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  1. TAG rounds...worth the investment ?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Albiscuit


      They do however look like fun :)

    3. Sacarathe


      Until one explodes in some poor fools mouth.

    4. CaptainDumbass


      Worth the investment 100%, buy the new PRO shells if youre using a 3rd party launcher (like an EGLM, M203, or Madbull launcher for example), and buy alot of dummy projectiles before you star messing with any pyro rounds... i cannot stress it enough, you will need to practise your accuracy and placement of shots until your placements are dead on. No-one wants to be that guy that gets tag rounds banned from all sites because they shot a pyro round or smoke round at someone and caused burn (or worse) injuries!

  2. Daves custom airsoft

    Ordered from Daves before and everytime they have been brlliant , prompt postage and reasonable prices , whether you are buying a unique scope to give your rifle that operator look or to some smaller unique attachments at parts it always the best quality \!
  3. chaepest i come across tbh

  4. Ideal 7.4v lipos for a PEQ box ? ideally wired to deans, any suggestions?

  5. Anyone wanting rid of TM recoil mags ?

  6. wanting a recoil, suggestions people???

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Chopper92


      yeah sorry was talking about AEG recoil, dont want the hassle that seems to come with a GBBR. Had a go with a friends TM 416d and was really impressed , certainly adds a bit more fun to a traditional AEG. I think the secondhand market may be more sensible than buying new

    3. Georgeturner2001


      Lots of second hand TMNGRS on weaponcrates! 


    4. Chopper92


      is that live for IOS yet ?


  7. Looking for a couple 9mm pistol taco pouches and a drop down utility pouch in tan, typically both OOS everywhere i look !

    1. Ujustgotsarged


      Do the pouches have to be tan, may have some OD ones somewhere fella.

    2. Chopper92


      yeah tan bud , need them to go on my plate carrier 

  8. Hi from Norfolk!!!

    Also in Norfolk dude, my usual haunts are CAG , BSA and battleground out at Necton. We may have already unknowingly shot alongside/at each other already bud ! ill be there Sunday , if you see me say hello i usually have a vegas 6 patch on my rig
  9. Best Grey spray paint to use on a gun ? Cant find a grey krylon

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. L3wisD


      What about Plastikote @GearTech?

      It's easy to get hold of (hobby craft etc) and is resilient.


      Never used it for airsoft guns though, so I dunno...

    3. clumpyedge


      Dont use plastikote... its sh*t.


      Halfords do their own camo range and on the same shelf (usually) have a range of greys as well (matt or satin finish)

    4. GearTech


      Most of the paint I use is Halfords. I've only found a very light grey or a dark grey that is almost black.

      Last time I asked my local spray shop a custom aerosol would be about £15

  10. Best silencer to fit a LVOA rail system?

  11. WANTED: Box mag thats compatible with an A&K M249. Everywhere seems to be out of stock

  12. Weaponcrates Android Native Phone App

    just on Android or IOS as well?
  13. Anyone used crate club and know if they service the UK? Im guessing as a American company they only service the US as getting some tac gear through customs I imagine would be a nightmare

  14. Got H&K 416c up for sale that I need gone ASAP if anyone is interested ? Details in the AEG classifieds 

  15. Considering selling my HK 416c and purchasing an ASG Bren 805 . Thoughts ? Comparisons ? Seeing as I have a Evo for CQB. 

    1. Sacarathe


      EVO and BREN are not alike or comparable. Search the forum for "Bren".

    2. Chopper92


      I was thinking more of comparison to a Bren from other AR platforms . Nevertheless thank you !