as i realised i've never once lubed it and it was causing the slide to not lock back on empty haha. This is gonna be good :D. As for food I am unsure what time I will be arriving. I'll send PT a message see if he wants to get food or just get there for the shooting
  10. Bought my sniper off a guy on here, thing shoots like a laser and constantly outsnipes other people. So long as you're careful you shouldn't get ripped off through here what with the feedback etc. Plus the regulars who call people out when they shitpost a gun and ask for more than it's worth
  11. Unfortunately I do, i'm too lazy to walk anywhere and I hate public transport haha
  12. Damn, would have had this straight off you if i wasn't expecting to pay a deposit for a new bike soon
  13. Yo, yeah add me in for the raffle as well. Ok to pay when I arrive?
  14. Wouldn't say sorted, Pt has offered a lift from Crawley area so I need to sort out a way to get home from there, I work in the area so should sort something out Might ask my roommate if he can pick me up from there
  15. Thanks for the warning, don't expect me to hold fire either if that's the case Unsure about food, depends what time I get there