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  1. Hi Marc, Sorry to hear that bud, if you need a bunch of angry emails sent let us know James
  2. It is for the bolle blast which is a digger insert not sure if that put them off.
  3. Without copying the whole email I said I needed an insert glazed that sits inside some goggles. I was careful with my wording.
  4. 1 Green and 1 grey please. Let me know pay details
  5. Because I emailed glasses direct and they refused too and I have a game next week and some days I get impatient
  6. Vision express are f*cking expensive. 60 quid. But I paid it because specsavers wouldnt do it.
  7. Depends on the site. Red1 chislehurst is a small mainly cqb site but there are places where a sniper can be ridiculously effective. However somewhere that is largely indoors it would probably be wasted.
  8. I would be up for 1. Especially if it meant newer people and members recognised it and felt more confident approaching me for a chat!
  9. Depends who's asking... if its my wife about a grand. Honestly probably a bit more...
  10. Sorry to be very late to the party but Red1 Chislehurst you can get to by public transport and wouldnt be to bad (i make my way from shepherds bush to get there). My next game is 4th march if you want a friendly face
  11. I go to Red 1 Chislehurst every month/ 6 weeks. More than happy to give you a go of my mp5/Ak47 for a game or the m4 on the range if you want to try a few before buying. Next game I will be at is 4th March
  12. Oh yeah f*ck carrying the kitchen sink but I prefer the uniforms on purely wht I find practical as they tend to have good size pockets, with molle pouches dont slide about, etc. Anyway not expecting you to change your mind and turn up head to toe in mtp Personally at Red1 I hae found it easier to spot the people in hoodies as appose to darker camo like flektarn ad dpm but that could just be my eyes. Anyway all's fair in love and airsoft
  13. In my opinion, I think a lot of military gear is relevant for airsoft, afterall the job of military gear is to optimise an individuals ability to run around and shoot people. I think there are some common themes. Of course you will always get people that are captan overkill and I got pissed of with a guy in ghillie that couldn't feel his hit. Then he took off the hood and was about 12 and I felt bad but I digress. It doesnt matter if its airsoft or monopoly some c*nt (normally my brother) is cheating. We can just try and embrace the majority of the community. In answer to the OP for inspiration I found a great site called google images. Or go to military first to find the name of the camo you like then find it on ebay
  14. I asked for permission for moreguns from the mrs. Looks like I'll be asking for forgiveness instead!