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  1. Cheers I’ll give it a go. Currently using Abbey so called anti fog spray on my eye pro.... but with a game once every 6 to 10 weeks it takes a while to find a good solution for me.... currently fogtexh wipes
  2. The ATacs AU has been on sale for now for months. It’s stuff they are getting rid of and not replacing as not popular, so very little left now. When I spoke to them the other day I said it’s a shame as it’s different.....and I wanted some more pouches!!
  3. Tuddenham I’ve just turned up every time, never booked, if I’m doubt just send an email i checked the number I’ve got on my phone and it’s the same as on website so can’t help there
  4. Just turn up on the day, it’s an end of month skirmish day so you’ll be fine, only need to pre book for rental
  5. similar-ish..... but at Combat Airsoft, the paint ball site is next to the car park, so parents can watch their kids when they play (not sure if same with adult games?), one 'ball' landed near a parents feet but when we got back to the car, my brother had a splattering of pink on his bumper. This area is protected by high fencing to stop this but even so, the odd one got out....
  6. don't worry, we all have those on here....and it can be frustrating just be patient with changes.....they may take.........a while.....
  7. Urban Assault near Ramsey (RAF Upwood)? Im off there on saturday......not sure if its 90min as not sure where in Herts you are! :0
  8. another... does anyone here have ESSv12 or similar goggles or Revision googles / sawflies?? What do you use to clean the lens??. I recently used Abbey lens cleaner on my V12s and it kinda made the coating (or something) peel had to get a new pair and didn't try it on the revisions.... last time i just used warm water, wasnt great, but wondering if general washing up liquid would be ok?....dont wanna mess up the coating and have to buy another lens!
  9. tbh its not a bad thing to do this if it keeps sites open and their insurance valid........even though we all take precautions there are still a few lets are say reckless people out there....the sites i play at there is no dry firing in the car park, testing batteries etc. BUT people still do only takes one moment of madness
  11. Haha, I missed 1st 2 episodes so had to watch on catchup, sadly they are only available for a few weeks or I would have done the same.....the next ones will probably be watched later due to time!
  12. Haha, I was looking at that last Sunday in Halfords while looking at tape. I’ve some at home somewhere I was gonna use as the stuff my small torch came with came unstuck after a few mins
  13. Anyone been watching this??, stumbled across it watching something else, it’s on National Geographic.
  14. What have you used to fix pressure pad to grip?, ive been using tape as yet to get that rubber type tape that begins with an A haha
  15. agree, bottom one as well