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  1. Send me a PM i'll have a look
  2. Anyone know any Fast Mag Pouches that can fit a CZ Evo mag? 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Chopper92


      Other from that m4 mag pouches work just fine 

    3. CarloBear


      :o Sherpa Looks nice - Is the shipping free by chance? Added it to cart but just stays as " - " Cheers Chopper :)

    4. Chopper92


      Can't remember to be honest best to check it when you go to checkout but remember you will also have to pay import duty 

  3. s'all goood hopefully one of the mods will move it for you
  4. Wrong section Pal
  5. Can't complain if its brand new, thanks will have a look!
  6. Make: ASG Gun/Model: Scorpion EVO 3A1 Desired Condition: Working Desired FPS: 320-330 Swaps/Part Exchange: n/n Budget: 250-320 Mainly looking for a bundle but can do without
  7. Didn't realise krytac have released the specs as well on their website $450
  8. Latest vid about the Krytac Vector
  9. Just an advice from experience, Embroiders charge a ridiculous amount for "digitising" your image for embroidery. If you have time google up a quick tutorial
  10. proairsoftsupplies have them in stock bud edit: my bad saw you wanted a black one, thats out of stock. combat grey?
  11. I believe the EFCS on the 007 is a bit outdated compared to honey badger.
  12. Anyone got this on steam and up for a few games? Seems fun, don't know if it will beat Arma though
  13. I'm near thorpe park area my mates stopped playing too unfortunately. I usually go to The Mall, but can go wherever. let me know when your up for a game and i'll book the same day.
  14. bought a few parts about 2 weeks ago, nice prices