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  1. My classic Army G36k is quite decent. The fps is a little on the low side out the box but it shoots very consistently. Decent construction and full polymer body.
  2. Indeed. It does depend upon the person and what they can afford. Airsoft retailers and sites are businesses so need to make money to cover their costs. There's no obligation to make hobbies / sports affordable to low income people. As it is, airsoft is relatively cheap for a day out after the initial expense of getting kit.
  3. It is possible for a bb to end up behind the lens although very unlikely. It happened to me once and that was with a seal at the bottom as well. I think what happened was the bb struck on the edge of me eye socket and bounced straight up squeezing between the rubber seal and my skin. I think the bb did touch my eye but by that time there was no energy left in it to cause any damage.
  4. Try wiping away the excess with just water rather than nails polish remover. I think figuring painters use ink to run into the creases which is a lot thinner.
  5. Recently tried Impulse101 which had a few TM parts that I was after. Generally a lot cheaper than the UK but you need to factor in international postage and Paypal fees. Buying was relatively straight forward and as mentioned, payment is via PayPal. Delivery for me was 5 days for a small package. Recommended if you're having trouble sourcing genuine TM parts.
  6. I considered a battle belt at one point but ended up getting a lightweight chest rig instead. Also it makes me look slimmer. I also paired it with a drop leg holster which I hated straight away and ended up sending it back. I now use a Fobus plastic hip holster If you haven't used one before it could be a case of try before you buy.
  7. I tend to stick with ASG blasters as they're decent quality and cheapish. I've tried zero-one own brand bbs. IMO they have a higher than average chance of breaking in the barrel which isn't a good thing. I've heard bulldog bbs aren't much cop but no personal experience. I've seen various videos which suggest they have small bubble inside which may throw off their trajectory.
  8. Welcome. I started the hobby on my own and still tend to go solo. The first place I went to had an online booking system but most woodland sites will be able to accept you on the day if you're a walk-on. As you'll be going for the first time you'll probably want to rent so booking first to make sure you have a gun to play with is advisable. Some have a website. Others may do it via facebook. Don't be afraid to talk to others there. Many will relish the chance to show off their stuff to you.
  9. I suspect at close range I suspect your plasticard will get shredded. At home I once decided to do some indoor shooting by firing into a normal plastic bucket. It wasn't long before some of my shots managed to punch a crack into the bottom of the bucket.
  10. I can't see very well from the pictures but if it's the bit that scoops the bb out of the mag and into the hop then a strong epoxy resin should do the job. If it's the nozzle itself I recommend getting it replaced.
  11. Scorpion Evo GHK G5 MP5 variant with collapsable stock
  12. I've also bought a UTG RDS on Profrinks recommendation and don't regret it at all it's a pretty decent bit of kit which I use with my AK74. I got mine from a UK seller in the end rather than AliExpress.
  13. I prefer Salomon and Merrell walking boots as they fit me well but as mentioned it really does depend on the your foot shape. You need to try a few out in the shops to see what suits you.
  14. No good at drawing but took some photos. Hope this helps. Each of these squares is 1cm If you want more precise measurements give me a shout. I don't have any callipers to measure the diameters exactly I'm afraid. Tip to notch is 52mm. Notch itself is 2mm long.
  15. Hey welcome. Nice to see someone new in these neck of the woods.