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  1. Russian and Danish at the moment. Russian gorka is the way ahead in this weather!
  2. I was thinking late cold war or modern Russia. They are a up and coming force at the moment. What type of AK variant is being used now? Also what can I get for £150 or so?
  3. I was curious as to which brands made the best versions of them. Or to be more accurate who to avoid
  4. Morning folks, I'm looking on starting a Russian load out and was wondering which Russian style guns were best and if anyone new good sites to get genuine Russian kit? Thank you muchly.
  5. As I'm soon to have a new job I'm going to save for a new AEG. So are the TM recoil series of rifles as good as everyone says or not?
  6. Gum shields is gum shields. I know some very expensive ones they mould it directly in the store mind you.
  7. Gum shield from a sports shop would help I imagine bud
  8. I'm guessing the same brands who make good AEG's make good GBB weapons or is that a dangerous assumption?
  9. Good topic, I have been thinking about this too. Cheers folks!
  10. Afternoon all, a question for all my learned friends on here. In your personal opinions and experiences which is the most fun for your main weapon? What are the advantages and pitfalls of each? As I have been playing awhile now I yearn to feel more immersed in my game play experience. One of my ideas was firing someones GBBR and I'm hooked on how it felt but after seeing the amount of kit he had to haul around it has given me second thoughts. As ever, any help is much appreciated.
  11. Does any one do anything to prepare their AG's for the rain and damp or is it not a problem?
  12. So the cold, damp and dreary weather approaches, much like summer when I think about it... So the question is how do the good members of the forum prepare for winter? Which kit do you swap out or modify and why? What has experience taught you and what cunning tricks do you know to beat Jack frost? Please do share your wealth of knowledge with us.
  13. Its got to be a large fresh fish, Like the Mini adverts of old. That or a fake moustache....
  14. Zing! So true though....
  15. I live, My toilet does not......