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  1. Yep was great, I managed to get back before the DLR closed too - though sadly stubbed my toe badly on the last flight of stairs before my flat. :/
  2. Came to berate about forum location and lack of words. But i think this just became my goto 'whats milsim in under 10 minutes?' video.
  3. Is that recoil or electric blowback?
  4. You'd think police would be interested, bet if he was scamming people with illegal narcotics they'd be right on him.
  5. Cant send you PM's :(

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    2. PT247


      are you sending the same message to everyone @Robert James? This is a forum, if you want multiple folks pov then just use the post you have made, no need to pm everyone the same questions.

    3. Robert James

      Robert James

      I asked a few people indicually who's opinions I value as they are good members of the forums. I then was suggested to make a topic. Wasn't thinking earlier as it was very hot

    4. PT247


      it is bloomin hot, sweating my nuts off! :D

  6. Depends where you're travelling through, policeman isn't going to be too chuffed with a "gun" primed with power in a bag with loaded magazines. At least not here.
  7. ASG M4 mid caps, £5 each durable, functional, tidy, not particularly pretty.
  8. At my last game I had a green filter and ran around screaming "have some green bitches" whenever I found yellow team. Amusing to me, but never bright enough.
  9. I'm kinda glad paypal works the way it does (against sellers), I usually fire and forget when I use it to sell stuff. Once I've been to the post office got back and in putted tracking data(which isn't here) I just walk away and get on with my life. I don't check back for a week or so usually - if not longer.
  10. Thanks so much for sending me just the part I was looking for, and first class post too! Brought my magazine back to life. Good times to you sir!
  11. I'm often tempted not to take one into the gamezone, but never not bring one.
  12. Doesn't want to scare the zombies!
  13. There is no pronunciation distinction, only spelling. One for people that don't know better and one for people that should know better. But online in(computer game spaces) I mercilessly block anyone which says noob or n00b to me as abuse. But if the same people say 'newb' I be like "sorry, yeah".
  14. Obviously I did return the form, just with N/A next to every entry, even though I had a UKARA number I still put N/A.
  15. I argued with UPS over an order from a known airsoft retailer outside the UK, eventually they shipped the package to me with zero charges. I refused to fill in every form they sent citing it was "unnecessary" and if they actually tried to clear it through customs they would see this. Eventually they reclassified the whole package into a tax/duty free exception - something to do with "items exclusively for health and safety purposes". I still had to pay their handling charges though. I had to talk to several people, but I made it quite clear I was not going to return or complete their forms and that the package only contained safety equipment and a few items which were not inherently airsoft (some were real steel lol). It's definitely worth arguing if you package doesn't contain anything actually subject to import restrictions. They threatened me with storage charges too, but I hung in there - count myself lucky tbh. More likely UPS, they often contact the addressee before moving it from arrivals to go through customs. EDIT: