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  1. Fairly sure Mos is not short for Michal you're safe.
  3. Actually with my new gun's 25rd magazines that's distinctly possible. I don't have a knife though, only a glowstick; it glows.
  4. Two weeks ago I had 6 guns, now I have 3 and 2 for sale - and a tentative sold. Can't see me parting with the CM18, but if the price (laughably high £135) is right it's gone.
  5. Make: CYMA Gun/Model: 041 (MP5K PDW) Accessories: Cyma 041 MP5 PDW (with NiMH battery and charger - with 1 short magazine), short rail attachment and high/side rail attachment. Two spare body pins. Condition: Used Good. FPS: 335-340 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No - Price/Payment: £95 + shipping - location: Central London (happy to exchange in person). Pictures: Do not contact me if you can't sort out your own defence. I also have 4 long cyma 120rd magazines with two mp5 magazine clamps £30, battleaxe 500rd electric hi-cap £18, as showing in the pictures which are available to purchase with the gun.
  6. There's been an update! In short - it all amounts to nothing.
  7. You're so mean!
  8. Find something you like, that no one has buy a load and sell them. I did this with When I bought 2 pairs for myself in an order with other things, I also bought others to sell to pay for those. IIRC I profited around £25 - still got 5 pairs if anyone's interested (£15 posted @cost) - on the ones I previously sold, made about £2 on each. It doesn't seem like much money but it means I got the two I used for free.
  9. I've this one: Also willing to part with it (7 shells).
  10. Facebook has search? I just get to "you can't use control F because the page only loads when you scroll" FU!!! Forums need to curated, this forum is not cared for (content wise). I don't think being [more] mobile friendly has helped the forum. And of course, repeat questions = repeat views, which = repeat ad revenue. Only advertisers make money from wasting time lol.
  11. What upgrade is best for my new airsoft gun? The box said it has an effective range of around 45m but I'm not happy with the groupings at 55m and i'd like better grouping at that range.
  12. What happened to "I don't use paypal". Damn certificate fail, I just booked myself a train assuming a different end time. Ah wells, now I don't need to worry about missing the train, maybe i'll be able to catch the 23:19.
  13. Is that a game site or a web site?
  14. Wow, a lot of you seem to think no one else charges their batteries; how peculiar.
  15. I'm not saying vision king are good or bad, simply that they always come up in the relevant threads and are thus a valid way to find them.