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  1. It's a small world out there!!!

  2. Indeed, can be too bright
  3. or tinted eye pro i have 2 different versions of a clone and one is brighter than the other, brighter being the Gbase and the other duller is the nuprol i think....
  4. as above.....what ever is comfy tbh,, you'll still be seen and hit!! i just wear a coyote top / vest or rig for woodland games and what ever trousers are top of the pile, ACU, Camogrom, Atacs FG or AU, Coyote, marpat.....i just make use of the pockets! so if you like them, get them
  5. 8th July - Game Warm day, about 26deg, breeze now and again mainly in buildings and holding position more so no air flow as not moving as much Lens sprayed and wiped with Abbey Antifog spray during kids watching power rangers before i left! Wore fast helmet and revisions, standard clear lens, not thermal, all day, with V2 mask. Foam removed from bottom. Goggles were ok, no fogging but occasional build up of moisture that ran down side of lens so far Abbey doing ok for me, i re-apply at lunch break though and give them a wipe down fogging, fogtech, fan, revision, ESS, goggles, Abbey,
  6. i wear.... fast helmet / V2 type mask (one with ear pro / desert locust or ESSv12s or sawflies (but they fog on me weirdly) or as above but with the normal face mask attached to helmet, straps etc tend to cover ears everyone has differing experiences with goggles, some people have no issues, some they fog all the time I have the fan version of the revisions, use various anti fog wipes / sprays but still can suffer from the dribble of doom!...not so much fog
  7. thats what we all say....and never happens! funny that, we must use the same stores!!
  8. i got the 'box' part of charger not the lead sent out for free so they must have a load!....only asked if they had any for sale as mine has faulted somehow Did you enjoy the drive down the track?, how is the underside of the car?!!! Dont worry Jedi has super mergey powers now
  9. there is also this one at Tuddenham i play at run by Gunman and Team Green, mix of woodland and urban Tony at Team Green has added lots of extras to the site and it seems to change everytime i go there Definitely worth a trip
  10. Welcome as above really, read the stickies, use the search, then if in doubt ask dont be afraid to go on your own, I was and only started 2 years ago...wish I had done it a lot sooner!! people are generally friendly so don't be afraid to ask in game as well
  11. If this is the one i think it is, plastic, with 3 prongs? wont let me view site!!!, its the better option. i cut the two side arms off and left only the top one as you need to unscrew the case for it to slot in anyway, it didnt screw back as well as i wanted and played havoc with the switches so now just fixes with top and never had any issues with it falling out can show you a pic when i next get it out of loft....
  12. So what is a good hosting site now for linking pics here??

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    2. proffrink


      Believe they get deleted if not viewed for 3 months on Imgur by the way.

    3. djben9


      cool, just needed to link here.....

      i'll give it a go anyway :)

    4. Marc.RG1


      Since photobucket decided to, stuff people up and start charging for its use, which I'm really disappointed in as its has affected thousands of posts on our forum, I have started using imgur, seems pretty good and easy to use, wish I started using it sooner to be honest..

  13. Heres FFZ's Urban Assault, RAF Upwwod, near Ramsey, be quick as may only be there another 12months....,-0.12539,726m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x4877e402e39d692b:0xc580a1346aee90ce!8m2!3d52.4503619!4d-0.1084655 Fairly big, about 280m x 340m (google maps measure....), sometimes feels like its too big when few players turn up and you play hunt the canisters.... but good fun
  14. i have them mounted on my toy Eotechs....for the sake of a few quid....ok more like £10....but it protects the lens.... i haven't on the DMR scope but i tend to be that little further away, but i guess the lens covers stay on which helps