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  1. Hi , Im located in Norwich so not exactly that close tbh haha, it usually would cost me between £15-£20 to post with parcelforce dependant on weight Thanks Tom
  2. WANTED: Box mag thats compatible with an A&K M249. Everywhere seems to be out of stock

  3. just on Android or IOS as well?
  4. Anyone used crate club and know if they service the UK? Im guessing as a American company they only service the US as getting some tac gear through customs I imagine would be a nightmare

  5. has this sold?
  6. PRICE DROP £180
  7. Is this still available mate? if so would you be interested in any trades?
  8. BUMP
  9. Still for sale
  10. Pictures added with a new Imgur link , not sure why the previous one didnt work .
  11. Got H&K 416c up for sale that I need gone ASAP if anyone is interested ? Details in the AEG classifieds 

  12. Make: VFC Gun/Model: H&K 416c Accessories: 7.4v 1300mAh Lipo , Foregrip, QD sling points, flip up iron sights and dummy PEQ box. Condition: Used - Good Condition FPS: 250-280fps Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Sale Only Price/Payment: £220 ONO Pictures: My. 416c is a VFC fully trademarked H&K. Looking around the 220 mark but I'm open to offers. It's got a new hop unit in it , has been re-wired to Deans , also has spade connectors so you can remove the plug and take the front end off without having to cut them. Fires about 250fps last time I checked. Comes with the original iron sights which where removed by the previous owner and I never put them back on. Two 7.4 lipos and QD sling points
  13. Considering selling my HK 416c and purchasing an ASG Bren 805 . Thoughts ? Comparisons ? Seeing as I have a Evo for CQB. 

    1. Sacarathe


      EVO and BREN are not alike or comparable. Search the forum for "Bren".

    2. Chopper92


      I was thinking more of comparison to a Bren from other AR platforms . Nevertheless thank you !

  14. Time to shift the flecktarn, grown to hate it , multicam tropic may be the next one !

    1. PT247


      I really love my multicam tropic kit, really nice cammo for the woodland I play in! :-)

    2. L3wisD


      CADPAT supremacy ;)

  15. Need some tech recommendations ? Need an m14 fully overhauled, was intending to do this myself but time has become an issue (mainly I have none)