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  1. For some reason I fancy an MP5, always liked them for years but not sure I can be bothered with gear change as all my stuff is M4 based!!! LOL!!!

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    2. padraigthesniper


      Yh a little bit the one i had creaked but still, when it shot it was lovely and the toyish feeling was still nice lol

    3. AshOnSnow


      I think if I were to get a TM, I'd get some metal conversion kits and stuff.

    4. padraigthesniper


      But then you would ruin the tm magic that seems to dissapear as soon as you upgrade one of them. People was upgrading them only to lose performance. Your probably better off getting a src one from what ive heard they are made of steel and they shoot well.

  2. I dont think they have been released over here yet as some sites are pre-order.? 7.4 lipo is what i use, i think with 11.1 it may have issues with overspin?, dont quote me on that, they do say 11.1 lipo ready, someone told me the other day but i wasn't paying attention!.... having said that i have a 11.1 in my DMR and its ok, no mods just a little bigger spring and locked to Semi.....i'll shut up now i'm turning into Sitting Duck!! Give Firesupport a call, they should be able to help or any other retailer and give you an explanation on the battery type There will be someone on here soon who has better (much much better) knowledge of it than me though hahaha......Taxi!!
  3. I have various CXP versions, this will be fine for both woodland/CQB. Its a 'newer' model by ICS, but same internals, quick spring change system, etc.I think its just an different outer barrel and stock I would get one if thats what you want as you wont have any issues, or maybe the Transform4's
  4. have you tried Combat Airsoft Thetford?, sure they allow it as 'this one game' this 'yellow ball' came bouncing past and i asked a marshall what it was, he said a TAG round as i had no rolled into woods!.....could be wrong!
  5. similar with all my ICS AEGS due to the spring release when you switch back to safety, Firesupport have removed or will remove this for you, which i find a lot better with the one ive had it done on....its an ICS gimmick that people were annoyed with apparently.....
  6. go with that you like and your budget can cope with, everyone has different opinions to what they like etc. and you will never get the answer you want i only went with Warrior as it worked out cheaper for me with a discount. I also looked at others but couldnt get what i wanted at the time at the end of the day, its a game your playing, not a real battle, you just need to be comfy and wear something that carries your brother wears a £17 8fields PC, has done for 18 months and not had any issues
  7. a classic from many years......Jean michel jarre oxygene - John OO Fleming & The Digital Blonde OO DB Mix though....
  8. Hahahahahahahahahaha...............that list will not stop.....i thought mine had but still things i think i need!
  9. ive got a warrior version and never had any issues (still OOS ), also a fastex sling i loop through the 901 rig, again no issues
  10. Thanks wasn't sure if it was a simple quick release type fixing
  11. Cheers, good to know as i know I'll have another pistol before I know it!! does the 'light' come off??
  12. Can you get a holster for it?!!.... was looking at one in firesupport the other day but as my first pistol I went for the good ol' G17 still it's the wife's birthday on Wednesday
  13. right, thats good enough for me!
  14. so any updates on this place as he has a mag in stock i want.....or i have to go to zero1