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  1. Wanted: GHK M4

    Sent mate.
  2. Wanted: GHK M4

    Hi mate. I have one. Excellent condition with three mags and extra but looking for £400
  3. DMR Wanted

    Hi. You have a kco2 in the gas classifieds that might be of interest
  4. Vsr tech

    Hi all. I have a vsr 10 which is pretty much standard. What im looking for is a trustworthy tech that will be able to upgrade it to the max for me. Any help on who I could contact would be greatly appreciated:)
  5. Vfc m27

    Hi all. I have a vfc m27 gbb. Is there anyway of modifiying how you adjust the hop rather than opening the receiver up. For example what the tm m4 uses. Thsnk you in advance.
  6. Paintball masks.

    Lol good reason thank you.
  7. Paintball masks.

    Hi pt247 can I ask why ?
  8. Paintball masks.

    Great points. I only play outdoors and finding the mesh face mask and goggle mask uncomfortable
  9. Paintball masks.

    Maybe a stupid question:) but why is it that I rarely see paintball masks being used for airsoft ? I have yet to try one other than when I used to play paintball. But they seem a good option.
  10. Vsr10

    Will have a look thank you pt247
  11. Vsr10

    Thanks max2000 Will give them a look
  12. Vsr10

    Sorry. Peterborough:)
  13. Vsr10

    Hi all. Looking to get both my vsr serviced and maybe seen if anything needs doing. Any good techs about ? Thank you
  14. Socom Gear

    Hi. I had a umarex vfc hk416. Excellent build quality and never let me down. IMO they are great guns.
  15. TM VSR 10 or TM L96?

    Hi. I owned the l96 first and found it to be to bulky heavy and unwieldy. Now own two Vsr's. One a pro the other a Gspec Love them both would totally recommend them