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  1. ive got quite a bit with this stuff on.....
  2. i like all 3, i tend to mix them up
  3. I’d love to but I’d probably get bored doing that much to be honest ..... plus kids and there commitments take priority gotta keep a balance
  4. I know that feeling.....once a month if I’m lucky as well!!!
  5. they did a 20% off on Sunday, then 15% on monday 10% now i think correction, Monday was 20%, Tuesday 15% ,now 10% it was code JAN20 glad i waited as i nearly got it the week before on another offer which was only 10% you wait it will be 50% next week!! lol
  6. probably whats called Admin as GMA do the same (when i get there this year). At Firesupport sites ,you pay no fees. Others may differ
  7. Helikon waterproof jacket, 20% at Military 1st so went for it... very nice, just could do with an inch or 2 longer in the length but still worth it note - not for Airsoft, more day to day use walking from station to office when wet
  8. .....if he does and gets caught we are not to blame!! Lol tbh the license is cheap over 5 years and means you can use them anywhere as well.... even Tesco with the kids .... but if your in a game you can use someone’s license for the day and join the team , I’ve done that before all really down to what you like, accessories you want and when / want you will use them for etc but as mentioned, there are restrictions
  9. Have a read of the radio topics. The license costs £75 for 5 years, 15 frequencies of which 5 you dont need takes about 10 mins to set up online and get them emailed to you you can’t use UV5R with PMR. I believe you can only listen or something It’s really down to what youll use it for and with who, I have the license, 2 radios and a friend with one programmed in. sorry short answer but on train home from London and hard to type on phone!!! lol
  10. Any ideas why?, shame as it may happen again I guess??
  11. i share your pain!!
  12. if it works??
  13. was all set to go with my brother then my wife reminded me its mothers day! so will have to wait until the next one....which im sure will happen Think there is another this weekend at Gullivers Land, Milton Keynes.....not looked if posted up yet.....
  14. which viper one did you get?