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  1. I'm not sure what you mean, correcting that spelling mistake would make absolutely no difference to my criticism.
  2. Watch chappie?
  3. Wonderful thread title, really makes it clear what the thread is about.
  4. I think lime green and neon pink/yellow make any gun look good.
  5. think no one else does? I cut my finger nails on my dominant hand.
  6. Gave way this morning, not happy.
  7. You poor thing, strike back is a bit more watchable.
  8. I believe the WE ones release more gas per shot. I bought the WE G18 because it was cheaper. No regrets - but also no idea where it will chrono at. I'm going to pick up a Cyma G18 and put my TMG17 into storage.
  9. Reduced price. [Sold]
  10. Read the first page of the thread. Answering would contravene the forum rules. As for whether you could paint it black, I can't recall where the list of colours which are not considered realistic can be found, sorry.
  11. First three digits are the site/store and the following are just sequential numbers.
  12. Your ZED adventures membership number is a UKARA number. But you would still have to add yourself to the database.
  13. Why would you need a defence for owning it? The airsoft defences do not apply to the crimes you refer to.