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  1. I did not see any enemy players with tracer units.
  2. Spam.
  3. I don't know about that, but last night at the mall I found a tracer bb landed inside my DYE I4 mask. It was rolling around inside infront of my eye like water. I've no idea how it got there other than it came from my gun.
  4. Yep, I didn't look too closely but I was very impressed by how artificial it did not look.
  5. Never heard of either, do you have links to them?
  6. No, we are responsible for each other's safety. I'm not talking about joule creep.
  7. Not to mention adjusting the hop incorrect is a quick way to hot gun town. Generally we set the hop to our primary ammo weight, chrono with 0.2 and all is fine, but when you change that hop to shoot 0.2 and fail to change it back your gun can become hot. Its only really relevant if you're within 1% of the site limit when you chrono'd but it's still possible.
  8. Sadly my new magpul grip has not got quick release and my quick release grip has my torch controls affixed, it's just simpler to keep the magpul grip on when using the torch - it doesn't weigh much,
  9. Yerp, I saw the other two have have been using them, the little star is a handy reminder you've posted there but not this one. I'm not seeing it anywhere.
  10. WE gas guns are cheap. BUY NEW.
  11. Or maybe they're stockpiling so that everyone can be equally disappointed at once.
  12. Now is a very poor time to look at DMRs. Also, you mentioned UKARA on the other page - that's only for adults sadly. Based on what you've said it sounds like getting to know your gun's limitations (and better ammo) is what is best for you.
  13. Due to age?