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  1. That would be somewhat bad since so many people make money off making DMRs and so many people own them. It's rather doubtful. There are a lot of guns out there and I really doubt they're risk causing that much harm. Plus if they did that surely all AEG would be banned out right because they're all designed to be automatic. Locking the fire select doesn't stop them from being able to fire on auto. By the from factory logic above, because of how easily springs can be changed in many guns, I don't see any AEGs being legal if the semi from factory is the only way forwards. What happens to the umerex BB guns which fire on auto?
  2. Neet, what goggles?
  3. Thanks for the intel. Maybe I can adapt mine, the back and front are not stitched together.
  4. I've had a few do this easy fix, take the bottom apart and repair with glue, but, it shouldn't stop you using the magazine. I'm guilty of this myself: stop loading the magazine from the bottom and do it from the top how it's designed to be filled (with the right tool).
  5. Yeah, the KIT is only for WE as I understand it. Nontheless, it runs on HPA without tapping the magazines? Or is it an AEG body? I contacted the manufacturer last week and they said those bullpup scar kits are designed only for we SCARs.
  6. How much modding does WE scar take to put on HPA? I realise the bullpup kit comes with the hose line predrilled.
  7. But they DO reduce noise.
  8. I'm in the market for a new carrier. Though I don't want or need a quick release (pull cord to disassemble) carrier, I do want one which can be opened at one shoulder so it need not go overhead, does anyone know if that has a special name.
  9. s.57(1)(c) I hope it airsoft suppressors are not prohibited by this. Hopefully it's saved by PCA2017 S.57B.
  10. Mos, please edit a link to this thread into your diary thread, keep it all together like.
  11. Oh yeah, keeping this discussion strictly AEG.
  12. Do not buy a plate carrier without checking the HK retailers, though the pound has fallen, there are still opportunities to save 30% so long as you order snail mail (less chance of VAT). That's if you're not buying condor, tmc, viper, AMC, etc
  13. Figure out the legal boundaries.
  14. In what country?
  15. Polarstars are controlled by a computer, so you wouldn't need to "mechanically" lock it as you could simply set the options to be safe/semi/semi.