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  1. reminds me, i need to go to screwfix before tonight's work game
  2. Oooops, cleaned my Essv12 clear Lense with Abbey multi cleaner and I think I've removed parts of the coating.......oh well eBay time


    read revision instructions and it doesn't say anything about using or not using cleaners on their products????

  3. nope, just heard its summer and later....even heard the site demo had been delayed might be best to call Firesupport, those dates are the latest ive had on email but these planning things take time....
  4. Just remember to cover up below as bb's can still travel up and catch you in the eye....
  5. ive only used Firesupport but they are local to me and means i can drive, drop off and pick up at game days
  6. cheers guys, only 30mins down the road. may just wire up when i get there but load up mags tomorrow
  7. work Airsoft game friday.... whats the issue with placing batteries in RIFs the night before (will be in boot of car all day Friday in shade (underground car park)) Filling the mid caps up the night before cant think of any and could leave batteries until i get there tbh but trying to be super organised.......
  8. Various so called anti fog sprays, had a Amazon voucher so thought may as well, I've not paid and need to look at alternatives see how it goes ...
  9. radios, been using the Bao UV for a few games now, need to upgrade the original cable to a better version. Whats a good site to view the various accessories 
    Prefer the in ear type though so i can wear my V2 mask but the talking is an issue with the standard one....takes me a few mins to find where its fallen to and the small mic!

  10. Did you get any further with this? I got the license for my Bao's earlier in the yeat, cost £75 for 5 years and 15 to use, although 5 you wont took about 10/15mins to do online and email was sent straight through after with the channel list to use
  11. now weirdly, earlier on, i was going to post the screwfix link as well as other amazon ones but SF was out of stock with no date on restock! haha
  12. Hahaha, and i was nice
  13. sssssh dont call it a licence!... yeah there are other areas of legality to allow you to get one covered in the guidelines, but yeah take a look around the few online stores for ideas / guide prices, and maybe give them a call
  14. whats the budget?, if you have your 'UKARA', there are plenty of options out there new that wont involve two tone from many retailers and not that expensive..... and on here.....