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  1. Are Bolle Tracker 2s any good? there not ballistic rated but have a v good safety record, wondered if anyone can vouch for them?

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    2. Lozart


      Up until recently I would sweat like a paedophile in Mothercare just standing still. The only goggles I found that work reliably are either ESS V12s or ESS Profile Turbofans.

    3. jay83


      Funny that coz my team mate brought the ESS turbo fan goggles and hated them but i have heard good things about them. I have only worn the Trackers once and had great results but i guess you need a good 6 battles in something to really know how it holds up

    4. Lozart


      Can't speak for outdoors to be fair. I pretty much only play at The Malls so...