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  1. So following a flat fire the insurance has paid out so I have decided to vary my small armoury from 2 G&G combat machines and a CYMA MP5 to the below: CYMA 028 CYMA MP5 Krytac CRB (on back order and slowly killing me with anticipation.) TM G17 Before anyone says it I know i could have invested in a better AK but the Krytac will be the main weapon and the AK is because I can!
  2. Hi EDcase, Maybe so I only comment because I really dont want any troubpe for the sport or a fellow forum user! Have a good weekend and happy pewwing!
  3. Dont mean to pee on the parade but you said full auto worked and its firing over 370 fps, isnt that now illegal? I know people will say about the risk of being caught is low but lets face it no one wants to be the 1st!
  4. Where abouts in London? If South East I play Red1 Chislehurst which is a good site if North West I had a good laugh at wasteland airsoft over on drayton. If you are looking really central then possibly the bunker but I've never been there and the reviews aren't great. Hope this helps
  5. Byee
  6. If its someone you know could you meet up and dip it before he sells it? From my understanding the law prevents him from selling a non 2 tone gun to someone without valid defence.
  7. To be honest the seller should be spraying it if you dont have the defence
  8. Also EU directives are not the same as EU laws. The working time directive for example dictates that the UK has to factor in a maximum working week into law but tue UK caviat is that the employee can "opt out" which most employers slip into contracts... the firearm directive would have had an impact on UK law not over ruled it.
  9. Anyone with that many names should have any sort of say in anything important
  10. I have to take public transport so I have one huge slazenger bag that weighs a tonne but it was the biggest thing in sports direct. Looks less conspicuous the a rifle bag though
  11. Welcome back, there is lots of variety and it mainly depends on your budget. If you want an electric rifle Marui still seem to be the benchmark that everyone compares against but recently everyone raves about krytac as the best out of the box rifles.
  12. Heeheehee I am such a child sometimes
  13. Just an update on this used the goggles and while being ckear was better that a mesh glasses combo they required a lot of cat crap throughout the day to not fog.
  14. Well when my requests for an a slot on the team space thread get answered I will move it there. In the meantime I am trying to find the least offensive place for it.
  15. Hi Guys went down to wasteland airsoft and it was pretty fucking awesome. I will continue to post my planned games with the hopes of building some regular goers. Thanks James