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  1. Cool Vape Attachment
  2. I went alone from day one then my mates started getting interested. Still go on my own from time to time as schedules don't match. Most of the time you get separated anyway. But regardless I enjoy going on my own, and I've met some amazing people while playing and even through the forums. It is what you make of it, so go out there have fun, sling some plastic BB's & call your hits
  3. Awesome night guys, had a good time.
  4. Trying to be a Ninja in the darkness, but like you said, yes i'll be bring a torch, wouldn't be good going Humpty Dumpty on those stairs. If you do decide to go i'll be another lonely soul as my friend has flaked. Anyway I'm all booked in, Looking forward to say hello to you all
  5. Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): Yes Any other comments: Fast Payment, Friendly, Communicative & No Hassle. Top dude.
  6. Booking in this week, see you all there. Really tempted not to bring a flashlight.
  7. It's literally like crack.
  8. Anyone going to The Mall Tomorrow? :D 

    1. SeniorSpaz87


      I was, but my bag containing all my airsoft stuff got held up in Chicago D:

  9. Send me a PM i'll have a look
  10. Anyone know any Fast Mag Pouches that can fit a CZ Evo mag? 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Chopper92


      Other from that m4 mag pouches work just fine 

    3. CarloBear


      :o Sherpa Looks nice - Is the shipping free by chance? Added it to cart but just stays as " - " Cheers Chopper :)

    4. Chopper92


      Can't remember to be honest best to check it when you go to checkout but remember you will also have to pay import duty 

  11. Didn't realise krytac have released the specs as well on their website $450
  12. Latest vid about the Krytac Vector
  13. Just an advice from experience, Embroiders charge a ridiculous amount for "digitising" your image for embroidery. If you have time google up a quick tutorial
  14. proairsoftsupplies have them in stock bud edit: my bad saw you wanted a black one, thats out of stock. combat grey?