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  1. Make: Any Gun/Model: M4 Preferred Desired Condition: Any, the more broken the better Desired FPS: Any Swaps/Part Exchange: No Budget: Depends on the rifle Looking for something to play around with, want to make myself a sleeper that i can loan to a friend, something that looks utter shite but murders people on the day. What have you got laying around? Not bothered on condition prefer something that's broken as I enjoy tinkering.
  2. Good luck with that, pretty sure it hasn't been released yet.
  3. Simple response to a guy like that is "If the MP5 is so good why did they remove it when they released CS:GO?" Game, set, match I'm all for being a gun enthusiast but honestly all that's happening is we're playing with cool looking air guns. I'm fine with that at least when I shoot someone I get to do it again 2 minutes later. Honestly I think the (airsoft) AA12 could be a cool support weapon with the drum mag, I'd like to play around with one but I won't be buying one.
  4. PM'd
  5. I wasn't thinking juggernaught that sh*t is gay, I was thinking more along the lines of hide and seek type game mode, not allowed to shoot him just run away, obviously some sort of rule needed where the player would need to keep on moving so as to avoid camping etc. As far as TTT goes (the game mode), it's fun in video games but doesn't really work in RL in my opinion, I would try it out but I doubt it would work very well due to how it's played. Fun-fact I was part of the original group that came up with the game mode in Garry's Mod/Zombie Master Also I would buy a raffle ticket, why not could be a laugh I never win anything anyway
  6. Oh god, a full-auto unkillable dual mac-10 wielding clown running about laughing his face off wasting everyone would be utterly terrifying. Imagine having a survival mode where it's 1vall last person surviving gets to be the clown next round.....might have an idea here
  7. Nice, I bought it this morning, ended up spending an hour an 40 minutes clearing the first mission on hard, ended up going to bed late for work and only getting 5 hours sleep (night shift :D) Definitely recommend it, always loved sniping and the previous games appealed to me but the linearity put me off a bit. Only played the first 2 missions now but it's jolly good fun. Hit me up on steam if you wanna try the co-op campaign
  8. Sounds fun, I only partially know the layout of the mall having played there once so i'll likely be following others around. I was thinking of getting a small GBB SMG like the tmp or MP7 but seeing as it'll be single shot only I think come payday i'm gonna get myself the TM desert eagle and run a dual pistol setup. I think the game modes we had last time were all pretty fun, the terminator one was pretty boss.
  9. Could always swap the team up a bit if they're one-sided. How about anyone getting more than 3 kills per death has to downgrade to pistol only? xD
  10. Sniper Elite 4 looks like it might be good, anyone else thinking of getting it? Co-Op hardest difficulty anyone?
  11. f*ck it i'll jump on this bandwagon, I'll review anything, cocaine, hookers, I hear we're getting the new plastic £10 notes soon send me a few bundles of those over i'll review that too.
  12. Lol, he messaged me back last week apologising for the late reply. No matter, bumping as i've edited the original post. Quite want one of those Modelworks stocks as well.
  13. Nice one, should still have your details in my PMs but if I can't find it i'll let you know
  14. Alright if I sort you out my payment on the 25th of Feb Trig? Tis my payday then i'm skint till then.
  15. Ok who sneezed and fucked up the website?