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  1. I was tempted with one of those 6 shotters but i'd get pigged off keep loading the shells!, The reason I asked is because I ordered the D-boys 3 in 1 launcher from ehobbyasia and they said they need my ukara number before they ship it unless I want to risk it with customs and possibly have it ceased, i'm just waiting to get chance to take my form in and get it registered and was hoping to have it delivered to my friends army surplus shop because there would always be someone it to recive it and the wife wouldn't know about it.
  2. I was wondering if any of you would know if a M203 underslung grenade launcher is classed as a RIF or as just an attachment? I think I read somewhere that if its fitted to a pistol frame then its a RIF but other than that i'm not sure.
  3. I asked my firearms officer the same question while he was checking another gun cabinet because I have an SGC and a section 1 Firearms cert and he said the same as the other guys, NO which in our position is a bit saft I think but having said that I still agree with most but not all of the conditions and reasons for the VCR act, So if that helps that answer was direct from the FLO at West Midlands police.
  4. Hi, just a quickie to say hi to everybody in the forum I'am quite new to airsofting but i've managed to visit 2 sites near me already both run by First and Only, the Asylum and Drakelow tunnels. The asylum has plenty of land with CQB buildings and the tunnels so far the fave and mostly CQB and lots of dark holes to spring from. I'm looking forward to getting my Ukara as I'm gonna get an P90 with an M9 as backup for my M4 as long as the funds are the and the wifey dosen't catch me trying to sneak them in the house. Catch you round the threads Andy.