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  1. Hell yeah we are!!! Checked all my gear last night, oiled, greased and charges! Time to rock & roll!
  2. Sorry I'm not making myself clear, I should of said my one is dented and want to replace it with a new one!
  3. Thanks for that, that's very informative! Basically something minimal as I only have a front grip and I don't want to add anymore to it! Also I'm confused about free floating RIS and the others out there! Help me! Confused.com
  4. Hey all, I want to get a new RIS for my M4 but I'm a little confused on what to get as there seems to be 101 million of them out there! Can someone shed some light on what I am looking out for when I'm looking for one! Thanks in advance, Scott
  5. Hey all, A few of us have a Facebook group for a team if you want to join then check out the link below: https://www.facebook.com/groups/903451023060541/
  6. Added!
  7. Yeah, we can give it a shot! I'll add you to the group message Ginge!
  8. Cool I'll message you All tomorrow when I'm sober! 😇😇😇
  9. Cool! Let's do it!
  10. So who out of your guys from Essex would be interested in a meet up next month at all? I was thinking we can pick a random site and go their etc... and maybe form our own 'team' or something if it works out?
  11. No I'm even more jealous! FML
  12. Hmm...the choices are overwhelming me! Ha ha! I will need to investigate properly this weekend!
  13. Not this month I'm afraid...I've got to work, however next month I am making sure I am there! What about yourself? You going?
  14. Perfect...I'm on that as well! Cheers mate!
  15. Do they now? Hmm...I will have to take a trip over there at the weekend!