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  1. yeah my brother got a bottle of ASG bbs when they messed up his order, they asked him what weight, he said 0.2s so they sent my joy instead!!
  2. I had this issue a while back, ended up getting the warrior 901 chest rig and back panel in a sale, holds the hydration pack as well My brother wears a <£20 one from patrol base, 8fields I think and couldnt be happier
  3. Just do what I do, take an empty gun bag to Firesupport or other retailer, say your getting it looked at, come back with new one in bag....done that twice now and she still thinks I have 2!!! my AEGs are £180 and the other 3 between £280 and £320, only had rubber replaced on all 4 and spring on 2, one firing low on a M90 the other a DMR upgrade doubt I will do anything else unless broken as they are all firing fine
  4. I'll let my brother know, hopefully Sam won't be there or he'll get confused if he sees two of you in MARPAT!!!
  5. yeah i heard that, guy at works said his mates were looking to play and looked at that site might see you one weekend
  6. Yeah it took me about a week to get some small bits from them
  7. Hi, i cant make this weekend sadly, daughter 5th birthday My brother will be there with his will be in MTP the other DPM.....should be easy to spot!! ill tell him ot look for someone with a 203 attached, he wont know what a firehawk is....
  8. Great video , funny my toy guns have similar red dot markings, sometimes yellow , they are great in CQB as they help camouflage you Nuprol Helikon gun case haha agree with Helikon fitting better than viper though will have to watch again on the computer instead of phone
  9. nice i hope not
  10. GMA Tuddenham, but wait until warmer months as they run night games so you can do sat and sun and the night in between Im off to Combat Airsoft, near Thetford, next month with a bit of luck
  11. At Tuddenham today and forgot my snow camo!!


    bugger it's cold though and only 6 a side 

  12. i wear the odd pair of combats to games in general day to day use when out with kids....get my monies worth out of them, but why by a pair to sit in a box for a few months between games as wearing another...!
  13. mmm a few bits, not all mine..... TM Hi Capa 4.3 Pistol speedloader 9000 G&G bbs (0.2) Black gas ICS UK1R SR (with upgrade) 1000 Gauder BBs (0.3) 11.1 Lipo Front Grip 2x PEQ 15 (green laser) Boonie hat - Marpat Patrol cap - Marpat 2 x FMA helmet covers (invader) - Marpat FMA helmet cover (invader) - coyote FMA helmet cover (invader) - ACU Scope Batteries Leg holster Gun bag Pistol case Large Molle pouch FMA Skid lid - Black FMA skid lid - DE think thats it recently.... thank god most of it i got paid back for!!!
  14. Cheers can pm me the link i picked up a simple one at the weekend from FS while i was there, already taped up but could do with another on the other one
  15. I'm with trigger, it's time away from the real world and family for me, I may only speak to wife at a break if I need to, other than that, the only family in close proximity is my brother but rarely see him as we do our own thing