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  1. I asked for permission for moreguns from the mrs. Looks like I'll be asking for forgiveness instead!
  2. Red 1 chislehurstis my reguar site but wont be there until Jan now.
  3. There are pages of info on here depending what you want and budget. The short of it is. TM do good gbb pistols a glock 17 are everywhere but are good little pistols The hi-capa range have been praised for reliability. We do metal ones but they arent as good as TM. Bit are around 30 quid cheaper.
  4. Fire support sent me an in stock email yesterday for krytacs no idea what thier warranty is.
  5. From what I have heard next krytac delivery is due in March. I would email Shield to confirm. Pro airsoft supplies supplied my crb mkii but they are gone now.
  6. Wow seems a bit of a necropost but credit where credits due. Ordered a Krytac, picked up in store, lovely bunch of guys on the shop floor. Offered me use of a testing range and to pick up anything I liked on display. The bag I had wasnt long enough so they wrapped in in black plastic. Overall will be going back especially when its so close to work!
  7. Revision lens clothes I use these, i need to use them every couple of games but overall quite good.
  8. I got mine from hobbyking the b6 doesnt come with a powerlead so had to order it seperately. Charger £20, 4 lipos at £15 each and the lead £10 and a tamiya adaptor for another few quid. All in all with shipping it was around £100
  9. I strongly object to the use of the phrase "mong of airsofters" I think we established on another thread a group of airsofters is a "cockwomble of airsofters".
  10. And know you have ke researching r85s! Doess your local site do single shot only rounds if so I would be careful of the l85 model even the seller has a no backsies clause if the selector switch dies. https://www.airsoftworld.net/two-tone-army-armament-r85a1-l85a1.html And it may be an issue they have resolved now but it looks like a few years back they were k own to strip pistons Which if your not familiar with the workings of an AEG it is a problem And a more recent article that suggests the piston problem isnt solved https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://frenchie35.wordpress.com/2013/02/21/the-army-r85-a-tale-of-upgrades/amp/&ved=0ahUKEwj__56KiJ3XAhWPaVAKHQl_AEMQFgibATAY&usg=AOvVaw2kdCsqP-KltKMGOC6Bs8GK&ampcf=1 And another older article that suggests despite first imppressions the update says it broke. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/reviewpost/showproduct.php/product/788/title/army-armament-r85-a1/cat/16 I havent watched the youtubers as I have done this on a train to work. But I would be wary who the tuber is backed by and are they indeed unbiased?
  11. Metal isnt just metal aswell, as ridiculous as it sounds but you dont make an aeroplane from lead and a skyscraper from copper. Just because it is metal doesnt mean it wont be 'pot' metal and bend and break anyway. The internals of a gun are what really matter performance wise and a full metal CYMA with stripped gears is just a wall hanger. You seem fairly hell bent on that r85 but I am afraid I dont know enough about it to advise.
  12. Build quality. G&G have a while load of reviews that commend its quality. CYMA reviews start more with "it didnt suck like I expected it to". To be honest the CYMA M4s are relatively new and there are OK reviews but general consensus is why get something that might be as good as a basic G&G.
  13. Oi! I am am upstanding member of the community thank you very much!
  14. On the cheap end of the spectrum I got my buddy a JG G36c and he is incredibly happy with it however I know thier quality control can be hit and miss so although he got a good one I wont promise that to you. I have a CYMA AK the CM.028 which is OK nothing wow but shoots reliably. I also have a CYMA mp5 that can be got from Taiwangun.com with a UKARA membership for circa £140. I like it a lot for what it is. Hope my experience is useful but all my purchases were made based on a thread on here called womething like "Ian's guide to noobism on a budget".
  15. I don't know if its worth it but UKAPU said they managed to influence airsoft related law when it came to new law changes. Maybe if they have any political influence they can stop what happened to you happening again to anyone?