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  1. Bring it
  2. Should be able to do that at least PT cheers, Shall work something out closer to the time reloading could be a bitch haha, i'd still kick trig's arse though
  3. I was thinking more a way to get up there as my bike is off the road as well, insurance picking it up today for inspection. I was planning on pistol only anyway. But yeah depends on how long it takes to fix the bike (aswsuming its not a write off) and if i can physically ride it haha.. Unless someone wants to give me a lift from worthing area?
  4. haha, unfortunately there is a possibility that I wont be able to make it. Had a bit of an accident on my bike and well...see the pic haha. I shall do my best to join you guys even if im not at my best
  5. Need more cannon fodder
  6. What model is the MP7?
  7. Heh I have no idea what FPS my Gold Match is shooting at, I think it's pretty close to 350 but it's a stock TM Always great fun that gun, all goes well I'll probably be running a dual pistol setup. What can I say I love pistols and sniping Wouldn't mind a small SMG like a TMP/Mac10 etc but no point if i can't spray like a gangstar with that 90 degree lean
  8. Haha i'd love to run my sniper at the mall but it's fully upgraded running 490 on .2s Might sting a bit
  9. Hey dude, yeah it looks good. Not too bothered about the working part as I wanted something to tinker around with in my spare time. How much where you thinking? Was hoping to find something around £50/60 (hence asking for broken stuff haha). Let me know via PM if you want as it should email me. -Sean
  10. Hey now, we all like easy targets. Take me for example, tall, fat, hasn't really got a clue of the layout of the mall. I'm gonna get slaughtered and I'm looking forward to it xD
  11. If we get anyone who's that good surely we can just stick an eye patch over his dominant eye and make him do the one in the chamber challenge all night Also we have to have him shout "RELOADING" every time at the top of his lungs..
  12. - All sales must have an asking price.
  13. Make: Any Gun/Model: M4 Preferred Desired Condition: Any, the more broken the better Desired FPS: Any Swaps/Part Exchange: No Budget: Depends on the rifle Looking for something to play around with, want to make myself a sleeper that i can loan to a friend, something that looks utter shite but murders people on the day. What have you got laying around? Not bothered on condition prefer something that's broken as I enjoy tinkering.
  14. Good luck with that, pretty sure it hasn't been released yet.