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  1. Russian and Danish at the moment. Russian gorka is the way ahead in this weather!
  2. No worries, let's see.
  3. Could you email a picture at all? Mckenzie3703@googlemail.com
  4. Make: Any Gun/Model: AK 74, 74U, AN94 or anything modern. Desired Condition: Working Desired FPS: 350 Swaps/Part Exchange: no Budget:£150 or so Also looking for any Russian kit you want rid of. Thank you
  5. SOLD!
  6. Bump. Will include 4 mid caps for a extra £30.
  7. Please delete.
  8. Make:WE 888 Gun/Model: HK416C Accessories: 1 x Black Hi-cap mag Condition:Skirmished FPS:340 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange:Would PX for a decent AK 74 with Rails. Price/Payment:£200 + P&P Pictures: Here we have my WE 888 HK416C which I love. Sadly my team is going Russian so I need to sell this beauty. Wired to the front and works best with .23 or .25. Got the HK iron sights, collapsible stock and HK markings. Perfect for CQB or woodland with a accurate 50 foot range easily. I have lots of pictures I can email as it does have some skirmish marks, it is only 6 months old mind.
  9. Make:Unknown Item:Tan Plate Carrier Condition: Used once or twice. Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange:No/no/no Price/Payment:£50 + P&P Pictures: I can email more detailed pictures. Has 4 x 2 mag ammo pouches. Admin pouch and hydration pack sized pouch on the rear.
  10. SOLD!
  11. I was thinking late cold war or modern Russia. They are a up and coming force at the moment. What type of AK variant is being used now? Also what can I get for £150 or so?
  12. I was curious as to which brands made the best versions of them. Or to be more accurate who to avoid
  13. Morning folks, I'm looking on starting a Russian load out and was wondering which Russian style guns were best and if anyone new good sites to get genuine Russian kit? Thank you muchly.
  14. Sold!
  15. Make:TM Gun/Model: Famas Accessories: 5 x Hi-cap mags Condition: Used FPS: 330 roughly Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No Price/Payment: £85 +p&p Pictures:will post asap Selector switch can be slightly sticky and may not select semi Auto. I would prefer to deliver and I'm in the Bucks area. I can email better pics.