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  1. Can't complain if its brand new, thanks will have a look!
  2. Make: ASG Gun/Model: Scorpion EVO 3A1 Desired Condition: Working Desired FPS: 320-330 Swaps/Part Exchange: n/n Budget: 250-320 Mainly looking for a bundle but can do without
  3. Didn't realise krytac have released the specs as well on their website $450
  4. Latest vid about the Krytac Vector
  5. Just an advice from experience, Embroiders charge a ridiculous amount for "digitising" your image for embroidery. If you have time google up a quick tutorial
  6. proairsoftsupplies have them in stock bud edit: my bad saw you wanted a black one, thats out of stock. combat grey?
  7. I believe the EFCS on the 007 is a bit outdated compared to honey badger.
  8. Anyone got this on steam and up for a few games? Seems fun, don't know if it will beat Arma though
  9. I'm near thorpe park area my mates stopped playing too unfortunately. I usually go to The Mall, but can go wherever. let me know when your up for a game and i'll book the same day.
  10. bought a few parts about 2 weeks ago, nice prices
  11. Make: Ares Item: Selector Plate Desired Condition: working Swaps/Part Exchange: n/n Budget: £10 Looking for a selector plate for the ares amoebas / working with the blue efcs unit
  12. No idea if anyone has experience but currently have an AM008 / Upgraded all the internals the only thing is i just don't want to fry the current chip (green) on it. I've always used 7.4 lipos wanted to go up a bit more so thinking about changing it to the current one (blue) so i can go up to 11.1 Has anyone experienced changing or upgrading theirs? If so: Is it easy to change Worth the change Should i just sell it and get something better I know ares in general get some flak with their EFCS stuff but i love the bloody thing
  13. Bought a few items there before; fine for me.
  14. First evening game / just more short clips